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KeterSCP-3168 The silence is killing me.Rate: -13

Recovery site. Taken from Captain ██████'s helmet cam upon arrival.

Item #: SCP-3168

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Item SCP-3168 is to be contained in a 8m by 8m by 5m airtight concrete room. Observation windows should be constructed of laminated ballistics glass 10 cm in thickness. A singular entrance should be installed to the cell wall, and this entrance should be an double-door airlock, subject to regular maintenance. Sub-woofers should be placed in each corner of the room, along with floodlights. Sub-woofers should constantly emit bass at 15,000 hertz. Both instruments must be aimed towards the centre of the room. Should a fault in any singular device be detected, maintenance should be contacted immediately. If any singular breaches (of any size) are found in the cell, the immediate area should be evacuated, and available MTF agents should be scrambled for re-containment.

Personal should only be admitted entrance to SCP-3168's cell should a floodlight, or subwoofer need replacing.

Personal stationed at the site currently containing SCP-3168 should immediately report any sound abnormalities they experience. Upon receiving a report of such an abnormality, MTF should be immediately dispatched to SCP-3168's cell for inspection, and possible re-containment.

Should recontainment become a neccesity, MTF units dispatched should be equipped with high-intensity handheld light devices. And be able to communicate with eachother VIA sign-language.

Description: SCP-3168 Is a black, gaseous entity, which does not seem to have to possess any singular form. However, it can often be observed taking the form of a humanoid male, roughly 2.1m in length. SCP-3168's usual form's facial area possess an elongated 'snout'. The object's mouth is lined with prominent teeth, of which roughly resemble human canines.
The rest of it's 'body' isn't clearly defined, as the black 'gas' that comprises it breaks off at the edge of it's shape, flaking off into wisps. This, 'Flaking' does not seem to have a general effect on the object's mass. The gas that comprises the object is capable of distributing itself in any shape the object wishes, the smallest example of this was witnessed during Incident-██████ in which the object shrunk down to be roughly 0.1mm by 3m in length (See Test A.). Occasionally a 'Tail' similar to that of cartoon demons can be seen protruding from it's rear, but this seems to serve no purpose other than the object's amusement. Due to the object's gaseous nature it also seems capable
of floating, and doesn't seem to necessarily obey gravity.

Object was recovered from a Local forest environment in ████ ██████, UK. by [DATA EXPUNGED] Subject was found on camp-grounds, preying on the campers located there. SCP was successfully contained in a temporary containment unit, and transferred back to Site-████. Speech was recorded by the subject during initial recovery, as it claimed to be the creation of government Black-site facility #████. The foundation has questioned the facility, and they claimed no knowledge of SCP-3168.

Notes on behavior:

SCP-3168 has been observed to be extremely aggressive. Attacking nearly any living creature to come near it with various methods. Ranging from absorption into it's mass VIA consumption into it's 'mouth', to ████████ ███ ████. Tests, along with sightings and reports detail that it's primary method of hunting appears to rely on a unique, and still not completely understood function. In which it produces a sound-wave from a unknown point in it's mass, with the same amplitude and frequency
of surrounding ambient noise, and other local sound effects. but 180° out of phase. using ANC (Active Noise Control) to cancel out any and all sounds in it's local vicinity; resulting in complete and total silence nearby. SCP-3168 Seems to hunt simply due to the joy of it, as it has not been observed ever needing to consume flesh in order to survive.

SCP-3168 Possess sentience, and in some rare cases has even been observed to communicate with D-Class subjects, or facility personal who enter its cell in order to perform maintenance on it's containment measures. It seems to speak to it's desired listener in their preferred, or first language. Documented/confirmed languages used so far include: English, Spanish, Chinese, and ████████. It is unsure how SCP-3168 is aware of, or decides rightly which language most suits it's desired listener. More reports of speech have been documented, or reported from sightings prior to containment, but these have yet to be confirmed. SCP-3168 has shown signs of a mischievous personality. toying with subjects/prey animals. This is shown in the occasional noises it emits upon viewing the struggles or panicked actions of nearby creatures. These sounds vaguely resemble human laughter. This maniacal behaviour may play into it's desire to hunt living creatures. Typically young children, or Fully grown females. (This is assumed to be due to the exaggerated responses these prey subjects give to perilous situations.) All attempts to interview, or otherwise question the SCP is met with no response.

Test A -02/07/████

Subject: SCP-3168
Procedure: A small hole was punctured into it's observation window. Precisely 0.2mm by 0.2mm.
Results: The object shrunk down to resemble a needle, or pinprick. roughly 0.1mm by 3m, before darting through the hole and out into the secondary containment environment set up outside of it's cell.
Analysis: The object's containment cell must remain sealed fully at all times.

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