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EuclidSCP-3181 White WitchRate: 4

Item #: SCP-3181

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The apartment complex containing SCP-3181 has been converted into Outpost-3181 and requires at least two (2) security personnel onsite at all times. Research and additional staff shall be allotted as resources and availability permit. At least one (1) personnel shall directly monitor the corridor leading to SCP-3181 between the hours of 9PM and 5AM, with staff rotations every two (2) hours. All entrances to SCP-3181 have been sealed with steel plating, which must be inspected twice daily. Flamethrowers and HAZMAT wear are available onsite.

SCP-3181-2 are to be fed once daily. A list of approved materials and handling procedures may be found onsite, and supply shipments will arrive once per fortnight. Any D-Class personnel used in feeding procedures must be mildly sedated or tranquilized prior to implementation. Feeding materials must be alive upon delivery.

Description: SCP-3181 describes the ongoing phenomena occupying four (4) adjacent rooms of an apartment complex in [REDACTED]. Upon discovery by neighboring tenants, the rooms containing SCP-3181 were occluded, the doors and windows covered and blockaded. Later explorations would reveal that the apartments were interconnected by a series of demolished closet walls. Initial entrants discovered a swarm of moth-like creatures entirely obscuring the area's interior [DATA EXPUNGED]

SCP-3181-1 outwardly resemble specimens of Thysania agrippina (White Witch Moth), however, they secrete an unidentified corrosive/pre-digestive vapor which, when collectively produced by the swarm encompassing SCP-3181, is capable of liquefying organic matter within minutes. SCP-3181-1 and SCP-3181-2 are seemingly immune to the properties of this secretion.

SCP-3181-2 are a collection of six (6) human children, aged 8-12, occupying SCP-3181. All instances of SCP-3181-2 exhibit complete deaf-blindness, and have not been observed to communicate with one another through any detectable means. The activity of SCP-3181-2 is largely comprised of sleeping (on average 16 hours per day).

When SCP-3181-2 prepare for feeding, they will begin to emit vocalizations which resemble cries and pleas for help, with common phrases including "(Please) Help us," "(Please) Save us," "It hurts," "We can't get out" and [DATA EXPUNGED]1 Once the vocalizations of SCP-3181-2 have attracted one or more living creatures of adequate mass (SCP-3181-1 seemingly do not target organisms smaller than a typical domestic cat), SCP-3181-1 will amass around the victim(s) and dissolve them through the use of their secretion. Following dissolution, SCP-3181-2 will consume the liquid remains of the victim(s).

Addendum [3181-001]: Genetic testing of organic material obtained from remote drone collection has revealed that all SCP-3181-1 share identical human DNA, from one ███ ████, a convicted child molester and murderer recruited as D-Class personnel in 19██. Designated D-████, ████ was lost and presumed dead during testing with SCP-███-N in 20██.

Addendum [XXXX-002]: On ██/█/20██, an adult male humanoid lacking skin and portions of connective/muscle tissue emerged from SCP-3181, having forced open the security door through unknown means. The entity appeared to be rapidly generating its absent tissues, and attempted to reach the entrance of the corridor. Before the entity could reach its destination, however, multiple SCP-3181-2 instances emerged from SCP-3181, assuming previously unseen forms which vaguely resembled oversized moth larvae. The instances of SCP-3181-2 converged upon the escaping entity and forcefully returned it to the interior of SCP-3181, a process during which the latter exhibited significant resistance. No trace of the entity was discovered during later explorations of SCP-3181.

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