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EuclidSCP-3134 The CommunicatorRate: -16

Item #: SCP-3134

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3134 should be contained within a secure room with walls of more than 5 feet of concrete. No windows or doors or any exit is allowed. SCP-3134 should remain isolated and have no interaction with any living organisms. If anything gets within the container, seal breach immediately, failure to do so will result in instant termination in the unlikely case that the person lives. SCP-3134 feels no pain and will ignore any attempt of going in container unless its target (see description) is within the container and SCP-3134 follows. After which, swiftly seal breach with the target inside. If SCP-3134 does escape container and is wandering facility ████████, lock down facility and no one is to leave the facility. Special forces group: █████ should be called using this number: +█ (███) ███-████ and dialing ██. █████ has complete authority in this situation and should be obeyed without question.

Description: SCP-3134 was discovered in child's bedroom in ██████, ████. It is currently unknown how SCP-3134 came into existence. SCP-3134 is shaped like a teenage girl, it is covered in blood head to toe. There appears to be no visible skin and it is unknown how SCP-3134 creates new blood. SCP-3134 will find the person nearest it and follow them at a walking pace. It will also mimic screams of the target's loved one. SCP-3134 will make the target believe that SCP-3134 is their loved one and needs to be killed. Once the target is convinced, the target will do everything to kill SCP-3134. The SCP-3134 will not be harmed, however, the target's loved one will fall out of SCP-3134 and all damage done to SCP-3134 will be done to the victim. It is unknown how SCP-3134 completes teleportation. The victim will parish due to wounds that cannot heal so will the target. After which, SCP-3134 moves on to its next target. Note: SCP-3134 is capable of very basic speech, such as "Kill me!" or "End it!.

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