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SafeSCP-4469 Keep outRate: -6

Item #: SCP-4469

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4469 should be kept at site-██ in the safe object containment wing. Minimum security is needed, and requests for testing require a level three clearance or higher to test.

Description: SCP-4469 is a █████ brand combination lock, with the password 6435. On the surface level, it behaves and looks like a normal lock, but has two memetic properties depending on it being locked or unlocked. When locked and placed on a door or any form of gateway, all who view it will immediately feel a compulsion to distance themselves from the object, until the SCP-4469 is out of sight. This effect also extends to security footage, but not still images. This overrides all instincts of self preservation, and even drives some to suicide to when locked (See test log C.)
When unlocked, however, its memetic properties are reversed, making SCP-4469 invisible to anyone who looks at it. SCP-4469 still remains tangible and functional while unlocked, due to it being completely invisible to those who see it, testing of functions can be difficult.
Test Logs:
Test A - 11/8/███

Procedure: Attempting to find the limit of SCP-4469's memetic properties. One D-class, D-1542, is left in SCP-4469's testing room with a door locked with SCP-4469.
Results: D-1542 immediately sprints away from the object, and is seen attempting to break through the walls of the testing room, and after the failed attempt, D-1542 appears to attempt to steel himself, and closes his eyes while walking toward it.
Analysis: Dr. █████ - Interesting. Perhaps we should use a blind D-class?

Test B - 11/8/███

Procedure: A blind D-class, D-4284, is placed into SCP-4469's containment chamber.
Results: D-4284 shows no reaction, and with help is able to unlock the object.

Note: This is the first time SCP-4469's secondary memetic property was revealed.

Test C - 11/8/███

Procedure: D-0745 is left in SCP-4469's containment chamber, forcibly restrained and left with SCP-4469 locked.
Results: D-0745 is seen to start showing intense signs of stress, and later begins screaming to be let out, saying "It needs me to leave" At four hours into containment, D-0745 begins attempting to commit suicide by head trauma, but fails due to heavy restraints. At eight hours, D-0745 is found dead, with all brain function stopped, but cause unknown.
Analysis: This could reveal a more sinister danger behind it… More testing is required.


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