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EuclidSCP-3164 "The Soviet's Fire"Rate: -18

SCP in its flaming state.

Item #: SCP-3164
Object Class: Keter Euclid
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3164 is to be contained within a 7m x 4m x 4m at, with each wall containing 50mm thick steel panels, containment garage with at least 2 armed guards and an officer of Russian descent. SCP-3164 is to be kept disassembled at all times. At the entrance, with no Foundation Personnel of listed descent within 100m of the garage. Any personnel attempting to reassemble or enter SCP-3164 without level 3 clearance or above are to be shot on sight. 3 Foundation engineers are to be trained to assemble the tank if testing requires it.
Description: SCP-3164 is a World War Two era Soviet T-34 tank, with numerous visual references to Communist leadership and ideology. SCP-3164 was found in  [REDACTED], Ukraine.  SCP-3164 is void of all production numbers or manufacturing labels, with the exception of the name “Soviet Fire” carved into the turret.
      Whenever the name is read, the back engine compartment lights on fire, but causes no fuel or structural damage to SCP-3164, whenever any human enters within 3 m of the main body of SCP-3164. The vehicle's anomalous properties begin when any four human beings enter and arm SCP-3164. All subjects within begin experiencing extreme amounts of stress and anxiety after all are securely in the tank. Methods of removing them before 6 hours has proven impossible.  After a duration of approximately 6 hours, all beings within SCP-3164 will begin showing communist and totalitarian ideologies.  After a duration of approximately 12 hours, all subjects will slowly begin to gain the genetic information, battle experience, personality, clothing, and memories of the original crew of SCP-3164.
      Now designated SCP-3164 -A, -B, -C, and -D, All subjects to experience SCP-3164’s change are hostile to any and all humans within a 100m radius that have direct genetic ties to the countries of Germany, Denmark, Austria, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Bosnia, and Montenegro. Newly changed subjects can only be removed from the tank by order of an officer of Russian descent. Subjects that have been placed in the tank for more than 96 hours cannot be removed without lethal force. All armaments seem to have an infinite supply of ammunition that cannot be depleted, and use of firearms in the tank seem to eventually break through any substance that the firearms are used against. Most conventional means of destroying a T-34 do not work on the tank, but it can be disabled by large weapons such as anti-tank weapons. Mud, fire, and tank shells all work to disable, but not completely destroy, SCP-3164.

SCP-3164 was recovered by mobile task force Omega-Foxtrot “Russian Roulette” on [REDACTED], 2001.
    “The Foundation was first alerted to SCP-3164’s existence after a tip in Poland after 4 teenagers went missing, and entire houses were being blown to smithereens after only a couple shakes in the ground, about [REDACTED] kilometers from Warsaw. People were scared shitless. Reports said it was coming from a heavily wooded area just outside the small town. Taking 2 helis, we flew about 2 kilometers outside the village, to see a small clearing in the woods housing a tank, about 600 meters away.
It seemed to almost look at us, but it shot down the second heli to my right with a straight hit to the cockpit. The thing exploded, and everyone died. It didn’t fire a single shell at our ‘copter. As soon as our heli landed, we got some tear gas into the tank, but the guys in there didn’t budge. It was like the damn thing was haunted. We eventually cracked open the hatches on the tank and saw the 4 damn teens, not even matching some of their descriptions. One had new blond hair, with no traces of dye or bleach or anything. It really got to me, he was the gunner who killed my men. What it took for me not to pop one in his head there, but something was really strange. We would’ve figured that it was some kind of anomalous seismic activity, but no, it was four sixteen year olds in a tank. Turns out that there was a 3 guys in the second helicopter that were Germans. If only I’d not have taken them, the entire team would be alive.”

Test A - 7/16/03

Subject: Subjects D-3685, D-9985, D-3214, and D-9896
Procedure: All four D Class personnel were equipped with an explosive collar, and instructed to enter SCP-3164. After securing and arming the tank, they are instructed to wait. After 2 hours, D-9985 complained about feeling like “someone was watching him.” After 6 hours, D-3685 requested a copy of the Communist manifesto. After a total of 24 hours, all four subjects were ordered to exit SCP-3164 by a Level 3 Foundation Officer of Russian descent.
Results: D-9985, D-3214, and D-9896 were noncompliant with an interview and were hostile to all Foundation personnel with the exception of D-3685. D-9985, D-3214, and D-9896 were all terminated.
Analysis: Longer times inside SCP-3164 are required.

Test B - 9/8/03

Subject: Four D Class Personnel of German Descent.
Procedure: Four D Class Personnel are equipped with explosive collars, and are instructed to enter SCP-3164. D-Class subjects are ordered to arm the weapons of SCP-3164.
Results: All four D-Class instantly died of carbon monoxide poisoning.
Analysis: After investigating SCP-3164, all air ventilation in the tank completely sealed, and the engine ran with more than usual fuel.

[Interview Log 3164-A]

Interviewed: D-3685
Interviewer: Dr. Prescott
Foreword The interview was taken 3 hours after D-3685 was exposed to SCP-3036.
Interview translated from Russian.
<Begin Log>
Dr. Prescott: “How do you feel about the Soviet Union collapsing, D-3685?
D-3685: “First of all, bourgeoisie have caused our glorious nation to fall into chaos! We >must topple  the rich, and establish world communism!
Dr. Prescott: “How do you feel about Americans and capitalism?”
 D-3685: “They were good allies within the war, but they shall perish to the ideals of communism.”
Dr. Prescott: “Where are you from, D-3685?”
D-3685: “First of all, my real name is Joseph Lebedev, and I am from [REDACTED], Russia. I was born May 3rd, 1921.”
Dr. Prescott: “Do you know what year it is Joseph, or who won the war?”
D-3685 ’Joseph’: “It is 1944, and the Germans are on the brink of destruction from the Soviet invasion, yes? The damned Nazis could never hold up against our war machine..”
Dr. Prescott: “This interview has concluded. Thank you, Joseph.”
<End Log>
Closing Statement: D-3685 was terminated 3 days after attempting to break into the containment garage holding SCP-3164.

Addendum #1: Field and testing use on SCPs is pending approval.
Addendum #2: Object Class now Euclid.
Addendum #3: No German D-Class are to enter SCP-3164.

Doctor Prescott’s Personal Research Notes
    SCP-3164 should be put back to Keter. I’ve done all of the testing with that tank. I firmly believe that the so called ‘Soviet Fire’ is haunted. I did some background checking, and it was found in a picture with fire coming out of it, the one in the file itself. Turns out the entire crew took a shell right into the side, blasting through and killing all the crew. I don’t know, but I really, really think this is paranormal. I’ll be sending it to O5 Command to see if they can change it, but this is a dangerous cognitohazard, with some form of sentience.

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