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nn5n: scp-3171 Dimensional Bathroom
SafeSCP-3171 Dimensional BathroomRate: -9

Item #: SCP-3171

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All personnel that are stationed in Site-██ must be alert at all times when approaching any of the bathrooms on site. All personnel must pay extra attention to any doorways leading to bathrooms, and everyone entering a bathroom must time themselves while they are inside.

Description: SCP-3171 is a phenomena that can take place in any bathroom. SCP-3171 changes any bathroom it is inhibiting into a standard bathroom similar to those that are found in usual houses. This bathroom is known as SCP-3171-A None of the appliances in the bathroom appear to hold anomalous effects, rather, the bathroom itself. The doorway leading into the regular bathroom will have a handle door, which is always consistent with the bathroom. Size of door leading into the bathroom has no additional effects. Despite when the door is significantly different than usual, most people will be unable to tell the difference, and will walk straight inside. Different effects often take place in SCP-3171, but some are consistent.

Subject Actions done Time Spent Result
D-5987, 26 year-old male Washed hands in sink, didn't wipe hands Fifteen seconds The door slammed shut, D-5987 disappeared, opening the door led to the original bathroom.
D-6823, 32 year-old female Had a brisk shower Thirty-two minutes and twenty-eight seconds D-6823 came out fine, described the experience as 'more exhilarating than your average shower'
D-2243, 21 year-old male Used the toilet sitting down. Video-streaming camera and radio were brought as precaution Ten minutes and fifty-six seconds Door slammed shut, but video was still streaming, and radio still functioned. Watching the video showed that meals were slid through the door for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but the door always shut before subjects could reach it.
D-3242, 22 year-old female Used the toilet, and had a long shower. Following previous test, subject was also fitted with a video-streaming device, and a radio. One hour, thirty-four minutes, and thirty-two seconds. The subject was given the same meals as documented by D-2243. Both camera and radio lasted as long until the batteries ran out.

Addendum: After watching back on footage, both D-2243's and D-3242's cameras showed a full second of solid black before the footage ended. Further testing required.

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