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SafeSCP-3182 The TelevisionRate: 6

Item #: SCP-3182

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3182 is to be contained in an anomalous items containment cell devoid of any electrical outlets. SCP-3182 is to be contained in a standard humanoid containment cell and is to be connected to SCP-3182-A at all times. Routine maintenance is to be performed on SCP-3182 on a regular basis to suppress SCP-3182-A's anomalous properties. Any SCP-3182-1 instances manifested by SCP-3182-A are to be terminated on sight. Due to recent events, access to SCP-3182's cell is restricted until further notice.

Description: SCP-3182 is a cable set-top box produced by the ██████ corporation. SCP-3182-A refers to the television which is attached to the object. SCP-3182 is black in coloration and shares an appearance with its non-anomalous counterparts. SCP-3182-A is a television of indeterminate make and model. SCP-3182's HDMI connectors are observed to be soldered into SCP-3182-A's HDMI ports and cannot be removed.

SCP-3182's anomalous properties manifest seemingly at random with no set patten observed. SCP-3182 undergoes a reboot cycle where the object resets itself, powers down, and powers back on again. Length of cycle varies, with the process taking anywhere from two to five minutes. If subjects interact with SCP-3182-A during this time, a face constructed of crude green lines appears on the screen to replace the normal program loading screen. As a subject interacts with SCP-3182-A, a SCP-3182-1 manifestation appears on the screen and begins to climb out of the object.

SCP-3182-1 refers to an entity that is roughly humanoid in shape. Any discerning features of SCP-3182-1 are obscured by a liquid substance similar to caramel . Any individuals discovered by SCP-3182-1 will be captured and delivered to SCP-3182-A. Any subject that is captured by SCP-3182-1 will disappear upon coming into contact with SCP-3182-A. Afterwards, the SCP-3182-1 manifestation alters its appearance to match the appearance of the subject. SCP-3182-1 displays an inherent awareness of any subjects who have viewed SCP-3182-A and will pursue said individuals until they are deposited within the television. When SCP-3182-A is able to capture another subject, the previous subject is released.

Addendum 3182-1: After acquisition of SCP-3182 and SCP-3182-A, four members of D-Class were brought to SCP-3182's containment cell to perform tests on SCP-3182-A. Prior to testing, the members of D-Class were made aware of SCP-3182-A's anomalous properties.

Name Name of show and episode aired Notes of Proceedings
D-9108 Help!… It's the Hair Bear Bunch! season 1, episode 10: "Panda Pandamonium" D-9108 was instructed to enter SCP-3182's cell and interact with SCP-3182-A. D-9108 interacted with SCP-3182, which caused SCP-3182-A to power up and display an airing of "Help!… It's the Hair Bear Bunch!", which originally aired on November 13, 1972. The plot of the cartoon, entitled "Panda Pandamonium", was unaltered up until the part where the main protagonists (three male anthropomorphic bear cousins named Hair Bear, Bubi Bear, and Square Bear) discover a lost panda on the way to the circus. From this point onward, the main protagonists became attached to the panda and did not want to relinquish ownership of it. In the end, one of the main antagonists(a human male named Mr. Peevly) allows them to keep the panda as a pet. Near the end of the episode, the main protagonists turn to face D-9108 and begin staring directly at him. They do not break eye contact until the episode ends. Before the screen fades to black, a SCP-3182-1 manifestation crawls from the television and captures D-9108. Upon coming into contact with SCP-3182-A, D-9108 disappears from view. The resulting SCP-3182-1 instance was terminated following the completion of this process. After termination of the SCP-3182-1 instance, an unidentified male manifests on the floor and exhibited confusion about his surroundings. The subject was brought aside for questioning, prompting the conclusion of the test.
D-2818 Lassie's Rescue Rangers, Episode 9: "Arctic Adventure" D-2818 was instructed to enter SCP-3182's cell in the same manner as the previous test. D-2818 interacted with SCP-3182, which caused SCP-3182-A to power up and display an airing of Lassie's Rescue Rangers, which originally aired on November 10, 1973. The plot of the episode, entitled "Arctic Adventure", was unaltered up until the part where the protagonist (a girl/woman named Jackie) gets lost after chasing after a tie down for a helicopter blade. The story focuses on Jackie, who is fending for herself in the middle of a blizzard. Jackie is seen huddling in a cave carved out of snow, lamenting about how she should have never went after that tie down and how she misses her family. During this time, Jackie starts calling out to D-2818 to go get help, even using D-2818's registered name before the focus shifts back to the Rescue Rangers. The remaining members eventually realize they need to help her, and go out searching. They eventually locate Jackie, who states "I thought you guys would never find me. I was about to give up hope until I noticed my friend here and asked him to get help. However, he just kept sitting there like he couldn't hear me. Right, M███ K█████?" The Rescue Rangers turn to D-2818 and begin to verbally scold him for not getting help when he was asked to until the episode ends. The remainder of the test proceeds in a similar manner to the test conducted by D-9108. After the SCP-3182-1 instance is terminated, a second unidentified male manifests on the floor and exhibits confusion about the events that have transpired in the past hour. The subject was brought aside for questioning, but was unable to provide any useful information. Amnestics were administered and the subject was released upon completion of test.
D-4177 Wheelie and the Chopper Bunch episode 1: "Ghost Riders" D-4177 was instructed to enter SCP-3182's cell in the same manner as the previous tests. D-4177 interacted with SCP-3182, which caused SCP-3182-A to power up and display an airing of "Wheelie and the Chopper Bunch", which originally aired on September 07, 1974. The plot of the cartoon, entitled "Ghost Riders", was unaltered up until the part where the main antagonist (a sentient motorcycle named Chopper) attempts to scare away the main protagonist (a sentient vehicle named Wheelie) from a scrapyard that Wheelie inherited. From this point onward, Wheelie is observed attempting to make friends with Chopper and extends an offer to jointly own the scrapyard. In the end, Chopper agrees to the proposition and becomes friends with Wheelie. Near the end of the episode, Wheelie and Chopper are having a conversation, and the two turn to D-4177 and ask him if they should continue running the business together. Before D-4177 is able to answer, the two begin to argue over who would be best to run the company as the episode fades to black. The remainder of the test proceeds in a similar manner to the previous tests. After termination of the SCP-3182-1 instance, a third unidentified male manifests on the floor, suffering frostbite on roughly half of his body. The individual was brought to the Foundation Medical Ward and treated for the onset of hypothermia, administered amnestics, and released upon completion of the test.
D-6196 The Tom and Jerry Show episode 1: "Beach Bully" D-6196 was instructed to enter SCP-3182's cell in the same manner as the previous tests. D-6196 interacted with SCP-3182, which caused SCP-3182-A to power up and display an airing of "The Tom and Jerry Show", which originally aired on September 06, 1975. The plot of the cartoon, entitled "Beach Bully", was unaltered up until the part where the main protagonists (a semi-anthropomorphic cat named Tom and a semi-anthropomorphic mouse named Jerry) are lounging on the beach when the main antagonist (an anthropomorphic muscular black cat whose name is never made apparent) arrives to ruin the festivities. From this point onward, Tom and Jerry attempt to make friends with the muscular cat, even introducing him to a neutral character (an anthropomorphic dog named Spike) who also happens to be their friend. In the end, the four become friends and are seen lounging on the beach under an umbrella. Near the end of the episode, the muscular cat gets into an argument with Spike, who grabs the cat and hurls him at the screen. This brings the episode to an abrupt close as a SCP-3182-1 manifestation ejects itself from the television. The remainder of the test proceeds in a similar manner to the previous tests. After termination of the SCP-3182-1 instance, a fourth unidentified male manifests on the floor, unresponsive, with wounds on 35% of his body. Several wounds were observed to be infected, with flakes of rust and splotches of motor oil surrounding them. The individual was also was taken to the Foundation Medical Ward, where he was revived and treated for tetanus. The subject was held overnight, administered amnestics, and released upon recovering from his injuries.

Addendum 3182-2: Following the discovery of the unidentified male, hereafter referred to as PoI-3182, at the end of the first test, Researcher Ricardo called for security, who captured PoI-3182 as he attempted to escape the testing area. Agent Michael led the subject to a separate room to attempt and glean any useful information from them.

Interviewed: PoI-3182

Interviewer: Agent Michael

Foreword: Agent Michael led PoI-3182 into an interrogation room and instructed him to sit behind a glass partition. Afterwards, Agent Micheal proceeded to ask PoI-3182 about why he was inside of SCP-3182-A.

<Begin Log>


Agent Michael: One of our Researchers informed me that you appeared out of SCP-3182-A. Would you care to explain?

PoI-3182: SCP-what? I'm the inventor of that television and I remember giving it a model name. It definitely wasn't what you just called it.

Agent Michael: I see. So, sort of like those televisions from that search engine company, yeah?

PoI-3182: Oh, you mean those prototypes from [DATA EXPUNGED]? Well, those are only entry-level televisions. They only have basic computers, like those, uh, vacuum things that keep getting underfoot.

Agent Michael: You mean Roombas?

PoI-3182: Yeah, those stupid things. Anyway, that is my baby! It is only a prototype, but, well, I integrated a system that would scan a person and interpret their favorite television show. Y'know, like one of those uh…brain reading computer interface things. It also has 3D capabilities! It works without the use of those glasses that claim to make you see in 3D.

Agent Michael: Please stay on topic. I'm only interested in why you're inside of SCP-3182-A.

PoI-3182: Anyway, I was ready to do a live test and demonstrate my…creative genius, I guess. Before I decided to commit to it, I decided to do one last dry run. Y'know, just to make sure that the, uh, systems were functional and all that.

Agent Michael: Yeah, that makes sense. So, what happened between then and now?

PoI-3182: When I interacted with it, the systems began to go haywire! The cable box would just pick shows at random that, uh, didn't seem to correlate with my desires. The 3D effect…well, you probably wouldn't believe it but, the 3D effect starting working a little…too well. Whenever it activated…these, uh, things came out of the screen. I'm sure you saw them by now. I swear they weren't a part of my original design. I'm not sure where those…uh, abominations came from. On the main screen, I saw that crude outline of a face. That's something that I'll never forget.

Agent Michael: I see. If possible…could you describe your experience inside of SCP-3182-A?

PoI-3182: Well, first there was this bright, green light. Uh, the best comparison I can make is…well, a diffused green. Kind of like those stoplights. That color green, y'know? Then, everything faded to black. At first, I thought that I was unconscious…but I was completely aware of my surroundings. Black all around me…that didn't make for a pleasant experience. I couldn't even feel my body…it, uh, was like I was trapped in a web. My arms and legs, well, they felt extremely heavy…like I was no longer in control. Time passed by so slowly that I, well, kinda lost track of it after awhile. I would've gone insane if it wasn't for…the others.

Agent Michael: When you say "the others", what do you mean by that exactly?

PoI-3182: It turns out that there were others besides me who were assigned to this…well, thing I guess I can call it now. One by one…they suffered the same fate that I did. One day, I heard it. Another voice in this, well, void I guess. After awhile, uh, more and more voices were crying out for help. Eventually, I heard new voices to replace the old ones. It must've had no more storage space so it was, uh, releasing people. I guess, at some point, it found its way to you and here I am…I guess.

Agent Michael: Interesting. Do you remember anything else from your time in SCP-3182-A?

PoI-3182: If you mean what people were watching or the length of time they watched…no, I don't. I don't even know what year it is, let along how long I, um, spent inside of the television. Could you, by chance, tell me what year it is exactly?

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Agent Michael concluded the interview, satisfied with the information he received from PoI-3182. Following the interview, PoI-3182 was administered Class-A amnestics and was released after the subject was deemed to not pose a security risk to the Foundation.

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