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A picture of SCP-3170 where it was originally found.

Item #: SCP-3170

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3170 is to be kept in a 2.5 x 2.5 meter steel box, with cameras installed. A steel chassis holding it's head downwards is required to be fitted on SCP-3170 at all times, to prevent it from looking at anyone when testing, and the cameras when in it's box.

Description: SCP-3170 is a platypus, approximately 15 inches (38 centimeters) tall. SCP-3170 has most features that a regular platypus has, with the only difference being it's eyes, which have a crimson colored glow irradiating off of them. Any living being that is seen by SCP-3170 will perceive it as being 'extremely adorable', or 'extremely cute', and will attempt to pet SCP-3170. SCP-3170 is extremely resilient to most forms of damage, although it has shown a distinct fear, and ultimately a weakness to fire, and has a very fast regenerative ability. Although SCP-3170's regenerative ability is fast enough to heal most forms of damage before it would normally kill, it still isn't impervious to damage, and, theoretically, if attacked with continuous damage output, SCP-3170 would die eventually. On touch, any person affected by SCP-3170's anomalous effect will die, through means unknown. The effect caused by SCP-3170 is only portrayed through live footage, or direct viewing, and recorded footage and photos do not cause the effect if SCP-3170 is looking at the camera, or any other media recording device. If any persons affected by SCP-3170 is unable to pet SCP-3170, they will express an extreme pain, which all subjects so far have been unable to tell where it hurts, and during the later period of effect, major depression, and suicidal thoughts/suicide attempts. Subjects that survive SCP-3170's effect often describe SCP-3170 in pictures or video as looking 'disgusting', and feel extreme discomfort when looking at it. The time between the effect starting, and the effect ceasing is approximately twelve (12) hours, though chance of survival is very little, due to the psychological issues SCP-3170 causes.

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