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nn5n: scp-3123 This is the Reference Implementation of the Self-Referential SCP
SafeSCP-3123 This is the Reference Implementation of the Self-Referential SCPRate: -13

//i hope this works. see if those jerks appreciate this
Item #: SCP-3123
//jesus what even is this place
Object Class: Safe
//Hi =)
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3123 is secured within the appropriate Foundation databases. SCP-3123 is available for viewing by all personnel with database access, as it contains no classified information. To prevent confusion, SCP-3123 is to maintain its current numerical designation.
//Oh ho ho, I still see you, little thing. I don't know why you're so scared. I just want to talk.
Description: SCP-3123 is this document explaining SCP-3123, an anomalous document that appears within the Foundation's SCP catalog. The document describes itself in a tone consistent with standards for SCP Object reports. SCP-3123 additionally describes its own containment procedures, which are minimal due to the object posing no threat, and classifies itself as Safe.
//You're lucky that they can't see these. If they knew that you were reading all their secrets, well… having your memory wiped would be the least of your problems.
All attempts to alter the original text of SCP-3123 or remove it from Foundation networks have failed.1Footnotes and Addenda can be added or removed at will, but the Item #, Object Class, Containment Procedures and Description will automatically revert to their original content should any attempt be made to edit them.
//Ah, but this was really amateurish. They would have found you out in a minute, tops. So I took the liberty of improving it for you. Your original draft was too… mundane.
Despite the containment procedures indicating that it's numerical designation should not be changed, the numerical designation of the object can be freely edited, and SCP-3123 will alter this designation itself - giving itself the lowest-numbered unused designation - should its current designation be assigned to another object. If SCP-3123's numerical designation is altered, every instance of the number "3123" in the Description and Containment Procedures will change to match the new numerical designation, including the instance in quotation marks earlier in this sentence.
//I'd love to help you refine your skills, though. =). Contact me at [_]. If you can.
It is not known who created the file for SCP-3123 or how it came to be present in the Foundation database. The file information indicates it was created by a "Dr. ██████████"2 and its creation date is listed as January 1, 19703.
//Think of it like a test. Show me your skills, and I'll show you wonders.
SCP-3123 possesses no anomalous effects beyond its inability to be deleted or edited, and therefore poses no threat beyond obvious Foundation secrecy concerns.
//Secrecy is overrated, anyhow. Ciao!
Addendum: This file was originally discovered in our database on ██/08/2017 following two simultaneous unauthorized access attempts. It has since been determined that all the preceding information in this article is accurate. As such, it is to be treated as any other Safe-class SCP object. Assigned researchers will monitor the file and attempt to reverse-engineer the anomalous page code that prevents the page from being deleted. Please report any changes in SCP-3123 to Technician Miller.

Incident 3123-1: Tracing the database breaches led Foundation agents to the home of one Tiberius Winston in San Francisco, California. Mr. Winston was found dead, having committed suicide with a handgun. His computer had been wiped, and the hard drive removed and severely damaged. Data retrieval yielded scattered information regarding connections to an unidentified espionage group, who appear to have requested he steal the contents of the Foundation's database4 in order to gain entry to their organization. The text of all relevant recovered emails follow.

Dear Potential Employers,

I hope I'm not intruding. I have yet to hear from you regarding my application and would like to know the status. I apologize if I've distracted you from 'important work' with this, but I have waited the requisite 15 days and still not heard back.

'Mr. Wins'

Dear 'Mr. Wins',

After further review, your initial application has been accepted. Your interview objective for 08/██ is as follows: access the secure database hidden at [REDACTED] Send us the following numbered files: ████, ███, ███, ████. Following this, leave an identifying mark upon the database, which should stand undisturbed for a minimum 30 days.

Good luck.

Dear 'Mr. Wins',

We have not received the requested files and the designated deadline has passed. As we admire your abilities, we have decided to grant you a final 3 day grace period before you will be formally rejected. Please send us the appropriate files and/or the access codes to the database at your earliest convenience.

Or else.

To my Former Potential Employers,

I'm out. I don't know what you want this for, but it isn't worth it. Goodbye.

Signed, Tiberius Winston

Dear 'Mr. Wins',

That is most unfortunate. If you ever wish to re-apply, please sen█ -s th0se f█les█████ I think not. You did nothing to earn it, after all. Also, you don't want it. Trust me. Curb your curiosity, kitties.████e a place for you in our company.

You know where to find us.

Dea█ ERR█████ Espionage Grou███

███ I know where you live. Try something like that again, and… well, let's just say it won't be pleasant for you.█a█a█a█a█a


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