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Item #: SCP-3183

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: There is currently no way to fully contain SCP-3183. The Foundation's efforts are currently focused on supporting organizations which are studying ways of handling disorders similar to SCP-3183. If at any point a treatment for the phobia associated with SCP-3183 is discovered, all available Foundation resources are to be used to encourage the use of the treatment for treating the phobia.

Any missing person or homicide cases caused by the disappearance of an instance of SCP-3183-1 are to be halted by Foundation personnel implanted within appropriate government organizations. Any suicide reports possibly linked to SCP-3183 are to be monitored for developments unusual of a non-anomalous suicide.

Reports of unidentified bodies are to be checked against a database of all previous SCP-3183-1. If an instance of SCP-3183-1 is found post-completion of SCP-3183 then the current Site Director of site-78 is to be informed.1

Description: SCP-3183 is an anxiety disorder which at the lowest estimate has affected between 400 and 1000 individuals since April 3rd, 2010. SCP-3183 has not yet been documented affecting anyone not currently living in North America, nor has it been documented in anyone who lacks an understanding of written English. SCP-3183 first manifests as a non-anomalous phobia concerning the lack of an afterlife making early detection, and research difficult. SCP-3183 will remain like this for an indeterminate period of time before advancing into its second stage.

During its second stage SCP-3183 will rapidly increase in intensity. During this stage the affected individual, referred to as SCP-3183-1, will begin to log its mental state on an online public medium.2 Similarities between these logs include references to a physical void, some type of performance, and physical destruction. After a period of time3 SCP-3183 will cease to increase in its intensity. At this point its final effect will manifest.

SCP-3183 will at this point end with the instantaneous disappearance of SCP-3183-1 alongside any biological material that was once part of SCP-3183-1. This has occurred even when the biological material is currently comprising another organism. All devices planted on SCP-3183-1 have failed to follow SCP-3183-1 past the point of disappearance. It is currently unknown what happens to SCP-3183-1 after disappearance.

Addendum 1: The following is a series of forum posts in an online journal, written by J██████ T█████, a member of the community forum website www.███████.com under the name MythStorage. Alongside a chat log made before the completion of SCP-3183. These comprise the first documented case of SCP-3183. No instance of SCP-3183 has been discovered which occurred before the creation of the final digital entry.

Date of Entry 3/20/10

Are you guys ready? Hello to all my loyal readers, and welcome back to the container of myths! The legendary dream log of the keeper of stories! Some other awesome sounding thing that will make the people who read this think I'm cool!

Been a long time since I uploaded in here so sorry about that. I know you art nerds get a kick off of the imagery that my head comes up with when I'm passed out. So I hope that ya'll enjoy the shit that came tumbling out of my noggin last night. Because I sure as hell didn't.

Okay so went to sleep at my usual time of 5AM (Don't judge me I know you guys aren't any better.) so it was already at the time of night where my paranoia has been kicking in. In my dream I was floating around in nothing. Complete, and utter void. It was there for what felt like at least an hour just waiting for something to happen. I tried to yell out, but nothing came out of my lips when I did. By nothing I mean void literally poured past my lips, and melded into the stuff that I was floating in. It almost felt like the more I yelled the denser the nothing got. Even though I don't think I could really feel it? I was stuck like that for another couple of hours before just waking up.

Guess there wasn't a whole lot to draw inspiration from in this one. Sorry guys.

Date of Entry 3/21/1█

We all ready to hear more of Myth's dreams? Well she's ready to tell them! Hopefully tonight will actually be something worth drawing, but I did enjoy seeing the pure black square that Absolute posted. Real Clever.

So the dream started out the same as last night. Inky black void all around my body, screaming does nothing except make the nothing get worse, and nothing seems to happen for hours. Something ended up changing this time around though. I started trying to move my hands around, and the nothing seemed to grab onto my left when I tried to move it. I couldn't see what was going on after it was consumed, but I did my best to pull back. I somehow managed to do so, but my hand was no long there. It was like it had been sawed clean off. I could see the muscles wiggling, the blood pumping, and pure white bone staring back at me.

Naturally this just made me scream even more. I was doing it enough that my throat was sore when I woke up. The nothing around me seemed to be eating up my screams. As if my emotion was some kind of show for the thing that was torturing me. Not the kind of show that I would ever want to be a part of again, but a show all the same. I woke up after a certain amount of screaming.

Kept checking my hand all day just to make sure that it was there. Could have sworn it kept vanishing while in the sides of my vision, but that's probably just my eyes fucken with me.

Date of Entry 3/26/1█

Cool drawing from Mr.No on that last one. Loved seeing an image of myself screaming into darkness with only one hand. Sorry if that came off as more aggressive than it was meant to be.

Haven't been on for a little while because the dreams have just been repeating. Every night it was the exact same horrible shit. Each night my hand was taken away, and despite there being no pain it still made me feel worse than anything I've every experienced IRL. On top of that my left hand has actually been messing up recently. Been going to sleep a lot more then it should, and getting stiff at weird times. Thinking it's carpal tunnel, but I'm worried it has something to do with my dreams.

Onto the part that you guys care about though. The reason why I'm making this post in my dream log is cause the dream changed last night. Just gonna say that everything that happened in the last post happened again so I don't become redundant there, but something happened after that stuff. The nothing seemed to get denser in certain areas. From what I could tell I was on a theater stage, and surrounded by watchers. The only way to tell them apart from the background nothingness was by the physical stuff being slightly darker shades.

I tried to step off the stage, but when I did my foot that had been put over it vanished. I pulled it back as fast as I could. I managed to stand on just the one as I examined what had happened to the other. It was much like how my hand had looked. Cleanly cut off as if nothing had ever been there in the first place. I looked at the audience, and I could just feel that they were laughing at me. I wanted to die, but something in me knew that the show had to keep going. After that thought crossed my mind I woke up.

Date of Entry 4/1/10

Yet again I miss my daily upload schedule, and yet again shit had just been repeating. Went to the doctor because my foot started going to sleep more often just like my hand did. He said it was all in my head, but that doesn't make sense to me. I stabbed my palm with a pencil to see if I could feel something, but it was just like static. Relying mostly on my right to type this. Looking into a therapist before I do something even more stupid.

So back to my dreams I guess. Everything happened like it had in the previous log. I think I might be freaking out more with each time. My face was wet, and my eyes burned when I woke up so I guess I must be sobbing while I dream now. Once I lost my foot last night things changed though. A black cane came out from the audience, and wrapped around my neck, It was like one of those cartoons when a bad actor gets pulled off stage. I was trying to rip it away from my throat, but when my fingers touched it they went numb. I think it might have made them vanish like my other hand, but I didn't check. I did all I could to not be pulled into only nothing. To not be completely destroyed. The audience was cheering it on like it was some genius final act. I lost most of my legs before I woke up.

Going to not go to sleep until that therapist appointment. It's in a couple of days so it should be safe enough. Just don't want to risk going completely off stage. I know they must just be dreams, but my heart is racing from the memories. I don't want to stop existing. I need to keep going. Even if I die I think I would keep going, but this stuff doesn't feel like death. There's nothing after being pulled off. Just nothing. Starting to ramble. Might hop in chat to lurk around while I stay up.

Date of Log 4/3/10

MythStorage : ?
MythStorage : I need some help guys. I really dont care how you get it to me.
MythStorage : Only my right hand is responding and my feet are refusing to move
MythStorage : I dont think they care if im awake or not anymore. They're gonna take me, and I can't run
Dadist : Myth take a deep breath, and stop loosing your cool. Everything's going to be fine. You'll have therapy in the morning and they'll sort this all out.
MythStorage : thanks for making me feel welcome here even if im not as skilled as you guys. I hope that my dreams helped yall make some art before I left.
MythStorage : Im crying. Im afraid of something for once, but Im not gonna give them the satisfaction of seeing me squirm even more. I loved every last one of you guys. Time to head off stage left.
Dadist : Listen Myth don't do anything Rash. Just take a moment to breath.
Dadist : Myth you still there?
LordKelvin : Getting the authorities on this one. Still got her address from the last giveaway we did.
User MythStorage Disconnected

It is currently thought that SCP-3183 reached completion at some point during the night the chat log was created. Interviews of other members of the website, and subjects who had come into contact with SCP-3183-1 did not reveal any information regarding SCP-3183. A cover story has been distributed that the instance of SCP-3183-1 relevant to these logs ran away from its home, and that it has not been sighted since. At this time no push for further investigation has been noted by those related to SCP-3183-1.

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