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EuclidSCP-4206 How justified is the foundation?Rate: -13

Item #: 4206

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4206 is to be contained in a humanoid containment cell. one (1) bed and one (1) toilet are to be provided.
It is to be provided with an apple twice a day (a hours and 1700 hours) and the cell is to be cleaned.

Description: SCP-4206 is a humanoid entity, approximately four (4) meters tall. It is devoid of a nose and has circular black eyes. It appears to be wearing a 1950s-style black suit. SCP-4206 is roughly 2020 years old, and there are recorded sightings of it throughout history.

SCP-4206 is sentient, with the ability to speak any European language, yet mostly talks in latin. It expresses dislike of its containment, and the foundation in general, and has convinced several staff that the foundation is 'a breach of rights' and that it 'has such a narrow line of normalcy, it imprisons anything even a step out of it'. Due to SCP-4206 convincing nature, discussions are to be kept to a minimum, and needs level 3 or higher clearance.

It is believed SCP-4206 is behind the creation of many anonamolous objects and entities, and during captivity it has created █ more -from any materials available at the time.

Discovery: SCP-4206 was discovered wandering ████ , Nevada, after ██ sightings. SCP-4206 protested against being taken, but did not result to violent measures.

Below is an interview between Dr. ███████ and SCP-4206.

Interviewed: SCP-4206

Interviewer: Dr. ███████

<Begin Log>

Dr. ███████: We have noticed your rather dislike of the foundation. Why is that?

SCP-4206: Why should I like it? I have been imprisoned here, against my will, and for what? Just because I look a little different? The problem with this foundation is that it has such a narrow line of normalcy, anything even the slightest bit out is locked up. Closed- minded people such as yourself are slowing down the progress of the human race greatly. Why don't you use the anomalous objects for good? You could do so much, if your mind wasn't so very closed.

Dr. ███████: You're right. It's time to open our minds, and use the SCPs to our advantage! We need..
[At this moment, Dr. ███████ was terminated]
SCP-4206: See? Who are the real monsters? You have killed more than anything else here! Not only your foundation, your whole world massacres the other species, so how it is so wrong for them to do the same as you? You're all animals, and the human race deserve death more than any other species, with their overpopulation and murder of planet earth.
<End Log>

Closing Statement: SCP-4206 was immediately taken back to their cell, and Dr. ███████'s corpse was disposed of.

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