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SafeSCP-3191 The Real Gaming ExperienceRate: -16

Item #: SCP-3191

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3191 is to be kept in a 3 foot by 3 foot by 3 foot glass containment chamber. Only personals with level 2 access can handle with SCP-3191. When handling SCP-3191, the holder must be wearing protective gloves at all time.

Description: SCP-3191 is a black video game console branded "Xbox One" manufactured by Flextronics and Foxconn with a game controller and a motion capture camera. The computer functions like its normal counterparts but it have a few abnormal traits that deserve its SCP status. The game controller is wired and is permanently attached to the console. The game controller have a "teeth like" texture feeling and Class-D personals report that they feel "part" of the controller during gameplay. SCP-3191 also have a software installed name [DATA EXPUNGED], when the player (Referred to as SCP-3191-1) opens the software, a game menu comes up with two options, "Start" and "Quit".

When SCP-3191-1 chooses "Quit", the software closes and returns to the main menu of the console. If SCP-3191-1 chooses "Start", the console will summon an invisible "camera" (Referred to as SCP-3191-2) somewhere around the world and a middle age man of random ethnicity with a spas-12 shotgun (Referred as SCP-3191-3) appearing in front of SCP-3191-2. The game instructs to SCP-3191-1 that they must kill as many civilians as possible in the most unique ways to earn achievements before dying and explain the controls. SCP-3191-1 controls both SCP-3191-2 and SCP-3191-3 as if they where video game objects.

SCP-3191-3 seems to have an infinite supply of shotgun ammo from his pockets. Once SCP-3191-3 dies, its corpse disappear along with SCP-3191-2, then SCP-3191 will automatically shut off and SCP-3191 with start to mimic the injuries of SCP-3191-3, resulting in death.

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