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Item #: SCP-3128

Object Class: Euclid (Check article for UPDATE: signs as these may to refer changes concerning Object Class)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3128 is to be kept contained in a steel-consistent room. Said containment room is defined by a volume of 5m X 10m X 4m steel walls with indents made into it as to help deflect any possible violent acts made by SCP-3128. Highly powerful revolving firearms are to be installed in autonomous moving tiles in the walls in case of an attempt in containment breach by SCP-3128, under no other circumstances may these weapons be activated as it would fail to completely neutralise SCP-3128 and would only aid in enraging it. D-class personnel are to take extreme caution when communicating with SCP-3128 and are to avoid mentioning SCP-3128's appearance as it appears to be sensitive about such matters. Under no circumstances may SCP-3128 be let out of it's containment unless by the authority of Dr. Denviere and with the consent of two other heads of site-██ or any site SCP-3128 may be contained in the future. SCP-3128 is a gradually but involuntarily changing SCP, any visible and drastic changes in form should be reported to head of security or research. This is essential as matters of containment procedures may have to be changed and Object class of SCP-3128 may also have to be re-considered. Failure to follow these containment procedures would risk the welfare of SCP-3128's facilitated site (site-██).

Description: SCP-3128 is a Caucasian male, standing tall at 180cm, with dark hair and violet eyes (eyes are believed to be formed through irregular mutation during this stage in SCP-3128's life). SCP-3128 displays enormous levels of natural strength in the abdominal, leg and arm areas. SCP-3128 had been transported to site-██ on the 9/8/2010 due to lack of facilitation in site-32 after adaption of SCP-3128-A.

SCP-3128 was first discovered in an old children's toy store located in ██████, ████████. At the time of discovery, SCP-3128 was in the form of a toy clown, the clown exhibited extraordinary features in that it was visibly growing organic tissue over it's plastic body. This tissue was also noted to be emitting heat leading to be commonly believed as a living organism. This body has recently been changed to an alias of SCP-3128-A as this was the first recorded form that SCP-3128 had existed in. Soon after discovery and containment in site-32, SCP-3128-A began to rapidly increase in growth when experiments to test whether SCP-3128-A would consume food were proven successful. SCP-3128-A was contained in a glass case (volume of 1m X 50cm X 50cm) placed in a small containment room (volume of 3m X 2m X 1m). Within a day of rapid growth by SCP-3128-A, SCP-3128-A had grown into the description of SCP-3128 except in a comatose state that lasted for approximately 3 hours. SCP-3128 seemed fluent in the English dialect, as this was not the native language of SCP-3128's facility, a translator was brought in for an indefinite amount of time. SCP-3128 conveys enormous levels of intelligence, in an IQ test, SCP-3128 scored an IQ of 155 giving it credibility to a level of intelligence near that of Albert Einstein. SCP-3128 is incredibly prone to anger and takes even some facial expressions from D-class personnel as an insult. in one of these incidents, the rage a D-class incited onto SCP-3128 ended in one D-class mortally wounded (later euthanized when treatment was deemed impossible/unnecessary by Dr. Labroksi) and a risk in containment breach. During this attempt in containment breach, military units were dispatched against SCP-3128 where it suffered a count of approximately 527 bullet wounds. These would prove fatal to any human being, however it is a recorded fact that once SCP-3128 suffered these wounds, the large majority (and most severe) were healed withing less than 3 seconds. After the healing process, SCP-3128 fell unconscious and was brought back to a protected and sealed half of his containment room. SCP-3128 was fed food and water through a drip that led into it's orifice, with the nutrients provided from feeding, SCP-3128 healed the rest of it's wounds successfully and swiftly.

At the time of writing 11/5/2011 SCP-3128 is changing form, slowly, but never the less, surely. It's current form as a Caucasian male will be referred to from now on as SCP-3128-B as this is its second form. At the time of writing, 11/5/2014 SCP-3128-B is noticeably growing thicker, bonier type skin, this could be observed as an exoskeleton. UPDATE: 20/9/2016: SCP-3128-C is a new deviation that SCP-3128 has become. SCP-3128-C has obtained a new Object Class: Keter. SCP-3128-C appears to be an oak tree with piano keys engraved into it. Keys appear to work although any living object within range of sound start begin to obtain symptoms of their skin splitting and similar effects caused by the use of methamphetamine. Signs of withdrawal have been noted, D-class who have listened to the music caused by SCP-3128-C plead site-██ personnel for access to SCP-3128-C's containment room (see Addendum for interviews with D-class personnel suffering from withdrawal). SCP-3128-C is recorded to have keys play at random intervals, the effects of these keys change widely from a cure for AIDS to a cancerous tumor in the brain. The effects of SCP-3128-C have been noted that earmuffs worn at least 10m away from SCP-3128 is effective at escaping the effects. The random intervals of time seem to follow a pattern in the number of leaves that fall from SCP-3128-C. Leaves that fall in a circle spontaneously at the same time on the outside of SCP-3128-C seem to indicate that within 5 minutes, a random set of keys will play. A certain combination of keys played change the effects on anyone who hears them. Note: Manually playing keys in recorded 'safe/remedial' fashions will not work, they must be played by SCP-3128-C itself. Article work in progress, future adaptations to SCP-3128's form will be noted.

Addendum: Interviews with SCP-3128-B (Translator is present with Dr. Denviere):
[Dr. Denviere]: SCP-3128, do you wish to talk?
[SCP-3128]: … Get out… The presents of an inferior form of myself is painful. Where's agent ████, I enjoyed his company.
[Dr. Denviere]: Agent ████, is not present today, Although I know how much you liked him, I'll bring him to you the next time we interview you, goodbye.

Interviews with D-class suffering withdrawal (Translated, English. Translator was present only for Dr. Denviere during interviews):
[Dr. Denviere:] Hello D-3657, Daniel Horcliff. How are you feeling today?
[D-3657]: Ugh, [MOANS OF PAIN]. Please… Just-
[Dr. Denviere:] -We both know I'm not allowed to grant you further access to SCP-3128-C
until your successfully rehabilitated.
[D-3657]: [WEEPING], alright… [D-3657 starts pulling hysterically at chains]
[Dr. Denviere]: I believe our chat is at an end, despite how ludicrously short it was, I believe you have sufficiently answered my question with a, NO. [Door opens as Dr. Denviere leaves and guards enter to restrain D-3657].

[Dr. Labroski]: Hello, how are we feeling today yes? Good?
[D-3129]: Doctor… Have you ever heard how beautiful its music is? [D-3129's handcuffs are heard rattling as D-3129 shakes from withdrawal].
[Dr. Labroski]: Oh, no no no. See… I have not had the honour, but you and some others did in my stead. I have seen enough of how you dance to the music to know how wonderful it is. I've never been a huge fan of piano anyways.
[D-3129]: If I didn't hate you so much, I'd be happy you didn't hear it. Nevertheless it's still wonderful, it has a certain charm.
[Dr. Labroski]: As always D-3129, you have a way with words and are one of my favourite D-class to talk with. Shall we meet up at other time?
[D-3129]: See you later you Russian As—-le.

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