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EuclidSCP-3147 Horses of NVRate: -3

Item #: SCP-3147

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3147 is to be contained at minimum security Site-47 ("The Ranch")1, 19.58 km southeast of Dayton, NV. Site-47 consists of an open-air ranch with a total area of thirty hectares (.30 km2 or 74.132 acres), in which SCP-3147, consisting of SCP-3147-1 through SCP-3147-29, are allowed to roam freely, a two-story ranch house which serves as a residence for on-site research staff, the root cellar of which has been converted into an Equine Biology lab, and a barn, all of which are situated centered within a fenced 1.5km2 area. A set of high-security modular buildings have been added to Site-47 to act as a barracks for on-site D-class personnel, storage, and emergency containment. One gate with a guard shack is situated at an unnamed and un-maintained dirt road which leads to Site-47 and is to be occupied at all times by no less than two guards. Site-47 operates under the guise of a Nevada Correctional Facility Prison Farm and, as such, must grow a sufficient amount of crops to be self-sustainable.

Currently, the capacity of the ranch matches that necessary for the containment of fifty horses, and additional land may, if necessary, be allocated to allow SCP-3147 individuals proper roaming space, encourage placid behavior, and allow for expansion of SCP-3147.

A team of researchers is to reside on-site for containment and further research, currently led by researcher Robert Wheeler, PhD in Equine Biology from UNR. Site personnel are to keep a team of no more than fifteen D-class personnel for the purposes of farming and ranch maintenance such as yard work and vehicular maintenance.

Description: SCP-3147 is a herd of Equus ferus caballus (wild Mustangs) from Northern Nevada whose known grazing range is an area around a site known as the Sand Springs Range, located 48km east-southeast of Fallon, NV. SCP-3147-1 through SCP-3147-29 range in age and coloration standard to any herd of similar wild Mustangs. At present, SCP-3147 is relatively docile and compliant.

SCP-3147 emits a telepathic field to a radius of 0.5 km from the center of the herd. Horses who make contact with this field of influence promptly, within five minutes, begin to exhibit behavioral anomalies such as running in tight circles, jumping in place, and laying on their backs with their legs up and moving as if running. These behaviors are not always present, however, as horses exposed to the telepathic field for longer than one hour will return to normal behavior but will not be willing to leave the area of influence.

Experimentation has revealed that horses who remain in direct contact with the area of influence for longer than one month will begin to show signs of new anomalous properties and will continue to develop these anomalous properties during the six-month exposure period. Any horse removed from the field of influence within the six month window will continue to exhibit anomalous behavior for a time no longer than ninety-two hours, at which point the horse will revert to its previous state. If left within the field of influence for the six-month exposure period, said horses will permanently develop one of each of the following categories of anomalous properties and, if not acquired by Site personnel and contained within Site-47, will attempt to leave the area2. The permanent anomalous properties are as follows:

  • Spacial:
    • Hovering in an inverted position one meter to one and one half meters above the ground.
    • Appearing to run backwards while moving forward at running speed.
    • Merging and phasing into each other.
    • Emitting binaural tones at varying base frequencies.
  • Temporal:
    • Short sections of time ranging between two and six minutes are “replayed” multiple times.
    • Horses will appear frozen in time for periods of between one and three hours.
  • Behavioral:
    • Vocalizations which are highly uncharacteristic of any known Equus ferus ssp. Said vocalizations are closer in tone and depth to Ursus arctos ssp.
    • Cannibalism and auto-cannibalism (in rare instances).
    • Deliberately standing in places which are hazardous such as in front of large vehicles, under garage doors, and on high-traffic roadways.
    • Trampling and consuming non-equine beings. This excludes on-site Foundation personnel.

Addendum-3147-01: Contracting MTF-Upsilon-74

"Due to the verified range of SCP-3147's field of influence being precisely five-hundred (500) meters in radius, there is a substantial increase in possibility of containment breach. MTF-Upsilon-74 ("The Lone Rangers") are to monitor an area of Northern Nevada from West Gate, NV to Genoa, NV (east to west) and from Topaz Lake, NV to Black Rock City, NV (south to north) by means of non-equestrian transportation for reports of unnatural horse behavior, to disseminate appropriate cover stories should horses exhibit aggressive, violent, or otherwise hazardous anomalous behaviors, and to contain or terminate such anomalies at their own discretion."
— Special Provisions, section A, paragraph 1.

MTF-Upsilon-74 ("The Lone Rangers") was selected for their expertise in desert survival, ability to operate efficiently in areas of wildly fluctuating climates, and willingness to focus solely on the task at hand. Task Force members are to be solicited from existing Foundation personnel and trained by Team Leader C. Laradeca for threat assessment, combat tactics, tracking, survival in desert environments.

Addendum-3147-02: Excerpt: MTF-Y-74 Orientation

"Don't get me wrong, we're not cold, heartless bastards! We are survivalists. We are trackers. We gotta focus on one thing, and that's getting the job done. This means that we will likely separate and work on our own because, let's face it, we have one hell of an area to cover with as few members as we have. … People get hurt by anomalies all the damned time, and part of our job is to prevent this from happening if we can. However, if there is such a situation where we absolutely cannot handle such a situation in time and someone does get hurt, then it's no longer our task to protect them now, is it? Now, our primary headquarters is located in…"
— Team Leader C. Laradeca, 26 June 19██

Addendum-3147-03: Anomalous Investigation Report Upsilon-74-AI-32

Date: 18 August 20██
Reporting Agent: Laradeca, Constantin — MTF-Υ-74-TL

17 August 20██
0347 — MTF Headquarters intercepted a 911 call to the Lyon County Sheriff's Office:

Dispatch: 911, what is your emergency?

Man: Yeah, a horse is trying to destroy my truck!

Dispatch: A horse?

Man: Yes. A horse. It's headbutting my Bronco. I tried going out and shooing it away, but the damn thing roared at me!

Dispatch: A horse… roared at you. What's your location, sir?

Man: ██ East Airpark Blvd, Dayton. ██████ ████ Industries Warehou — oh, shit, it's eyes are gl—

Dispatch: Sir? Sir, are you still there? I've dispatched a deputy to your location. Sir?

0348 — Contacted Dr. Imaaheki at Site-47 to request an inventory of SCP-3147 and prepared to dispatch MTF.
0352 — Dr. Imaaheki confirmed containment breach. SCP-3147-29 is no longer in containment. Site-47 Staff was advised to implement Containment Breach Protocol 47-Aleph. MTF dispatched to ██ East Airpark Blvd, Dayton, NV.
0431 - 0537 — Transcripts from radio communications with MTF:

TL — MTF Team Lead C. Laradeca
OP1 — Agent E. Garreth
OP2 — Agent P. Evans
OP3 — Agent A. Roberts
HQ — Agent M. Frenchu
S47 — Dr. R. Wheeler

TL: HQ, we've arrived at ██ East Airpark Blvd. Multiple vehicles here, including a heavily damaged 1998 Ford Bronco and two Lyon County Sheriff's Department cruisers, also heavily damaged, with their overhead lights on. Warehouse lights are on. We are circling around the west side now.

HQ: Position confirmed on GPS. Proceed with caution.

TL: Ten-four.

OP1: Hey, boss. You need to come see this.

OP2: Ugh, shit. This guy's not looking good.

TL: HQ, we have a casualty here. Male, mid-30s, by the name of… Gerald McTravis. Severe blunt-force trauma to cranium, forceful cutting trauma to chest and abdomen, and right arm has been severed. Anyone have eyes on the arm? According to documentation in his wallet, he is a graveyard shift supervisor at this location.

HQ: One casualty. Noted.

OP3: Got an arm over here, boss. It's holding a cell phone. Checking last number called… 911. This belonged to our guy!

TL: Leave it, let's get eyewitness reports. HQ, we are entering the building through an open rolling door on the west side.

HQ: Confirmed, proceed with caution.

OP2: Boss, we have more casualties here. Good fuckin' lord, it's a bloodbath!

S47: Hold on. Can you send me detailed photos of the injuries, please?

OP2: Sure thing.

TL: Roberts, Evans, you two give me a body count, but watch your six. There may be something else going on. Garreth, you're with me. We'll check out the back rooms for survivors.

OP2: Ten-four, boss.

OP3: You got it, boss.

OP1: On my way.


OP2: Twenty-six confirmed casualties. All have similar trauma to our friend outside. Site-47 should be receiving photographs momentarily.

S47: Yeah, I got 'em. This looks like too much damage for just one 3147 to have caused. Just one or two people, sure, we lose D-class personnel to 3147 every so often. This, however, looks like there may be something accompanying 3147-29. Is there any evidence of bite marks?

TL: I'm gonna have to cut you off there, Doc, but we may have found something. Sending image now. It looks like an underground slaughterhouse operation. Is this why local companies have been buying captured horses?

OP1: I've seen this sort of operation before in northern Clark County. There was an overpopulation of horses there, to the point where local farmers were losing crops.

TL: Get to the goddamned point, Garreth.

OP1: My point is that it was fucked up. That's all.


TL: Confirmed, no survivors. HQ, initiate Information Dissemination Protocol X9-Beta.

HQ: Confirmed, initiating IDP-X9-Beta, social media scrub. How are we going to present this to the media?

TL: Have Site-47 escort four D-class personnel to make it look gang-related. With this big of a mess, there's no way we can clean it up.

HQ: Boss, we just intercepted another 911 call from your area, would you like me to play it?

TL: Go ahead.

Dispatch: 911, what is your emergency?

Man: A horse just attacked my brother! Oh, my God, I think he's dead. Jim? Jimmy! Shit, oh shit!

Dispatch: Please, calm down, sir. You said a horse attacked your brother?

Man: Yes, Jimmy was outside shoeing his horse when, outta nowhere, this other horse came up and bit him right on the back of the neck. Shit, Jimmy, wake up. Please, wake up!

Dispatch: Sir, what is your location?

Man: I'm at ████ Kiowa Lane, Silver Springs. Please hurry.

Dispatch: I'm sending an ambulance and a de—

Man: There you are, you son of a bitch! (single gunshot heard) W… wait, that's not ri—

Dispatch: Sir? Sir, are you there? Ugh, this can't be happening. Sir?

TL: Jesus Christ. Evans, Garreth, you two stay here and handle things. Roberts, you're with me.

OP1: Wait, how in the hell are we supposed to make this look gang related, weld horseshoes to sledgehammers?

TL: That sounds like a good idea, Garreth! Better get to it.

OP1: Oh, goddamnit!

0541 — MTF TL Laradeca and Agent Roberts dispatched to ████ Kiowa Ln, Silver Springs, NV. Agents Garreth and Evans remained at ██ East Airpark Blvd.
0600 — MTF TL Laradeca and Agent Roberts arrived at ████ Kiowa Ln. Transcript of radio communications with MTF:

TL: Paramedics and Lyon County Sheriff's Department are already on scene. Roberts, stay in the vehicle, I'll handle this. (sound of door opening) Mornin' fellas! I heard ya got a bit of a horse problem. — Oh, the name's Kyle Woodford, Nevada Department of Wildlife, Mineral County. — ID? Sure, here! — No problem. Hoo, boy, that looks like a helluva love bite. Took a chunk right out! — What? Oh, I have orders to document incidents like this. We're trying to build up a case for increasing roundups. You can contact my superv.. Okay. — This guy got trampled to death? Whew, what a way to go. — Y'know, it's probably got something to do with this weird-ass weather we've been havin' scaring all the animals.

S47: (sound of dry heaving and coughing) Got the photo… (dry heaves continue)

TL: Well, it looks like y'all got it from here, eh? — For sure! We'll grab a coffee later!

S47: A little warning next time, Kyle.

TL: (sound of door closing) Sorry, I had no other option. If two connected incidents are the beginning of a pattern, I'd venture to say that 3147-29 is headed east along the HWY-50 corridor.

OP2: So, what are our orders, boss?

TL: Finish up there and head east on 50. You should be able to catch up to us by Fallon.


1106 - 1310 — MTF questioned locals in and around Fallon. A small group of teenagers in ████ Park indicated that a "weird horse" was running east. When pressed on their choice of the word, "weird," one teen indicated that its hooves were not touching the ground. The other teens were adamant in stating that they saw no such anomalous behavior.
1335 — Stopped at ██████ Junction to refuel vehicles before heading east. Receipt e-mailed to Purchasing for reimbursement. Garreth asked the clerk if she had seen anything strange within the last few hours, but no valuable information was gained.
1417 — Encountered a stranded motorist at the entrance to Sand Mountain who claimed a horse fell out of the sky. He claimed the horse didn't disable his vehicle but that it ran out of gas. When questioned about the anomaly, he stated that it happened near State Route 839. Evans gave the man a one liter bottle of water.
1445 — Turned south on SR839.
1503 - 1728 — Encountered anomalous horse at road leading to Underground Nuclear Testing Site — Shoal. Transcripts from radio communications with MTF:

TL: CONTACT! Anomaly heading west-bound on a dirt road. Evans, on my six!

OP2: On your six, boss!

HQ: Visual description, boss?

TL: Horse. Female. Grey to light grey coat with bla—oh, shit! I forgot how rough these roads are. Black dorsal mane. Movement matches our speed, but it's hovering at least five meters off the ground. We're keeping roughly a quarter-kilometer away from it for now.

OP2: Visually confirmed. Boss, we're splitting off northward to flank it.

TL: Do it. The northward branch of this road circles around to the other side of the UGT site.

OP1: Speed up, Evans, it's moving away!

OP2: Damnit, Garreth! If I wanted instructions on how to dr— (static)

TL: Shit! The horse just crushed the other jeep! Sudden changes to speed and direction. Anomaly is hostile. I repeat, anomaly is hostile.

OP3: Casualty report. Agent Garreth, deceased. Agent Evans, deceased. Full report to be filed later. For now, I want to rip this fucker apart.

S47: No! Do not engage!

TL: Roberts, unload a clip into it!

S47: Damnit, DO NOT ENG—

OP3: Go to hell, Doc. (sound of automatic fire) Damn, no effect!

S47: That's not 3147-29!

TL: What?!

S47: 29 was found three kilometers south of The Ranch. Contain whatever that is!

TL: Creating distance. HQ, contact Site 14 to get a temporary containment zone set up.

HQ: On it, boss!

TL: We've given a distance of half a kilometer. It doesn't seem to notice us at this distance. Perhaps it can't see us?

OP3: It seems focused on the nuclear bore cap.

HQ: Theta-93 is on its way with a Mobile Containment Unit.

TL: Ten-four, HQ. The anomaly is remaining motionless above the Project Shoal bore cap. We'll dig in, observe, and report if anything changes. [DATA EXPUNGED]

1728 - 2349 — No further observable movement. Every fifteen minutes or so, the anomaly emitted a sound similar to an air raid siren for about one minute. Waited for MTF-Theta-93 to arrive.
2349 — MTF-Theta-93 took over containment procedures over newly acquired SCP-████ using Site 14 equipment. Returning to HQ.
NOTE: SCP-3147-29 was found dead and surrounded by coyotes three kilometers south of Site-47. Cause of death, blunt-force trauma due to high-velocity impact with the ground. 3147-29 was forcefully ejected from the Site-47 paddock by SCP-████, presumably as a diversionary tactic of some sort. Two of the six coyotes were captured and placed into research containment in Site 44 ("Desert Wildlife Kennel") for further research. The other four coyotes were terminated and incinerated.

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