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KeterSCP-3175 A Predatory CatfishRate: -9

Item #: SCP-3175

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The Lake Park Place apartment building is to be monitored at all times. Any event that would compromise the structural integrity of the building or destroy SCP-3175 (fire, explosion, etc.) is to be prevented through any means deemed necessary.

Every apartment on the sixth floor of the Lake Park Place building has been purchased by the Foundation. Signage has been put up at all entrances to the floor from stairwells and elevators indicating long-term maintenance and remodeling. Motion sensors are to be set up at every entrance to the floor. A Foundation agent with a negative HIV status is to live in one of the Foundation-owned apartments and will automatically be notified if the motion sensor is triggered.

All others who enter the sixth floor of the building without Foundation authorization are to be detained and administered amnestics before being released. All platforms on which SCP-3175-2 instances have appeared are to be monitored. Any detected SCP-3175-2 instance is to be removed immediately.

Description: SCP-3175 is a one-room studio apartment. It is number 603 in the Lake Park Place apartment building in Atlanta, Georgia. It has a floor area of approximately 65 square meters. It contains a wooden table, a desktop computer of unknown make or model (SCP-3175-1), and a bare mattress. The location of these objects within SCP-3175 and the appearance of the table are variable, though SCP-3175-1 has only ever been observed on top of the table. There are two windows set in the north wall of SCP-3175.

Every thirty-six hours, a posting from SCP-3175-1’s IP address is made to one of thirteen platforms and applications designed to orchestrate romantic and/or sexual encounters. This posting uses the name and photographs of the most recent individual to trigger its anomalous effects and requests a casual sexual encounter. These posts have been designated SCP-3175-2.

SCP-3175-1 is connected to an Ethernet port in the wall. The length of the cable between SCP-3175-1 and the wall port varies depending on the computer's location within the room. When Agent ███████ attempted to access the port through the wall of the adjacent apartment, she found that no wire was connected. Thus, how SCP-3175-1 obtains internet access is unknown.

SCP-3175-2 instances all include the phone number 404-███-████. Should an individual call this number, a voice with a sound consistent with the gender listed in the SCP-3175-2 instance will answer and immediately request that further communication occurs over text message. Texting this number will allow the individual to begin a conversation with this entity (designated SCP-3175-3), who will request that they enter SCP-3175. Individuals do not seem to be anomalously compelled to comply. No outgoing or incoming signals corresponding with calls and texts with SCP-3175-3 instances have been detectable in monitored cases.

Invariably, when an individual approaches SCP-3175 after interacting with an SCP-3175-2 instance, the door will be unlocked. Should an individual fail to enter SCP-3175 and should instead exit the building, the SCP-3175-3 instance will not interact with them any further and, on platforms where it is possible, will block them.

When an individual enters SCP-3175, the door locks behind them.

The door remains locked for an amount of time anywhere between twenty-three and thirty hours. When the door reopens, the individual inside will have vanished. Additionally, the objects within SCP-3175 will have moved and the desk may have taken on a different appearance (see addenda).

Thermal testing of SCP-3175 while its door is locked through sensors inserted directly underneath the door (not passing the doorframe and thus not inside SCP-3175) has shown internal temperatures ranging from 746 to 809 degrees Kelvin. Heat sensors and video and X-ray cameras inserted under the door (past the door frame) during this time were all destroyed before readings could be taken. This heat cannot be detected outside of SCP-3175.

Each time the door unlocks following the disappearance of a person, the floor inside is a different color. At the time of writing, it is raised 4cm higher than the floor outside. The atomic makeup of a sample taken directly inside the doorway was 98% carbon, with the remaining 2% being heavy metals and other trace elements. This is believed to be the remnants of the person and objects previously in the room. Working within this hypothesis, it is unknown where the new objects in the room come from.

The subsequent SCP-3175-2 instance will use this individual’s name and (when applicable) photograph,1 and the corresponding SCP-3175-3 instance will have their voice. The personality displayed by the SCP-3175-2 and -3 instances will not necessarily be congruent with the individual’s actual personality.

All recorded victims of SCP-3175 have been HIV+. When an HIV- researcher initiated contact with an SCP-3175-2 instance, it did not respond. Whether or not the victim indicates their HIV status in their profile or conversations with SCP-3175-2 and -3 instances has no bearing on SCP-3175's anomalous behavior.

Addendum 7/23/17: As of 7/22/2017, Junior Researcher Jimenez is looking into the possibility of a previous iteration of SCP-3175, tentatively called “SCP-3175-α”, after noticing a number of disappearances in Washington, D.C. between 1993 and 1997, similar to the one in Atlanta that drew the Foundation’s attention.

As of 7/23/2017, Jimenez has found 57 personal ads printed in the "classified" sections of 16 different newspapers (in volumes printed between 1993 and 1997) which contain varying descriptions of the writer but the same phone number — 202-███-████. The most recent was published the day before a large fire destroyed multiple buildings.

At that time, the phone number was registered to a man named Colin Stewart, who was incarcerated in 1994 for the murder of two men and the attempted murder of one woman. His home was one of nine homes destroyed by a 1997 fire in a residential development. Family members and neighbors of Stewart confirmed that his house remained empty the entire time he was incarcerated. Stewart committed suicide by exsanguination in his cell in the early morning of January 13th, 1997 — two days before the fire. The following note was found in his right front pocket.

I swear it wasn't me. I didn't lie. I never lied.

There's something else in that house. It lives in the attic and it squeals at night.

I remember everyone it took. I remember the eyes.

You can't kill it. I tried. It won't allow you peace.

An unidentified set of charred human bones was found in the remains of the house. Documentation notes evidence of the use of an accelerant inside the house, although it is not believed to be the origin of the fire.

Stewart was HIV+. It is hypothesized that Stewart was referring to an anomalous entity with behavior similar to that of SCP-3175, but it is unknown whether it is the same one. Washington, D.C. and Atlanta have the highest HIV infection rates per capita in the continental United States. Junior Researcher Jimenez is currently searching for correlation between the found personal ads and missing person reports. All research is preliminary, but more information will be added to this document as it is synthesized.

Addendum 8/21/17: On 8/18/17, the motion sensors outside the door to SCP-3175 were briefly inactive due to a power outage. During this time, a man named Pascal Randolph entered SCP-3175 after interacting with an SCP-3175-3 instance over the mobile application Grindr without Agent ███████'s knowledge.

When the door reopened on 8/19/17, the words "JUST LIKE YOUR UNCLE" were written on the wall visible through the door in what appeared to be lipstick.

Junior Researcher Jimenez discovered that Randolph was Colin Stewart's nephew. He had regularly performed in drag shows throughout Georgia for his entire adult life.

Further research found that Stewart had a strained relationship with Nora Randolph, his sister and Pascal's mother, after revealing his sexuality to her. Nora was an active member of the anti-LGBT group Citizens For Decency from 1992-2007. She shunned her brother entirely after he was diagnosed with HIV. Additionally, there was no record of contact between her and her son after his high school graduation in 2005.

When Agent ███████ visited Pascal Randolph's home to copy relevant information from his computer, she noticed a table with the same appearance as the table that was currently in SCP-3175. Junior Researcher Jimenez later discovered that the table that appeared when the door reopened after consuming the first victim the Foundation was aware of, Christine Daniels, had the same appearance as one in her home.

Nora Randolph was reported missing by her husband on 5/1/07 and is presumed dead.

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