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Item #: SCP-3130

Object Class Safe

Special Containment Procedures

SCP-3130 is contained within a secure storage unit at Site ██. Removal of SCP-3130 from storage requires the authorization of personal with Level-3 clearance or higher and is at the discretion of Site Security.

Due to the fragility of SCP-3130 care must be taken during handling or transit. All security and research personnel who make direct contact with SCP-3130 must hold Level-3 security clearance and observe Hazmat Protocol 2-R.


SCP-3130 is a facet-cut, lead crystal wine glass 203mm in height and 78mm in width at its widest point and is identical in form to a pattern produced by the █████ Glass Company Ltd. between 1914 and 2003. SCP-3130 is in excellent condition but has been shown to be no more resistant to damage than non-anomalous lead crystal. Therefore, assuming the condition of SCP-3130 is commensurate with age, it is likely the glass has been recently manufactured.

The Foundation was first made aware of the existence of SCP-3130 following an incident at the home of Mr and Mrs ████████ of ██████, United Kingdom. On the night of ██ October 20██ at 20:42 the emergency services were contacted by Mrs ████████ who became concerned when her husband began to drink excessive quantities of water following their evening meal. On arrival, paramedics discovered Mr ████████ lying unconscious in a bathtub with his head positioned,
mouth held open, under a running tap. Mr ████████ was removed to hospital and died five days later from swelling of the brain caused by water intoxication.

Following an extensive search of the home of Mr and Mrs ████████ by MTF Pi-1, SCP-3130 was identified and isolated, then transported to Site ██ for testing.

Test: 01 – 02/12/2010
Subject: D-586
Procedure: SCP-3130 was placed within a standard isolation chamber and filled with 100ml of distilled water. D-586 was instructed to drink approximately 50ml of the water from the glass. D-586 was removed to a separate testing chamber and observed remotely.
Results: After nine (9) minutes D-586 requested a glass of water. The request was denied. Two (2) minutes later D-586 repeated his request for a glass of water and appeared agitated. The request was denied. D-586 immediately repeated his request. The request was denied. D-586 became increasingly agitated, repeatedly pleading with researchers for a glass of water. Further requests were denied. Twelve (12) minutes after the test began, D-586 was observed to drink his own urine. The subject continued to make requests for water. These requests were denied. After seventeen (17) minutes D-586 began to bite his left forearm in an attempt to drink his own blood. Biting behaviour continued for a further two (2) minutes, causing significant blood loss. During this period, the subject renewed his requests for water. These requests were denied. Twenty-four (24) minutes after the test began, D-586 fell unconscious due to blood loss. The subject was removed from the test chamber and pronounced dead twenty-seven (27) minutes after the test began.

Test: 02 – 08/12/2010
Subjects: D-759, D-763, D-764 and D-766
Procedure: SCP-3130 was filled with 100ml of distilled water. The water was decanted into a sterilised plastic cup and subject D-759 was instructed to drink the water.
Results: After seven (7) minutes no unusual behaviour was observed in the subject. After thirty (30) minutes the test was terminated with no anomalous behaviour observed. The test was repeated a further three (3) times on subjects D-763, D-764 and D-766 over a period of three (3) hours and twenty-one (21) minutes. Each test yielded identical results. It was concluded that when liquid is removed from SCP-3130 and administered to a test subject using a different receptacle it has no adverse effect. This suggests that cross-contamination is not a risk.

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