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EuclidSCP-3121 Snake EyesRate: -19

Item #: SCP-3121

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Item SCP-3121 must be stored in a electronically locked steel chest with a semi-transparent ("one-way") mirror to look through for testing. SCP-3121 must; under any and all circumstances be watched over by anywhere from two (2) to four (4) guards; with one (1) or more doctor(s) on hand. Guards are strongly advised to not stare directly into the chest at the item, and with improper exposure will be relieved of duty and sent to the doctor(s) onsite. Guards will rotate every six (6) hours to avoid overexposure.

Description: SCP-3121 is described as a common pair of "fuzzy dice" at first glance. Upon a closer and more concise evaluation; however, the dot on each of the 'one' sides of the dice that cause its namesake, the infamous "Snake Eyes", are indeed not dots at all, and are legitimate snake eyes, opening and closing on their hosts as though they are its body. SCP-3121 has also been known to move itself through currently unknown means, occasionally escaping confinement when its containment device is closed incorrectly. SCP-3121 was found in the car of ████████ ████ by Agent ██████ and Agent ███. The agents returned the dice to a research lab, offering a slightly delirious report of the discovery and several repetitive complaints of severe head and eye aches.

Addendum: 1- Interview

Interviewee: Agent ██████

Interviewer: Doctor ████

Foreword: Interview between Dr. ████ and Agent ██████ about the initial discovery of SCP-3121. Agent ███ had previously been released and sent to superior agents for further questioning.

[Begin Log]

Dr. ████: So, Agent ██████, your partner in the field complained of headache and eye ache…slightly deliriously. Are you feeling the same symptoms? Or-

Agent ██████: You don't understand Doctor. None of you could ever understand. Looking at the dice…something changed. I don't feel right.
Dr. ████: What exactly do you mean? You must understand that I can't help you if you don't tell me what's wrong. Do you have any symptoms that you can pinpoint?
Agent ██████: Symptoms? Yeah…yeah I got symptoms. My head and eyes hurt so bad. So Goddamn bad. It makes me wanna scoop out my eyes and smash them. And if I could just reach into my skull and tear out my brain to make it just stop hurting; I'd do it. I'd do it in a fucking heartbeat.
Dr. ████: I see. We plan to send you to Quarantine where you can explain the events in full to your superiors, alright? Is that okay, Agent?
Agent ██████: Yeah, yeah I guess that'll have to do, won't it. Do you have anything for the pain though? I don't think I'll make it through the night with all this pain. Do you think it's from the…thing? With its eyes?
Dr. ████: I can give you some water and painkillers, if that would help.
Agent ██████: I guess it would. Any relief is better than what I'm dealing with now. But what about what caused the pain? Do you think it could be-
Dr. ████: I suppose it could be. We cannot rule anything out right now; though, I'm sure that you understand. I'll send your dossier up with any concerns you have, if you'd be so kind as to write them in the empty space there…
Agent ██████: NO! It has to be the subject! Don't you understand?! It's seeping into my head, like- a snake's venomous bite sinking into your eye socket and brain but with its eyes! I told you that you wouldn't understand, and if you don't, neither will they! I'll write, but it won't make any difference. You're going to just leave me in the Quarantine room to die with ███ and no one will ever know what it does! You have to help us, tell them we aren't crazy, please…
Dr. ████: This interview is over. I'm sorry, Agent ██████. There is nothing more I can do to improve your condition. They will listen to you as best they can and try to make you comfortable.

Agent ██████: I'm sorry too, Doc, I'm sorry too.

[End Log]

Closing Statement: Agent ██████ was transported to Quarantine with a great degree of difficulty and questioned further. Extensive tests were run and it was concluded that the symptoms the agents were suffering from were indeed caused by SCP-3121. Agents ██████ and ███ died hours after entrance into Quarantine.

Addendum: 2- Symptoms Caused by Overexposure to SCP-3121:

  • Psychosis
  • Headache
  • Retinal Pain
  • Delusions
  • Loss of Vision
  • Loss of Memory
  • Impaired Mental and Cognitive Functions
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