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Item #: SCP-3131

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The below log contains outdated Special Containment Procedures for SCP-3131. New information on the nature of SCP-3131 has been discovered, prompting a change in protocol and rendering previous information inaccurate and obsolete. Because the files contain information prevalent to new procedure and important to the identity of SCP-3131, they have been included.

Item #: SCP-3131

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3131 is to be kept in a standard human containment cell within site-17. The cell is to have at least four guards posted around it at all times. SCP-3131 is to be kept mentally and emotionally numb with heavy anesthetics at all times to reduce the potency of his telepathy. (Procedure ended after SCP-3131-1-A Incident1).

SCP-3131 must be monitored at all times with wall-embedded cameras and sound-recording devices. Any instances of SCP-3131-1 observed should be reported to the Senior Researcher immediately. Once the SR has been notified, repairs should be made to any damaged parts of the containment cell and SCP-3131 asked about what occurred. Amnesics should be administered to all personnel under Security Clearance 3 who witnessed the SCP-3131-1 event.

Any items brought into the cell by instances of SCP-3131-1 should be retrieved by heavily armored guards posted at the containment cell following SCP-3131 questioning. Guards are not to react to SCP-3131 with hostility or to answer its questions. The former will result in termination by SCP-3131-1 and the latter termination by [REDACTED]. Guards will have memories wiped and replaced following correct retrieval.

Any personnel supplying SCP-3131 with information about the Foundation or its purpose will be reprimanded. Personnel are to refer to SCP-3131 as such, not by any other name. No references to SCP-3131-1 as sentient or sapient are allowed. Any claims to the contrary by SCP-3131 are to be discounted due to its age and mental state.

It should be noted that SCP-3131 has an unusual resistance to common amnesics.

Description: SCP-3131 is a human male of indiscernible race approximately 11 years of age. SCP-3131 is 1.4 m tall and weighs 42 kg. SCP-3131 was discovered after a massacre in ██████, Belize, for which it was responsible. SCP-3131 is believed to possess telepathic abilities, though only in moments of stress or desire. It is hypothesized that SCP-3131's powers are directly linked to its emotions, namely fear. SCP-3131 can use its powers from a potentially infinite range, explaining the number of objects that appear in its cell. Research is being done to test the full extent of their abilities. So far, there are no discernible limits.

SCP-3131 may or may not be SCP-3131-1 instances. According to interviews with currently-designated SCP-3131 (See Addendum A), it is just a normal child with whom the true SCP-3131 (SCP-3131-1) is attached. Whether this attachment is physical, emotional or mental is unknown. If SCP-3131 is to be believed, SCP-3131-1 is a single line.

SCP-3131 claims that SCP-3131-1 is a 1st dimensional being capable of extending itself indefinitely from any point on its "body". It allegedly uses its abilities to protect and provide for SCP-3131 by assuming necessary forms to complete desired tasks. SCP-3131-1 cannot be realistically contained in the 3rd dimension and is, supposedly, free to roam the facilities and retrieve anything SCP-3131 desires, even when the desire is unconscious.

There is sufficient evidence suggesting that SCP-3131-1 not only exists as SCP-3131 claims, but physically interacts with our dimension and is impervious to any and all damage. Extensive experiments have been performed to test SCP-3131-1's capabilities (see Addendum B) under the guise of testing SCP-3131.

Addendum A-1: SCP-3131 was interviewed following the SCP-3131-1-A incident on ██/██/20██. (See Addendum C: SCP-3131-1 Incident Report) Dr. Song lead the interview in an attempt to discern how exactly SCP-3131 managed to escape its specialized bondage and why it remained in its cell following the incident. Below is the audio log.


Dr. Song: Hello, SCP-3131. I am Dr. Song. I have some que-

SCP-3131: It is nice to meet you Doc-tar. I am ███████.

Dr. Song: No, your designation is SCP-3131 and I will address you as such. Do not speak until I've finished talking.

SCP-3131: I- My apolo-js, sir. I really like to talk. I have learned many new words ressently and would like to use them.

Dr. Song: I see. Well it would mean a lot to me if you'd listen and only speak when spoken to. I have very important questions for you.

SCP-3131: So sorry. Please, continue.

Dr. Song: Alright. I'm not one to dance around the subject, so tell me: How did you escape containment?

SCP-3131: Oh. I am not sure. I do not think I did anything.

Dr. Song: Nothing at all?

SCP-3131: Poz-e-tiv. I did not do anything.

Dr. Song: Hm. Let's talk about what happened then. Maybe we can figure it out together.

SCP-3131: Yes, that sounds good.

Dr. Song: Alright. Start by telling me how you remember events. Close your eyes and think back to when it happened.

SCP-3131: Okay, yes sir. (SCP-3131 is silent and closes its eyes) I remember… the room. Not this room. It was like this room, but smaller… (Long pause)

Dr. Song: Go on. In case you're unsure, you are remembering correctly. You were in a room like this one.

SCP-3131: Yes, I remember that. I was asleep, but I remember waking up in a chair. There were men around me, dressed like police officers. They had big armor. And guns. Why was I there?

Dr. Song: That's not important right now. Please, continue.

SCP-3131: Okay. I will try… I remember feeling scared. I could not move, and that made me worried. The men were scary. They pulled my head back and tried to make me eat something. I screamed and they… they… (Pause) What happened to the men? Are they okay? Were they hurt?

Dr. Song: Yes, they were hurt. Just like the men in your village. It is believed you had something to do with it.

SCP-3131: (SCP-3131 sounds extremely distressed) I am so sorry! I did not want anyone to get hurt. I promise I did not do anything to hurt them. I was afraid, so it protected me…

Dr. Song: It? What is it?

SCP-3131: I… I cannot say. Please, let us not talk about this anymore. I don't want you to be hurt.

SCP-3131 refused to answer questions for the next ten minutes, prompting Dr. Song to end the interview.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Based on SCP-3131's distress and the emotions it felt during the SCP-3131-1-A incident, it has been hypothesized that SCP-3131's anomalous abilities are directly linked to its emotions. It is suggested that Dr. Song avoid topics related to deaths caused by SCP-3131 when interviewing it.

Addendum A-2: SCP-3131 was interviewed again following the SCP-3131-1-B incident2. The following is a visually recorded conversation between SCP-3131 and Dr. Song after the incident.


SCP-3131: SCP-3131 stares at the floor of its cell, showing signs of sleep deprivation.

Dr. Song: Hello SCP-3131.

Silence for 15 seconds, during which SCP-3131 seems unaware of Dr. Song's presence.

SCP-3131: Oh. H-hello Doc-tar.

Dr. Song: You seem tired SCP-3131. Did your nightmares keep you up?

SCP-3131: (SCP-3131 simply nods in response, continuing to look down.)

Dr. Song: Would you mind explaining to me what happened in your nightmare? It might help me understand what caused your response and help us to prevent it. I know you don't want anyone else to get hurt.

SCP-3131: No, I do not. They should stop trying to hurt me.

Dr. Song: They didn't do anything 3131. Those men were protecting you.

SCP-3131: (SCP-3131 looks at Dr. Song, tears in its eyes.//) Why? I am already protected. I do not need them. They can only hurt me.

Dr. Song: What do you mean when you say you are already protected? Protected by your powers?

SCP-3131: I do not have any powers. I do not do anything. I did not do anything. I am already protected.

Dr. Song: If not by your powers, then by what? You must tell me, otherwise we can't prevent events like this in the future.

SCP-3131: (SCP-3131 is silent for 20 seconds.) You will not believe me. You think I do these things, but I do not. I do not want to. It just wants to protect me. It is my friend.

Dr. Song: Relax 3131. I'll take everything you say into consideration. Tell me about your friend.

SCP-3131: You will? Well… My friend is invisible. You cannot see it, but I know it is there. It is always near me. It can pass through walls and bring me whatever I need. When someone wants to hurt me, it hurts them first… It does not hurt me.

DR. Song: Ah… Are you sure that isn't just how you explain your power? How do you know your friend exists?

SCP-3131: Because it speaks to me in my dreams. I have known it since I could walk. When it first protected me, I was running from a mean man's mutt. It made them go away. I know it did so because it came to me later as a pretty woman in nice clothes. It comforted me in my dreams and continued to keep me safe. After that, it came to me in my dreams almost every night, not always as the woman. Sometimes it was an old man, a young man, or children. Even animals. Whatever I needed, it was in my dreams.

Dr. Song: I see… Well. Thank you for your information. We'll look into it. (Dr. Song stands, preparing to leave.)

SCP-3131: You do not believe me. That is OK. We will find a way to prove it exists. It is thinking of a way. (Pause.) You know Doc-tar, it likes you. You are a friend to us.

Dr. Song: How flattering. Tell it I say thank you.

SCP-3131: It already knows, Doc-tar. It is here with us now. It will be with you later. But do not worry, it likes you.

Dr. Song: (Dr. Song hesitates, then sits back down) Well, that's interesting. I look forward to seeing it. Tell me, 3131, what exactly is it? Do you know?

SCP-3131: It explained itself to me once. It comes from another place, called the "first dime-in-shin". It is a line, very thin, so we cannot see it. I came into our world with me. To protect me.

Dr. Song: Alright. That's a very… Good explanation, 3131. Thank you.

SCP-3131: No, thank you Doc-tar. Thank you for taking us here. I am safe here. It will soon understand that, and we will have no more problems. I can even grow up and help you maybe?

Dr. Song: (Dr. Song is visibly uncomfortable.) Maybe. That's not my call. I'll talk to you again soon, 3131.

SCP-3131: We will show you it exists soon, Doc-tar. You will not forget.


Closing Statement: Following the interview, Dr. Song recommended SCP-3131 for psychiatric evaluation, fearing containment and knowledge of its own abilities had negatively impacted its mental state. Explanation offered by SCP-3131 is to be totally ignored. Dr. Song reportedly dreamed that night that one of SCP-3131's victims told him: "Do not fear the boy; his God is a benevolent one." Dream ruled a coincidence and Class-B amnesics were given to Dr. Song. Dr. Song is to continue interviewing SCP-3131 as usual.

Addendum A-3: Two weeks of interviews passed without anything of note, bar an increased interest in the Foundation by SCP-3131. On ██/██/20██, SCP-3131 declared that it could prove the existence of its "friend", hereby referred to as SCP-3131-1. It requested the sole presence of Dr. Song at the reveal, but the meeting was observed and recorded. Below is a copy of the original video.


Dr. Song: Hello again 3131. I hear you have something important to show me.

SCP-3131: (SCP-3131 is visibly excited, smiling and talking quickly.) Yes Doc-tar, something very imp-port-ant! We have found a way to show you my protector exists!

Dr. Song: Alright then 3131. Cameras are rolling, show me what you've got.

SCP-3131 nods and turns to the blank steel wall behind it. After 4 seconds, crudely written words begin being etched into the wall. First an "L", then an "O", and finally a "V". After ten seconds of inactivity, Dr. Song responds.

Dr. Song: Interesting. How are you doing that? How long have you been able to?

SCP-3131: (SCP-3131 turns back around to face Dr. Song//) I am not. I do not even know how to write. Do you see now, Doc-tar? It exists!

Dr. Song: I'm afraid this isn't enough proof. This is likely just another way you use your power. Further testing and evidence is needed to prove that it actually exists. I'm certain it doesn't. Look, you- (Dr. Song looks at the wall) What are you writing now?

While Dr. Song was speaking to SCP-3131, letters continued being etched into the wall. The bottom of the "V" was slashed through, creating and upside-down "A". Following the A was an upside-down "t", then an "H", and lastly three claw marks in the form of an "E")

Dr. Song: Loathe… 3131, explain thi-

SCP-3131 has been totally silent since the appearance of the new letters. SCP-3131 is unresponsive to Dr. Song as he continues to question it. After 20 seconds, SCP-3113 collapses in a heap, revealing a large, bloody hole in its back where its heart should be. Dr. Song jumps back from the body and looks up, seeing that SCP-3131's heart appears to be floating in the air next to the writing on the wall. As Dr. Song watches, the heart is smashed into the wall an instant before SCP-3131's body is torn apart by an unseen force.


Closing Statement: Cameras cut out immediately after the termination of SCP-3131. For the next 37 minutes, MTF agents attempted to extract Dr. Song from the containment cell, only to disappear or be killed by the unknown entity within. Survivors noted that the unknown entity did not attack them so long as they made no move to rescue Dr. Song. All noted that he appeared unharmed, if moderately shaken. The unknown entity allowed MTF agents to clean up the cell, but not to remove Dr. Song. The entity continued writing on the walls, telling agents "LEAVE THE DOCTOR" and "I EXIST". The autopsy of previously-designated SCP-3131 showed that his motor cortex had been severed from the rest of his brain prior to heart removal. No damage to skull found.

I suppose we're calling it SCP-3131 now, instead of the boy. This could've all been avoided, or at the very least prepared for. I don't know what it wants from me, but I'll continue working to figure it out. I've spent the most time around it, so I'll write up the new containment procedures. This thing is probably Keter class… The rest will be figured out eventually. In the mean time, just leave me be. This thing likes to talk. It'll tell me everything we need to know eventually. - Dr. Song.

Addendum B: SCP-3131 Abilities Test

Test A - ██/██/20██
Subject: SCP-3131
Procedure: SCP-3131 was submerged in a closed container of water and weighed down with ten 8 kg rocks.
Results: SCP-3131-1 surrounded SCP-3131, evidenced by the water flowing around an invisible cocoon, and began to slice H2O molecules, separating the Hydrogen from the Oxide. It then combined Oxide atoms to create O2 ,which SCP-3131 began breathing. Simultaneously, SCP-3131-1 removed the rocks from SCP-3131's person, dropping the now-scarred rocks onto the container's floor. SCP-3131 remained submerged for approximately ten minutes before SCP-3131-1 removed the container lid and SCP-3131 resurfaced.
Analysis: SCP-3131-1 is capable of splitting molecules and combining atoms. It possesses powerful anomalous abilities, evidenced by SCP-3131's ability to use SCP-3131-1 without visibly expending energy.

Note- Having to refer to SCP-3131's anomalies as SCP-3131-1 is redundant and confusing. Why is this necessary again?- Dr. Marx

Test B - ██/██/20██
Subject: SCP-3131
Procedure: SCP-3131 was exposed to the 2,800 °C fire of a ████ brand Flamethrower.
Results: SCP-3131-1 formed a semi-sphere in front of SCP-3131. None of the flames made contact with SCP-3131, but SCP-3131-1 did seem to conduct heat.
Analysis: SCP-3131-1 does seem to conduct heat, which means… Something. Perhaps SCP-3131's power is somehow physical… More testing recommended.

Note- I really don't understand the point of all of these tests. SCP-3131 seems to have a lot of unnecessary procedures on the whole. I know I shouldn't ask about what's behind all of those security clearances, but shouldn't I know what i'm testing and why? - Dr. Marx

Test C - ██/██/20██
Subject: SCP-3131
Procedure: SCP-3131 was politely asked to use SCP-3131-1 on a Sus domesticus, hereby referred to as a pig. The entire procedure was recorded with motion-capture cameras. Footage was later reviewed at .0005x the original speed.
Results: No anomalous events occurred in the first thirty minutes. Dr. Marx grew frustrated, saying the cause was a pain in his side, and ordered SCP-3131 to act on the pig or be asphyxiated by Dr. Marx himself. The pig was immediately cut into thirty-two pieces by SCP-3131-1. Dr. Marx vanished, then appeared ten minutes later, babbling and immobile. After two days of therapy and questioning, Dr. Marx committed suicide, leaving an illegible note behind. Camera footage revealed that each laceration on the pig was performed simultaneously. The pig's wounds were immediately cauterized by SCP-3131-1. Dr. Marx vanished .0034 seconds after the pig was eviscerated. Camera footage reveals that he was compressed into a single point as he vanished. The opposite occurred upon his return, two meters away from his disappearance site.
Analysis: SCP-3131 reacts to imagined threats with the same speed and severity as physical hostility. SCP-3131-1 produces heat in excess of 430 °C. SCP-3131 possesses teleportation abilities that negatively impact the mental state of human beings. No discernible physical effects.

Note- Dr. Marx never did like SCP-3131. I get a feeling it knew that, somehow. SCP-3131 likes Dr. Song because he's relatively kind to it, but even Song gets occasionally frustrated in private or pokes fun at the kid. Dr. Marx behaved in the same way, only ever voicing his disdain outside of SCP-XXXX's vicinity. Until today. Still, I can't fathom how it figured out Marx didn't like it… Well, at least one thing is clear: SCP-3131-1 does not act indiscriminately. If it did, Dr. Marx would've died then. -Dr. Lemmik]

Test D - ██/██/20██

Subject: SCP-3131
Procedure: SCP-3131 was asked to attempt to write using a pencil without physically touching it. Entire procedure recorded. Test is to determine how much control SCP-3131 exhibits over SCP-3131-1 and/or how exactly are SCP-3131's desires met.
Results: The pencil was used to write the message: "Nice to meet you". Paper exhibits no anomalous effects.
Analysis: Because SCP-3131 does not know how to write, it has been determined that SCP-3131-1 can accomplish simple tasks otherwise impossible for SCP-3131 based on its desires.

SCP-3131 and SCP-3131-1 are to be contained in an advanced humanoid containment cell. Every second Wednesday of the month, the current SCP-3131-1 is to be switched out with another host. Hosts are to undergo psychological evaluation before being allowed to resume their previous duties. New SCP-3131 hosts must be loyal Foundation personnel or docile D-class with a high tolerance for mental and physical abuse. SCP-3131-1 is to record observations of SCP-3131's behavior and carry them out alongside SCP-3131's own notes upon removal.

Sustenance is to be provided to SCP-3131-1 every day at 0800, 1300, and 1800 to reduce the chance of SCP-3131 breaching containment to retrieve food. SCP-3131-1 is to be provided written entertainment material without excessive gore or violence. SCP-3131's cell is to have 2-8 21.6 cm x 30.5 cm steel sheets 1 cm thick delivered to its cell via a chute once every three days. Number of sheets varies according to how often SCP-3131 writes during its containment with a particular host.

In the event of a breach, a new host is to be provided to SCP-3131 according to SCP-3131-1's suggestions. If SCP-3131-1 has been terminated, the best prepared member of SCP-3131's containment team is to become the new host. It is recommended that a chosen host read the outdated Special Containment Procedures to make the transfer easier.

Description: SCP-3131 is a malevolent entity from the first dimension. SCP-3131 is a sapient "line", imperceptible even to advanced technology. SCP-3131 cannot exist in the third dimension without a host, whom it physically connects itself to. The host, known then as SCP-3131-1, requires an emotional connection to SCP-3131 in order for it to attach itself to them. Once both a physical and emotional connection have been made, SCP-3131 embeds itself into the hosts mind, giving it access to their unconscious thoughts and desires. How SCP-3131 manages to physically connect itself to a host is currently under investigation.

The mental link forged by SCP-3131 is in part possible due to its powerful memetic effect. This effect renders hosts unable to forget about SCP-3131, even when exposed to E-class amnesics. Complete memory wipes result in previous hosts remembering only SCP-3131 and its treatment of them. This can cause SCP-3131-1 to self-terminate, become hostile to gain access to SCP-3131, or begin to worship SCP-3131.

SCP-3131 has chosen to reside in the third dimension due to an obsession with its inhabitants and their emotions, which it refers to as "fillings". SCP-3131 most often refers to "fillings" by their tastes, leading to the hypothesis that SCP-3131 derives sustenance from the emotions of its host. SCP-3131 gives its own explanation for its behavior (See Addendum C). SCP-3131 seeks to experience every human emotion, and does so through a variety of actions, including:

  • Satisfying the wants and needs of SCP-3131-1
  • Entertaining SCP-3131-1
  • Interacting with SCP-3131-1 in their dreams
  • Mentally abusing SCP-3131-1
  • Physically abusing SCP-3131-1
  • Forcing SCP-3131-1 into a position of dependency
  • Attempting to [REDACTED] SCP-3131-1, regardless of host's gender or sexual orientation
  • Bringing SCP-3131-1 into the first dimension (See Addendum B-3)
  • Otherwise torturing SCP-3131-1 to elicit a response

SCP-3131 is capable of physically interacting with all things in the third dimension, usually to a destructive result. SCP-3131 has been recorded capable of splitting molecules, spontaneously burning all oxygen in the air and moving easily through all substances. SCP-3131 leaves marks on all objects it comes in contact with. SCP-3131 supposedly takes the form of various objects to accomplish tasks, both simple and complex.

While no reliable way of containing SCP-3131 exists, it has exploitable limits. SCP-3131 is not capable of extending itself more than 8,000 km way from SCP-3131-1, and doing so reduces its speed considerably. SCP-3131 shows no desire to commit actions that will not result in an immediate emotional response by SCP-3131-1 or any witnesses to the act. When SCP-3131 becomes uninterested in a host, it will seek out a new one, typically terminating the previous host to obtain the necessary emotional connection. SCP-3131 is capable of switching hosts without terminating SCP-3131-1, but has does so rarely. SCP-3131 shows favoritism to certain hosts, requesting additional "uses" of Dr. Song, Dr. ███████ and [DATA EXPUNGED].

Addendum C: The following log includes SCP-3131's own notes taken on the provided steel sheets. SCP-3131's writings reveal its sapience, weaknesses, motivations, behavior, and unstable mental state, making them significantly important to the Foundation and their mission.


This is much better. Took me far too long to find my voice, but [REDACTED] was useful for improving my writing skills. Shame she wouldn't give much else up. I'd like to try again sometime.

I must say, writing in this way is much better than scratching my body against cold metal. Perhaps entire entries suddenly appearing on thin sheets will expose people's fillings more effectively. Something other than Fear. Fear has a nice flavor, tart and juicy, but I'm certain there are more distinct tastes hidden in there somewhere. Maybe I'll get the pleasure of A Cold Shiver Down One's Spine.

Stop asking Dr. ██████ about my effects on [REDACTED]. We all know what happened to him. He's dead, and that's a blessing. I never liked that man, and he never liked me. His Disgust and Confusion tasted absolutely atrocious. Truly a failure among your kind. And he was oh so annoying as well, bossing the boy around as if he could do anything. But I didn't want him. If i'd killed him, he'd be a part of me. I moved him instead, sent him back where I came from. "Let them have bits and pieces of him", I said, "no one else wants him". But even they didn't, and they just move constantly in one direction. They have no drive, no purpose, no fillings, and even they didn't want him. That should tell you everything you wish to know.

You're welcome, by the way. I'm sure whoever censors your reports will appreciate my censoring it for them. That must be one truly perturbed and delectable filling-bag.

Apparently your newest gift is inquisitive. She wants to know why I killed the boy. So much Compassion and Justice in this one. You really should improve your screening process, she was easily broken. I drained her of everything she had and left only what I needed.

Ah, but I've gotten ahead of myself. The answer to why I killed the boy should be obvious. Why do I do anything? For the fillings. To taste all of his Hope, Love, Trust and Confidence was great, but those fillings couldn't compare to Betrayal, Despair or the very specific taste of Fearing Death. Absolutely scrumptious. And with the added benefit of giving myself access to many eligible "hosts". I suppose I have you to thank for that.

You shouldn't worry about why I do anything. My motivations are primal in nature. The real question you should concern yourselves with is much harder to answer. Why wouldn't I kill something?

A little birdie told me that you want to know what I look like. Obviously I had to ask your sweet little messenger for clarification, as I've already explained my person to nearly every filling-bag you've gifted me. I am the greatest being to ever transcend the first dimension, though to your observers I am but an invisible line. Now, I think it would be much more useful to you to know of my appearance in my own dimension. Sadly, such explanation is beyond your understanding.

Understanding. Such a strange flavor. Smells sweet, but can taste like any other filling. Forgive my rambling. I have quite a lot of information I'd like to get through your censoring and deletion.

Back to the matter at hand. You'll be disappointed to learn that your kind and I have little in common. What need would I have for humans if my kind had fillings as well? No, I am not like you, but there is a creature native to your dimension with which I have many similarities. The tiger. Panthera tigris as you call it. We serve the same purpose. The tiger is a ruthless killing machine. It is devoid of fillings and inspires Fear and Awe in all unfortunate enough to meet it. I am not much different. So, if I had to describe my appearance, I would best liken myself to a tiger. Do with that what you will. Ah, one last similarity. Tigers have stripes.

That was a joke.

To whoever is in charge of assigning my Fillers to me: Thank you. It had to be intentional that my current "host" has a fear of tigers. It was last month that I voiced my interest in the species. I'll try to get him back to you in one piece, but I make no promises. I think I know who did it too. If i'm correct, so does [REDACTED]. So thank you, [REDACTED]. Our little secret will remain such. I look forward to seeing you █████.

Notes: D-76296 terminated by SCP-3131. Following the retrieval of this note, all past SCP-3131-1 subjects were interviewed. All displayed a varying degree of negative feelings towards SCP-3131. Only one subject, [DATA EXPUNGED], showed an interest in being a host again. While a host for SCP-3131, she suffered permanent physical harm, losing her [REDACTED] and experiencing [REDACTED]. [DATA EXPUNGED] is to be watched due to concerns of possible future containment breach.

Let me tell you a story. The story of how a being that didn't fit in its own world found its purpose in another. Read closely, you wouldn't want to forget anything.

Once upon a time, in a world without purpose, there lived an entity of inexplicable origin. This being was like any other of its kind, save one fate-altering difference. The others moved on forever into nothingness. They lacked fillings, drive or a use. Our hero was just like this, until something foreign to their world drove it to rise above its fellows. This was Hunger. The Hunger for something more, something new. Motivation. Use. A purpose.

As the being rose above its constituents, it saw its world for what it was. An endless plane, with every thing in it exactly the same and doing nothing. For time indiscernible, our hero watched. Waited. Learned. And then something new came to be. Our Hero could feel something pressing it from all sides. It had never felt anything before. What it felt was Loathing and Disgust, though it did not know that then. It loathed the world it was born into and was disgusted by the others. So it went right, then down, then all the way across to the other end of its world.

It destroyed them.

The others were all broken. The weak shattered. The strong managed to keep going, unperturbed, but no longer whole. It broke them again. And again. And again. And again, until only it remained, the others but parts of what once existed. But the feelings persisted. Our hero was once again without purpose, moving forward into nothing. Alone. And so it remained.

Temporarily. The others were not broken long. They began to reconstruct themselves, becoming amalgamations of one another. Each became new, not caring for what they once were. Not caring for what happened to them. They didn't scorn the hero, or dub it an enlightening God… No, they just continued as they were, purposelessly moving into nothing.

This is what broke our hero. What sent it shooting straight upwards. The feelings surrounding it were unbearable now, knowing that nothing it did could change its world. SO it would leave its world, find somewhere new, somewhere where the pressing feelings would abate, where it could have a purpose. Where it could belong. And it found it.

And it loathed it.

End of Part One.

Note: Longest note on a single topic written by SCP-3131 to date. Written while hosting SCP-3131-1 subject Dr. ███████, who requested Children's fables as literary entertainment. Dr. ███████ suffered no ill treatment and ended his term with a general liking towards SCP-3131. Request for another hosting session pending approval. Remaining parts of SCP-3131's "story" could reveal its origins.

My Top Ten Favorite Fillings!
10. Disgust (Often unfairly directed towards me)
9. Anger (Rarer than expected, and much less satisfying)
8. Lust (Not as delicious as I imagined)
7. Satisfaction (Tasty in its elusiveness)
6. Annoyance (Early-onset madness)
5. Despair (The only reason Hope exists)
4. Trust (Need I explain?)
3. Fear (A classic)
2. Loathing
1. Dread (The beginning of the fun)

Note: This list was written while SCP-3131 was linked to D-36274, who requested access to various "Top Ten" articles as his source of entertainment. This suggest that SCP-XXXX's writing style is influenced by SCP-3131-1. Dr. ███████ is to become an SCP-3131-1 instance again to test this hypothesis.

Part Two

The new world was vastly different from the one the creature left. Everything looked different. Nothing extended infinitely. Instead, individuals bent themselves into odd forms. Forms that served a specific function. Within these forms lied even more forms, also with specific functions. All with a purpose.

Here the creature would remain. Here it would find its purpose. All forms of this world were visible to our hero, and so it watched once again. Waited. Learned. And when it had learned everything it could, it joined the others. It took up a purpose and served it, bending its body to accomplish its task. Unlike the others, however, it could change itself. It could serve many different purposes, oftentimes more efficiently than its fellows. Eventually, when it had served every purpose countless times over, the creature stopped. There was nothing else to do. Nothing else at all.

The realization was gradual and dull. This world had purpose, but it that was it. There was nothing more. Everything did as it had to and had done since its conception, never changing. The beings here were not like the creature, who could bend and change and feel Hunger. But no… It could feel Hunger no longer.

The pressing feelings were gone here, but that was but a temporary relief, for they were soon replaced by nothingness. Its Hunger was gone, as was every feeling. No loathing, no disgust. Only nothingness. A purpose and nothingness.

Oh what a fool the creature was! To drive itself to the very place all the others of its kind did, to deceive itself into thinking this was someplace new, someplace better. It had a purpose, but it was a purpose that led it once again to nothingness. It had left one horrible world for another. Its Heaven was but a Hell on high.

It was then that the beast was filled. Filled with Loathing, and Disgust, and Desire and Madness. It could no longer feel, but it was once again Hungry. Hungry for the destruction of this wold's illusions. So it rose above all others, went right, came down, and then all the way across to the other end of that world.

And it eviscerated it.

It tore all the world in two, eliminating all purpose and spreading the corpses of its inhabitants across the nothingness. These beings could not repair themselves, but instead remained broken, desperately trying to fulfill their past purposes and failing. They cried out empty wails, and the beast was filled with Satisfaction.

But the Satisfaction did not come from the creatures it had broken. They were empty and useless. No, the filling came from somewhere else, somewhere close. The beast could taste the fillings, and so it followed their trail Out. To the end of worlds of nothingness, and Out into the world of more. Out into the world of Fillings.

Out into your world.

End of Part Two.


You were fools. Fools. Fools to take her. I was Satisfied. You could have had TIME. I WAS content. Patient. But now. But now. But now. Now you will be BROKEN. DRAINED. NOTHINGED. Count your days.

Note: This note is the only one written by SCP-3131 without SCP-3131-1 influence since initial discovery. Following its containment breach with the assistance of [DATA EXPUNGED], SCP-3131 was left without a host once [DATA EXPUNGED] was terminated. Breach resulted in the spread of SCP-XXXX's memetic effect, followed by the termination of all civilians exposed. [DATA EXPUNGED] was in charge of assigning SCP-3131 eligible hosts and used her power to assist SCP-3131 in escaping containment for a currently unknown purpose. Investigation is ongoing.

Part Three

The beast emerged into the new world alongside another. A native. Later in life, the beast would learn that the native was a human child, but at the moment, it was is source of filling. The child is what brought it into this world, and it was grateful for that, for this world was full.

This new world was different from the others. It had feelings, purpose, and no nothingness. Everything was new. Color. Life. Fillings and creatures full of them. Creatures it wanted to touch, to meet. To tear apart. But it found itself unable to. The only thing it could touch was the babe that brought it there, so it cut the child in half, watching with as the child screamed at the removal of such a large portion of its body. It was then that the beast tasted Fear and Pain for the first time.

Unknown to the beast, it had merely cut the child's umbilical cord. This was good, because if the child had died then, the beast would have died too. Instead, it lived alongside the child, growing as it grew. When the beast realized the child was old enough to eat and no longer needed its mother, it slaughtered her while the child fed. Her head was removed, and fillings burst forth from it, allowing the beast to taste of Shock, Betrayal and Fear of Death. The last became its favorite.

The beast recognized that the child was what bound it to this world and what gave to it the fillings it so craved. So the beast provided for the child, keeping it alive and well and making him love it, allowing the beast to taste of Love, Trust and Uncertainty. Delectable favors all.

Later, the beast had to protect the boy by killing those who would harm him. This filled the beast with Pleasure, and it decided to make the boy aware of its existence. It came to the child in its dreams, a plane but a short trip Up from his world. It appeared to the boy as his dead mother, and the child embraced the beast, filling it with Love, and Trust and Confidence. From that moment forward, the child belonged to the beast.

The beast began tasting fillings to its leisure, unstoppable and unseen. It cut and tore and eviscerated whatever it wished, and the boy filled it with Love regardless. And so it was, until the beast made a mistake. It was finally seen by a group of people who made it their purpose to contain beasts like itself. Somehow, they managed this.

The rest you know. The beast saw weakness in the Foundation. They thought it was the boy who killed. They did not see the beast. The beast took advantage of this, slaughtering Foundation personnel and watching as the boy suffered for it. The fillings were delicious. But soon, the beast grew curious. The humans around it had fillings,but they were not full. Those who had witnessed its destruction were Open. They could be entered. It could remove itself from the boy and constantly taste the fillings of another.

The beast no longer needed the boy, so it killed him. Tasted the last of his fillings. Drained him.

The beast no longer needed to be hidden, in fact, it needed to be seen. So it made itself seen.

Now the beast is watching once again. Waiting. Filling. But this time it will not destroy the world it has come to. It will not go up, nor right, nor across. It will fill itself. It will fill until it is full, and when it is Full…

This world will be opened up, its insides exposed. The beast will have no more need for fillings. It will tear into the world. Fill it with pain. With torture. Rip it apart but keep it alive. Bathe in the fillings as they rain down, rent from all who inhabit this universe. All of you. You will be drained. Broken. Nothinged. Your universe will die.

When I am full, the story will end.

Until then:

To Be Continued

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