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nn5n: scp-3188 A Room with Something in It
SafeSCP-3188 A Room with Something in ItRate: -10

Item #: SCP-3188

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The room containing SCP-3188 has been turned into a containment cell. The building containing SCP-3188 (designated Facility-3188) is to operate as the management headquarters of South Coast Properties, a Foundation front agency. As SCP-3188 is immovable, no further containment procedures are necessary.

Description: SCP-3188 is located in its containment cell at Facility-3188. No further, accurate information describing SCP-3188 exists.

SCP-3188 is an object that is lacking all traditional properties of objects except location. SCP-3188 does not have matter, mass, volume, density, weight, form, or appearance. As SCP-3188 is lacking a physical presence, it cannot be moved from it's location, which has been designated as SCP-3188-A.

No traditional or anomalous sense is capable of sensing SCP-3188, but any individual who perceives SCP-3188-A in any capacity becomes aware that SCP-3188 is located there. Individuals who are aware of SCP-3188-A but not SCP-3188 are aware than unknown object is located there, but cannot justify this knowledge.

Addendum A: Testing Logs

Subject: D-6174

Testing Command: D-6174 is instructed to enter the room and describe it.
Subject Response: "Uh, let's see … the walls in here are a beige, but there are some white spaces. The floor is linoleum, you've got this checkerboard pattern of white and black. Over on the side there's some plumbing stuff. There's something in the middle of the floor. From the looks of it, I think this used to be a break room, but you ripped out the sink and everything.

Testing Command: D-6174 is told to describe the "thing in the middle of the floor."
Subject Response: "Oh, uh … it's about seven feet from the door, at a diagonal of, I'd say, 45 degrees? It doesn't look like anything at all … it's just there."

Testing Command: D-6174 is ordered to walk through in a straight line between two points (X and O) marked on the walls of the containment cell. This line passes through SCP-3188-A.
Subject Response: "Uh, that thing in the middle of the floor is in the way … don't think I can. I'd like to help, of course! Please don't hurt me."

Testing Command: D-6174 is given a ball and instructed to roll it along the floor in a straight line between X and O.
Subject Response: "The ball rolled right on through, like there wasn't anything there. I guess stuff can pass through the thing.

Testing Command: D-6174 is ordered to walk in a straight line from X and O.
Subject Response: "I, uh, really felt like I was walking through something back there, when I passed through the thing."

Testing Command: D-6174 is asked to describe what they felt when they passed through SCP-3188-A.
Subject Response: "Well … uh … that's a tough question. It didn't really feel different, y'know? The air wasn't thicker or like jello or anything, didn't feel tingles down my spine or a chill or anything. Just felt I was walking through something. It's like, uh, crossing a border? Just feels different."

Notes: Individuals not informed of the existence of SCP-3188 are aware of it. SCP-3188 does not possess physical mass that can be interacted with.

Subject: A Golden Retriever dog, typically used a cadaver sniffing dog by Foundation field agents

Testing Command: Subject let into the containment cell of SCP-3188.
Subject Response: Subject runs around the containment cell of SCP-3188, but avoids SCP-3188-A.

Testing Command: A single dog treat is placed at SCP-3188-A.
Subject Response: Subject approaches SCP-3188-A with caution, and then grabs the dog treat. It brings the dog treat away from SCP-3188-A to eat it.1

Notes: Non-human animals are able to perceive SCP-3188 in a manner similar to humans.

Subject: Doctor Lubrick

Testing Command: Dr. Lubrick is presented with the file for SCP-3188, and then given one photo of SCP-3188's containment cell, and four identical containment cells. He is then asked to identify which photo is of SCP-3188.
Subject Response: "It's this one, obviously. It's got that thing in the middle, right here, where I'm pointing."

Testing Command: Dr. Lubrick is asked to explain why he chose the photo he did.
Subject Response: "Well, there's a thing in the photo and I can't describe it, so I'm just assuming that's the thing in question. It's clearly there, even though it doesn't look like anything."

Notes: The properties of SCP-3188 extend to photographic evidence.

Subject: D-0542

Testing Command: D-0542 is instructed to lie down within SCP-3188-A.
Subject Response: "This feels weird. There isn't anything here, but I can feel something. It's … it's not … I don't actually feel anything, but I can sense it? I don't know how to describe it.

Testing Command: D-0542 is instructed to go to sleep within SCP-3188-A.
Subject Response: "I don't think I can. This feels way too strange, I'm not going to be able to relax and get any sleep. This isn't happening, boss."

Testing Command: D-0542 is administered a general anesthetic and laid down over SCP-3188-A.
Subject Response: N/A (See Notes)

Notes: Six hours after administering the anesthetic to D-0542, testing personnel returned to observe the results of the test. D-0542 was no longer visible within the containment area, although all personnel reported that SCP-3188 appeared larger.2 Upon reviewing footage of the experiment, it was revealed that D-0542 never moved, but three hours into the test became imperceptible. No entrance or exit from the containment cell was noted at any time during the testing period.

From: Facility-3188 Director James Arbuthnot
To: Regional Director Kate McTiriss
Subject: New Phenomenon at Facility-3188
Date: 12/01/2017

Dear Director McTiriss,

The containment crew at Facility-3188 have noticed some additional anomalous phenomenon in the wake of the most recent test of SCP-3188, presumably related to the anomaly. (There's no other logical source - we only have one anomaly onsite.) We believe that it may be associated D-0542, but this has yet to be confirmed.

Several personnel around the site have have reported unidentified anomalous phenomenon. A recurrent theme within these is the trouble personnel have in accurately describing what they experienced, similar to the inability of personnel to articulate how they are able to perceive SCP-3188.

  • "When I entered the containment cell personally to inspect the anomaly, I felt this odd heaviness around me. I felt as though I was being pressed upon from all sides. Strangely, it did not feel like it was pressing from any direction at any given time, but all of them and none of them at the same time."
  • "At about 2, while I was working, I saw a man I didn't recognize in my vision. He wasn't anywhere specific in my vision, but I could see him everywhere I turned. He was always in my vision, even when I closed my eyes. He was there for about five minutes, and then he was gone."
  • "When I entered the break room, I could see orange everywhere. It wasn't on any object, and it wasn't in the air or anything. I don't think it was really in any place in particular. Now that I think about it, there were other colors - some kind of skin tone, a small amount of white, some black, a few others."
  • "As I was leaving for the day, in the elevator, I heard this screaming. I couldn't make out any words, and it seemed like it was coming from every direction and none of them at once. I really couldn't make out any words, but it seemed distressed."

Most of the personnel working at Facility-3188 are Level-0 South Coast Properties workers who are conduct (il)legitimate business with that front agency. If these new phenomenon keep up, we're going to need to drastically change what we use the Site for, since the place seems to have been contaminated. The Level-0s are very freaked about by this "ghost", as none of them have worked with anomalies before (or are even cleared to do so).

I'm requesting that you send some more personnel to the Site to help manage these new phenomenon - just the two of us we currently have aren't enough. On top of that, we're not really prepared for a new phenomenon like this - we've only worked on SCP-3188 before, and this ghost seems to be very different than the relatively inert 3188.

Dr. Arbuthnot

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