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Item #: SCP-3137

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3137 is to be kept in a standard humanoid cell. SCP-3137 is allowed to request art supplies from designated personnel on a weekly basis. Personnel with a Level 1 - 4 security clearance are allowed to enter SCP-XXXX's cell with special permission from the current project leader or someone with Level 5 security clearance. SCP-3137 must be periodically observed to note any changes to its state.

Description: SCP-3137 is a clay sculpture of a human female about 1.5 meters in height. Its eyes are composed of shards of colored glass, and its hair is made of keratin and is rooted into its head like that of a doll. SCP-3137 was discovered at the abandoned █████████ ██████ Academy of the Arts in ████████, Utah.

Despite the absence of vital organ systems, SCP-3137 is fully capable of mental and physical human behaviors. It does not need to sleep nor eat, however it is observed to do both on a regular basis. SCP-3137 is capable of speech and speaks fluent English.

Its temperament is best described as calm and timid. It tends to act compassionate towards others and is extroverted. SCP-3137 firmly believes that it is a human being rather than a statue.

SCP-3137 has shown to be skilled at creating artwork. Visual works within a 15 meter radius of SCP-3137 will exhibit unique properties. Entities and objects in works created by SCP-3137 are observed to become animate. These objects exist within the work and, while they are unable to physically interact with the real world, are observed to have effects on the real world, usually in the form of sound, smell and touch. The animate properties and appearance of these objects are also affected by SCP-3137s current emotional state.

SCP-3137 has been observed to be able to detect the mental and psychological states of sentient beings.

Addendum: A series of tests were conducted to observe the effects of visual works created by SCP-3137 on sentient beings.

Experiment Log: 3137
Subject Artwork Description Results
D-4132 A painting of a meadow. Subject reported the strong scent of flowers and the presence of a light breeze. Subject claimed to feel unusually calm and relaxed.
D-6904 A sketch of a house in a forest. Subject immediately recognized the sketch as their childhood home and became extremely emotional.
D-7890 A painting of a snowy mountain peak. Subject claimed to feel cold and have difficulty breathing and expressed great discomfort. Subject also reported the smell of pine.
D-9021 A self portrait of SCP-3137. Subject reported feeling sad and began repeatedly muttering "Poor Roseanna" several times. Subject later claimed to have no memory of the incident.
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