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SafeSCP-3177 A Strange PencilRate: -16

SCP-3177. Taken during recovery mission.

Item #: SCP-3177

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3177 is to be held in a small, Steel-alloy,combination-lock safe in site ██. Only personnel above a level two clearance are allowed to handle SCP-3177. All who enter or leave the object's cell are to be searched by two MTF guards in case of attempted theft of the object. Those attempting to steal SCP-3177 are to be severely reprimanded and/or demoted. In the event of a breach, all available MTF Units are to search all personnel within one(1) kilometer of the object's cell. After testing, the object is to be thoroughly cleaned and checked for debris.

Description: SCP-3177 is a Société BIC S.A Number 2 Mechanical Pencil. It's lead size is 0.7 millimeters and has a Grip. Externally, SCP-3177 has no anomalies. However, internally, the mechanisms inside the object appear to be missing. Only one 0.7 millimeter piece of lead is contained inside. A typical Pencil of similar design is able to have the tip of the pencil and the eraser be removed. SCP-3177 is unable to be taken apart and the removable parts seem to be fused with the rest of the body. The lead contained within the object appears to regenerate itself inside the object when broken. The SCP has no other anomalous properties when not in use. When the object is in use, it has the ability to bend space-time to create what a subject writes or draws. The SCP came to the foundation's attention when a distress call came from a High School in ████ █████ ████, Arizona on ██/██/19██. A dragon came out of a piece of paper a student was drawing on with the SCP. No one was injured and all were given Class A Amnesiacs. Many tests were conducted involving a subject drawing a certain item he/she is ordered to draw or write about (further known as SCP-3177-2). Descriptions of a said object using a major amount of imagery, or details in an object, will form the object around the room and will change when changes are made on paper. While the object creates SCP-3177-2, it is not exact and is very fragile. Further studies show SCP-3177-2 has the properties of paper and can be destroyed using typical methods for normal paper.

Test Subject: D-6943
Item Drawn/Written: Drawing of a Shaded Sphere
Notes: As soon as D-6943 drew the Sphere, it animated approximately one meter from the subject. It showed no sentience and only hovered until it was disposed of.

Test Subject: D-4821
Item Drawn/Written: Drawing of a Chinese Dragon
Notes: The dragon flew around the room at speeds of fifteen kilometers until it hit the subject, crushing the dragon, technically killing it.

Test Subject: D-9952
Item Drawn/Written: A drawing of SCP-173
Notes: The drawing appeared to act similar to SCP-173, but fortunately was unable to attack or cause injury. Subject was interrogated and was having suicidal thoughts, leading him to try to spawn the SCP. Subject was later terminated.

Test Subject: D-2369
Item Drawn/Written: A ballad about a former relationship.
Notes: After the subject completed the poem, his former relationship, named [Data Redacted], appeared and tried to interact with D-2369. the entity later collapsed and died as she did in the ballad the subject wrote. D-2369 fell into depression for approximately 2 weeks. Further study is required to see if SCP-3177 is sentient and can feel what the subject feels.

Ballad of D-2369:
"Our love was so short, so sweet,
how did we actually meet?
And when the doctor came to stay,
I knew my love would be torn away."

Test Subject: Dr.█████
Item Drawn/Written: A rhyme about a dog he had as a child.
Notes: The dog acted as Dr.█████ remembers her to act. It soon collapses and passes away about the same time as SCP-3177-2 created in Experiment 3177-1D. More study is needed to see if this is how all sentient entities

Rhyme of Dr.█████
"Pepper was your name,
the age of 12 was you.
As playful as a pup,
a good old mutt,
and now you've gone away."

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