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SCP-3154 in its storage chamber

Item #: SCP-3154

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: When not in use for research, SCP-3154 is to be kept in a Standard Safe-Class Storage Locker in Reliquary Research Site-16. Accessible only to Level 2 personnel clearance or above. Wearing of hearing protection/headphones during the tests has become mandatory due to SCP-3154 piercing and potentially damaging to the tympanic membrane sound.

Description: SCP-3154 is a musical instrument resembling a medieval Shawm later identified to be Croatian sopela1. SCP-3154 anomalous properties manifest when played. Subjects using SCP-3154 will play up to six songs, regardless of prior experience or skill with similar musical instruments.
During the first 15 minutes of use, subjects display an unwillingness to stop using SCP-3154. After playing, subjects will claim to be an individual named 'Anton Peteh'.2
After the test, Subjects will retain two sets of memories. One set belongs to their original identity, and the other is believed to belong to Anton Peteh. This state is called The trance state phenomenon and lasts 15 minutes and will from now on be referred to as SCP-3154-1.

Addendum 3154-01: While doing some research on SCP-3154, D-19916 pointed out that there was something in the bell of the instrument. Inside the bell, a small black & white picture was found along with a handwritten note reading:

Ⰸⰰ Ⰿⰰⱃⰹⰻⱆ

The note translated from Glagolitic alphabet3 to english reads: To Marija

On the back of the picture there are hand written coordinates:

45°08′24″N 13°54′29″E


The photo found in the instrument's bell


Instruments found in the workshop

SCP 3154 was discovered on █/█/19██ by a German couple that bought an old vintage vacation house in Žminj, Croatia. Upon buying the house they found SCP-3154 along with other Croatian traditional instruments in the workshop. Upon discovery, the husband decided to try and play the instrument, but when his mouth came in contact with the mouthpiece he collapsed on the ground sobbing. When his wife asked him what's wrong, the husband replied with ,,You disgust me you fascist swine". Upon asking her husband if everything was alright, he picked up a carving knife from the workshop table and started cutting a star on his left arm. The husband then exited SCP-3154-1 and vomited. The couple reported the incident to the nearby police department who contacted the Foundation's branch in Croatia. Later that day, the husband hanged himself above one of the fascist martyrs monument in Croatia. SCP-3154 was recovered on ██/█/19██.

Experiment Log 3154-A

Test 0001

Date: █/██/19██

Subject: D-15927
Conducted by: Dr.██████
Procedure: Subject was instructed to play SCP-3154
Dr. ██████: D-15927, can you hear me?
D-15927: Yeah. What am I supposed to do?
Dr. ██████: Excellent. Just walk towards SCP-3154.
D-15927: Okay. Now what?
Dr. ██████: Alright, just put on the safety headphones and play the instrument.
D-15927: Man, I ain't a musician. I can't even tell the difference between a piano and a guitar.
Dr. ██████:D-15927, just put the mouthpiece in your mouth!
(After a few seconds of hesitation, D-15927 puts the mouthpiece in his mouth and starts playing SCP-3154)
(see audio file #1)
After 15 minutes of playing, D-15927 finally stops and looks around the room disoriented and confused.
D-15927: G-Gdje sam ja to? (translated: W-Where am I?)
Dr. ██████: D-15927…are you alright?
D-15927: Što se događa? Je li ovo raj…ili pakao? (translated: What is going on? Is this heaven…or hell?)
Dr. ██████: Who are you? Is this D-15927?
D-15927: Ne shvaćam. Je li ovo moja kazna? (translated: I don't understand. Is this my punishment?)
(Dr.██████ calls in the Foundation translator)
The translator: Kazna za što? (translated: Punishment for what?)
D-15927: Za moje grijehe. Bio sam ispunjen tugom, mislio sam da nemam drugoga izbora… učinio sam to za nju. (translated: For my sins. I was filled with grief, I thought I had no other choice… I did it for her.)
The translator: Što si učinio? (translated: What did you do?)
D-15927: Bože oprosti… (translated: God forgive me…)
(D-15927 exited SCP-3154-1 and was escorted out of the chamber)

Interview log 3154-A

Interviewer: Dr.██████
Interviewed: D-15927
<Begin Log, [13:30, █/██/19██]>
Dr.██████: D-15927, can you describe how you felt when inside SCP-3154-1?
D-15927: Yeah. It was strange, like I was in a trance…like someone else had a control over my body. I-I felt dead and alive in the same time (pause) And I had mixed memories, some of them were mine, but others were…of someone else.
Dr.██████: Alright. Can you remember any of these…"other memories".
D-15927: Very vaguely. But now that you mention it, I do remember one memory in particular…
(D-15927 looks at the floor pensively)

Dr.██████: Yes…go on.
D-15927: Oh, right. I was in my workshop…I mean, it was someone else, but I…
Dr.██████: Yes, I get it. Go on now.
D-15927: Oh, yeah…sorry doc. And then the dog walked in the workshop. It seemed hostile so I a.k.a. "someone else", hit the dog, and I mean a "proper hit" if you know what I'm saying doc.
Dr.██████: Ok, yes. Continue…
D-15927: Right. Then the fucker got all pissed-off and bit my fucking leg. Now that I mention it, I do feel pain in my left leg…
<End Log, [13:42, █/██/19██]>
(later tests show that D-15927 has bite marks on his left leg similar to those of Canis lupus familiaris4. D-15927 developed intense Cynophobia)

Experiment log 3154-B

Test 0002

Date: ██/██/19██

Subject: D-20096
Conducted by: Dr.██████ and the translator David Brajković
Procedure: Subject was instructed to play SCP-3154
Dr. ██████: D-20096, approach SCP-3154 and put on the safety headphones.
D-20096: Okay, but why the headphones though?

Dr. ██████: Their purpose is to keep you safe. Now… (Dr. ██████ stops as he calls the translator in advance)
Dr. ██████: Alright, sorry for that, let's continue. Just (pause) put the double-reed mouthpiece of the instrument in your mouth.
D-20096: The what?
Dr. ██████: The…the mouthpiece, it's on the top of the instrument. Just put that… (D-20096 puts the mouthpiece in her mouth)… yes, yes that, right. Now play the instrument.
D-20096: Alright, here goes nothing. This is so bizarre, I don't even know how to play an instrument, but fine!
(D-20096 starts playing SCP-3154. After 16 minutes she finally stops and stares blankly into the wall of the chamber)
(see audio file #2)
*Dr. ██████:** D-20096…
(D-20096 lifts her head in confusion)
D-20096: Opet sam ovdje…Zarobljen sa mojim najvećim djelom… i najvećim prokletstvom (translated: I'm here again…trapped with my biggest work… and my biggest curse.)
The translator: Zašto vam je instrument prokletstvo? (translated: Why is this instrument your curse?)
D-20096: Nisam li zbog toga ovdje? Zarobljen sa onime što mi je uništilo život. Zar nisam zarobljen ovdje da se iz dana u dan prisjetim tog dana ili točnije rečeno godina koje sam izgubio.
(translated: Aren't I'm here because of that? Trapped with the very thing that ruined my life, trapped to remember from day to day those days…or more precisely years I lost.)
The translator: Na što si izgubio te godine? (translated: What did you lose those years for?)
D-20096: Na…na t-to. A trebao sam na nju. Sada sam ih izgubio oboje, izgubio sam dio sebe i ta rupa se povećavala godinama dok više nisam mogao izdržati… (translated: On…on i-it, I lost them for it when I should had lost them for her, and now…now I lost them both, I lost a piece of me and the hole grew bigger until I couldn't take it anymore…)
The translator: Tko si ti? (translated: Who are you?)
D-20096: Ja sam samo slika od čovjeka koji je davno nestao… (translated: I'm just an image of a man that is long gone…)
(D-15927 exited SCP-3154-1 and was escorted to her cell)

Interview log 3154-B

Interviewer: Dr.██████
Interviewed: D-20096
<Begin Log, [16:13, ██/██/19██]>
Dr.██████: So, D-20096, how was your time inside SCP-3154-1 a.k.a. the trance state phenomenon?
D-20096: Yeah. Well first, I am a human not a label, so call me Samantha.
Dr.██████: Okay then, Samantha. How did you feel inside SCP-3154-1.
D-20096: That's more like it doc. It felt like I was…possessed. Like someone else had complete control over my body…it was (pause) scary.
Dr.██████: Right…So you said you too had two sets of memories.
D-20096: Yeah. It was strange. It felt as if I lived through two separate lives. It was quite traumatic actually.
Dr.██████: You don't happen to remember any of the memories.
D-20096: I do actually. In the memory, I fell down from the ladder while picking apples. Or where they pears? Doesn't really matter…does it?
Dr.██████: No. Can you remember any more details?
D-20096: I think there was no sound…like I lost my hearing from the fall somehow.

Dr.██████: Interesting. (Dr.██████ looks down at the notes he was writing and then looks at D-20096 again)
Dr.██████: Is that it?
D-20096: What?
Dr.██████: I asked is that it.
D-20096: You'll have to speak up doctor or else I can't hear you.
Dr.██████: [on the verge of shouting] Is that all?
D-20096: Yes.
Dr.██████: Then we're done…
D-20096: What was that doc?
<End Log, [16:25, ██/██/19██]>
(Later tests on D-20096 confirmed that she completely lost her hearing)
After the incident Dr.L████ requested reclassification of SCP-3154 from safe to Euclid. Request pending denied.

Experiment log 3154-C

Test 0003

Date: ██/██/20██

Subject: D-19916
Conducted by: Dr.██████ No, I think I'll just sit through this one…
Dr.██████ level 3 senior researcher Dr. Alexander Gribbles, and the Foundation translator David Brajković
Procedure: Subject was instructed to play SCP-3154
Alexander Gribbles: D-19916, you copy?
D-19916: Loud and clear, doctor.
Alexander Gribbles: Good. Approach SCP (reads the SCP name from the Dr.██████'s notes) 3154 for testing.
D-19916: You must be screwing with me, doctor. It's a fucking flute.
Alexander Gribbles: D-19916, please approach SCP-3154 for testing or you will be terminated. Put on the safety headphones.
D-19916: You sound uneasy, doctor. Am I making you uncomfortable?
Alexander Gribbles: D-19916, I will not tolerate this behavior I-I swear I'll…
D-19916: I'll just do what you say, doctor. I can't imagine the horrors you'll do to me if I don't behave…
(D-19916 cautiously approaches SCP-3154 and starts playing the instrument)
Alexander Gribbles: D-19916…
D-19916: D-19916…?
( Doctor Gribbles calls the translator)
The translator: Čuješ li me, D-19916? (translated: D-19916, you hear me?)
D-19916: Znaš, ja nikada nisam htio to raditi. Htio sam biti….trgovac. Ali moj otac…on se bavio time pa je htio da se i ja time bavim. Tukao me kada sam i spomenuo da želim biti trgovac. Bio je…strog. Ubijen je u ratu boreći se protiv fašističkih Njemaca. Prije smrti, na ruku si je izrezbario zvijezdu da dokaže, da je i u rukama Boga, vjeran komunističkim partizanima. (translated: You know, I never wanted to do it. I wanted to be…a merchant.
But my father…he was doing it, it was a "family tradition" and I had to do it too. He beat me when I even mentioned I wanted to be a merchant. He was…strict. He was killed in the great war fighting against German fascist. He carved a star on his left arm before he died to prove that, even in the arms of God, he's loyal to communist partisans.)
The translator: Vidim… (translated: I see…)
D-19916: Cijeli život radio sam nešto što ne volim samo kako bi zadovolji druge, a što je najgore, počeo sam biti previše okupiran time. Ponekad sam i zaboravio da imam voljene i obitelj…ali sve se to isplatilo. Jer napravio sam svoje najveće djelo… (translated: All my life I was working on something I never even wanted to do in the first place, and the worst part is, I was beginning to get too occupied with it that sometimes, I would even forget I had loved ones and family. But in the end, it was all worth it. I made my biggest and greatest work…)
The translator: Koje djelo? (translated: What work?)
D-19916: Pa, dragi doktore, zbog njega sam i ovdje. (translated: Why, good doctor, because of it I'm here.)
The translator: Kako se zoveš? (translated: What's your name?)
D-19916: Tokom godina, ovo djelo je postalo dio mene…doslovno. Pitali su se gdje sam. Ali cijelo vrijeme sam bio pred njihovim nosevima. Otkad sam je izgubio…bar od kada sam shvatio da jesam… onda sam pošao za njom u rijeku, ali me moje djelo držalo ovdje, i drži me već stoljećima. (translated: Throughout the years, this work became a piece of me…quite literally. They were wondering where I was, and I was in front of them the whole time. Since I lost her…or since I realized I did…then I went after her in the river, but my work kept me trapped here for centuries…)
(D-19916 exits SCP-3154-1 and collapses on the ground sobbing uncontrollably.)

Interview log 3154-C

Interviewer: Agent David Lloyd Johnston
Interviewed: D-19916
<Begin Log, [11:25, ██/██/20██]>
Agent David Lloyd Johnston: D-19916, are you okay?
D-19916: Not well. I feel…empty. Empty, but filled with grief.
Agent David Lloyd Johnston: Why are you filled with grief?
D-19916: I-I don't (pauses while sobbing) know…
Agent David Lloyd Johnston: Alright. How did you feel when inside SCP-3154-1?
D-19916: I felt …grief. But not mine. I felt his grief…
Agent David Lloyd Johnston: Whose grief?
D-19916: I-I don't know. (D-19916 again starts sobbing and crying uncontrollably)
Agent David Lloyd Johnston: Do you remember any of "his" memories?
D-19916: Not really. But I do remember some names.
Agent David Lloyd Johnston: What names?
D-19916: Names like Anton, Marija and…Mirna.
Agent David Lloyd Johnston: Alright. Thank you for your cooperation. We're done.
<End Log, [11:39, ██/██/20██]>
(D-19916 hanged him self in his cell on █/██/20██. It is unknown if SCP-3154 memetic hazardous properties are the reason behind the suicide.)

Addendum 3154-02: Mirna was discovered to be a name of the longest river in Istria region, Croatia which is presumed to be the birthplace of Anton Peteh.

Audio files of SCP-3154:
The audio files are edited to have a lesser pitch because of their cognitohazardous properties.

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