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Item #: SCP-3127

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3127 is to be left openly on Dr. ██████’s desk, or in the same room as him. No animals (except horses) are to be allowed near SCP-3127 at any time. Access to SCP-3127 outside of testing purposes should be only granted to personnel of Level 1 Clearance level. One guard is to be posted outside Dr. ██████’s office, rotating shift every 3 hours, in order to prevent anyone from bringing animals or other restricted content into the proximity of SCP-3127. All instances of SCP-3127-1 should be terminated on sight, and reported to Foundation Security. Any personnel attempting to “play” with SCP-3127 without authorization from Dr. ██████ should be immediately reprimanded for:
-Sneaking into Dr. ██████’s office
-Mishandling an SCP Object.
D-Class should not be allowed near SCP-3127 before proper mental screening.

Description: In its present state, SCP-3127 is a small plush doll displaying similarities to a Caucasian human female of about 12 years of age, wearing a pink and black dress, with hair consisting of two long blonde pigtails, with pink ribbons wrapped around them, as well as a black bow at the base of each pigtail. SCP-3127 randomly changes its appearance about one time around the month of July. The forms that SCP-3127 have taken are as follows:

The aforementioned form. SCP-3127 answers to the name “Elle” while in this form. Attempts at obtaining a response with the names “Eleanor,” “Ellie,” and “Ella” have been unsuccessful.

A different plush toy of a small purple humanoid in a red dress, with purple skin, purple hair, green eyes, and long, pointed ears. Both “plush toy” variants are about 32cm in length. SCP-3127 says that it “prefers” the plush forms. In this form, SCP-3127 will answer to the name “Loo.”

A harder, more statue-like version of either, with arms outstretched. These measure at about 54cm in length, and are seen most rarely out of any form.

An action figure-like variant of either form, with flexible limbs and joints, measuring at around 47cm when stood straight up.

SCP-3127 has the mysterious capability to transform any object placed within its arms into a different object, varying based on which “girl” SCP-3127 has taken the form of. Testing log is pending.

First revealed by Dr. ██████, SCP-3127 is in fact a sentient, animate object with the capability to speak. However, SCP-3127 prefers not to speak unless talking to Dr. ██████ or directed by him to, unless being interviewed. Around anyone other than Dr. ██████, SCP-3127 prefers to remain completely motionless, but will respond to interview questions. This was proven via an interview approved by O5-█. (See Interview 3127-A).

If any part of any animal excluding horses or lizards are placed within SCP-3127's arms, they are transformed into SCP-3127-1. SCP-3127-1 are extremely hostile to living things and are known to [DATA EXPUNGED] humans. (See Incident Report-3127-1-A). SCP-3127 appears to have no control over creation of SCP-3127-1 specimens, and often expresses regrets in its part in their creation, through sobbing sounds, and covering its face with its “hands.”

If any part of a horse is placed within SCP-3127's arms, the horse will disappear briefly, then reappear with an all-white coat and broad, feathered wings. Any type of reptile of the Squamata order (originally thought to be exclusively the komodo dragon) placed in SCP-3127's arms are known to transform into massive reptiles displaying multiple similarities to mythical dragons. These creatures, most commonly identified by Foundation personnel as “wyverns,” are not hostile to humans unless provoked.

Perhaps SCP-3127's most interesting ability is to place a human who sticks their finger between SCP-3127's arms into their ideal dream world for approximately 8 hours, though it will be perceived as an entire year. The human will vanish, and reappear in their own bed after the “dream” has been fulfilled. Recording and transmission seems to still function inside SCP-3127's “dream dimension,” but may randomly become distorted due to the difference in time perception.

SCP-3127 has NEVER been documented to use its abilities autonomously. However, SCP-3127 seems to “enjoy” using its abilities unless they are used to create SCP-3127-1.

SCP-3127 has expressed extreme interest in SCP-1230, and has requested interaction multiple times. Request is pending for approval from O5-█.

Date of incident: 5/3/██.
Multiple SCP-3127-1 were sighted near the facility cafeteria. Dr. ██████ was on lunch break during this period. Subjects attacked and killed ██ personnel, including Agents F████ and X████. Other casualties were mostly D-Class and a few Level 1 researchers.

The SCP-3127-1 were terminated by Agent L██, Agent Ca█████, and agent J████.

Security recordings showed SCP-3127 was in the office of Dr. ██████ as normal when an unidentified figure in an unmarked MTF uniform entered the room with 5 animals, including a chicken, squirrel, and 3 mice. SCP-3127 stood up and began to back into a corner out of fear of creating SCP-3127-1. The unidentified figure forced her into position, roped SCP-3127's hands together, and shoved the animals within them before fleeing the room. The SCP-3127-1 instances immediately burst out of the room and spotted Personnel D-5174 who fled to the cafeteria. D-5174 was among the ██ casualties.

After this incident, multiple (and at least one) armed guards are now posted outside Dr. ██████'s office. Investigation has been lodged against him, but no reasonable proof discovered. Dr. ██████ assumed innocent.

Interviewed: SCP-3127

Interviewer: Dr. R████

SCP-3127 was then in the form of "Elle."
<Begin Log, 1800 Hours, █/14/██>

Dr. ████: Um, are you sure? She, I mean it, just looks like a plush doll…
Dr. ██████: Just ask the questions, R████.

Dr. R████: Um, okay. Hello? Can you hear me?

SCP-3127 giggles slightly before responding.
SCP-3127: Yes, silly. Of course I can.
An audible crash is heard as Dr. R████ falls out of his seat. He takes it again.
Dr. R████: So you are sentient.
SCP-3127: Of course. It's just as our buddy Dr. ██████ told you.
Dr. R████: You seem rather attached to him. Tell us, is there anything that drove this?
SCP-3127: Well, yes… He reminds me so much of someone I used to know in my world.
Dr. R████: Your world?
SCP-3127: Yeah. It was SO pretty there, and there were so many flowers. Me and my siblings used to go pick them together all the time.
Dr R████: Your siblings? Does that mean there are more of you?
SCP-3127: Oh, don't worry. They're all still there. And I don't think they have any desire to come here, either. You don't have to worry your pretty little heads about them.

SCP-3127 then asked to return to her "containment" zone. Request granted.

<End Log>

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