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EuclidSCP-4055 Three Split SecondsRate: -14

Item #: 4055

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4055 is to be contained within a modified humanoid containment cell within Site-17. The entrance to SCP-4055’s cell must be replaced with a two door sytem. These doors may not be open within 6 seconds of each other in order to prevent escape. No fewer than two functioning thermal imaging cameras are to be situated within SCP-4055’s cell at all times. In the event of SCP-4055 being observed between its containment doors, the outer door is to be sealed until such time as SCP-4055 fully returns to containment. No communication is to be attempted outside of regulated testing.

Description: SCP-4055 is a seemingly humanoid entity existing in a three second “radius” around consensus time. SCP-4055 cannot be directly interacted with, but can be observed via its effects on objects around it. The most consistent of these is via thermal imaging, allowing for observation of residual body heat. SCP-4055 seemingly experiences the world 3 seconds before and after our time simultaneously. As a result, it is capable of responding to stimulus 6 seconds before it is introduced. Communication is typically made via written notes left within SCP-4055’s cell. As the responses are ready before the questions are asked, interviews with SCP-4055 are typically concluded very quickly.

Experiment Log 4055:
The following experiments were conducted entirely within SCP-4055’s cell, due to potential difficulty in reestablishing containment.

Experiment 4055-1:

Purpose: To attempt to establish communication with SCP-4055.

Procedure: D-4055-1 was allowed into SCP-4055’s cell and instructed to attempt written communication via pen and paper.

Results: D-4055-1 attempted communication for approximately 10 minutes with no success. After 10 mintes and 23 seconds, the words “Thanks for letting me have a turn” appeared on the paper. Notably, this occurred exactly 6 seconds before D-4055-1 dropped his pen out of surprise.

Researcher Notes: This was quite informative. Not only do we know that SCP-4055 is sapient, we also know that its interaction with objects is somewhat limited by our use of them. Or maybe its just being polite. -Dr. Nyle

Experiment 4055-3:

Purpose: To attempt further communication with SCP-4055.

Procedure: D-4055-2 was informed of SCP-4055’s nature, and was told to attempt to hold a regular conversation with it. D-4055-2 was provided with two pens to expedite the process.

Results: D-4055-2 engaged in a 23 minute discussion with SCP-4055. SCP-4055 claimed to be ██████ ██████, a 34 year old male from Wisconsin. Records state that ██████ was born in ████, meaning SCP-4055 would have to be ███ years old at time of interview. SCP-4055 refused to go into detail about what brought on its current circumstances.

Researcher Notes: We at least know that it’s humanoid due to the infrared cams, so its story at least has a little bit of credence to it. One thing that I don’t understand however is the discrepancy between some of our observations. For example, anything it writes appears all at once, instead of appearing as if its actually being written by someone. Any body heat signatures picked on the cams also seem to change everytime they’re unobserved, and seem slightly different for everyone. This even seems to be the case for recordings, still images, and playbacks. Im going to need to look further into this. -Dr.Nyle

Experiment 4055-6:

Purpose: To further explore the nature of SCP-4055’s dual existence.

Procedure: D-4055-2 was instructed to attempt communication with SCP-4055, but stop writing if any sign of SCP-4055 responding became apparent.

Results: Upon entering SCP-4055’s containment chamber, D-4055-2 experienced [Data Expunged] was only restored after the introduction of a Scranton Reality Anchor to SCP-4055’s cell. No lasting damage to containment was noted. D-4055-2 was not recovered and is presumed KIA.

Researcher Notes: Testing is being suspended until we can be sure an incident like this doesn’t happen again. I’m also putting an indefinite moratorium on any interaction that makes unorthodox use of 4055’s temporal properties. -Dr. Nyle

Researcher Note:

So on further analysis, I think I may have a theory about SCP-4055. I believe 4055 is directly manipulating time on a local scale, continuously bending it so that we live in a world where it disappeared 3 seconds ago, and reappears 3 seconds later. As to why we don’t see the universe constantly being reformed within 4055’s cell, maybe thats just our brains trying to make sense of something incomprehensible; something living exactly 3 seconds before and after us, moving along at the same rate. Interacting with such a thing should raise enough paradoxes to tear a massive hole in spacetime, and yet it seems relatively stable provided we don’t probe too hard (take experiment 4055-6 for example). But if 4055 is manipulating reality, then can we really trust any of our observations? It might not even be an entity in itself, just some autonomous ball of unreality whipped up by some type blue with too much time on their hands. Either way, I suggest we be much more careful handling this than we currently are. If the wrong person tries asking this thing the wrong questions, we could be looking at a ZK class end-of-time scenario. And the fact that something capable of this exists scares me more than anything. -Dr.Nyle

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