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SafeSCP-3196 Purple BloodRate: -13

Item #: SCP-3196

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3196 is to be contained within a 50 dm³ sealable container, located in a pressurised chamber in warehouse ██████, within driving distance of ████████. Chamber is to be sealed at all times and only be opened when testing is ordered by clearance level 4 personnel. Testing is to be performed in sterilised chambers within the same warehouse. Because of prior failings in containment [see addendum 3196-7] all instances of SCP-3196-1 are to be disposed of using SCP-242, and no more than 5 instances of SCP-3196-1 are to be active at any point in time.

Description: SCP-3196 is a purple liquid with a viscosity comparable to that of mammalian blood. Upon contact with mammalian skin it enters the subject’s circulatory system, leaving the subject in excruciating pain. The liquid takes varying amounts of time to infect all of the subject’s circulatory system, with body mass and gender being the main factors. It takes the liquid approximately 42 minutes per pound of body mass to infect males and 37 minutes per pound of body mass to infect females of any mammalian species.

When a specimen is completely infected with SCP-3196 the extreme pain comes to a halt but the specimen will be rendered unable to move any of their muscles, though they are still conscious. They can be communicated with through the use of making various sounds with their vocal cords, though they are unable of speech. Attempts to communicate using morse code have been successful on human instances. Refer to test-logs for further details.
From this point on the specimen is treated as SCP-3196-1.Specimen of SCP-3196-1 do not seem to require any form of nutrition to survive but do report to feel hungry. When an uninfected specimen comes within 10 metres of SCP-3196-1 and allows a direct line of sight, SCP-3196-1 will set its target to said specimen. When the target has been set SCP-3196-1 will not direct any attention to anything but its target. When a target has been spotted SCP-3196-1 will claw open its own hands letting SCP-3196 flow out of their circulatory system. Instances of SCP-3196-1 do not seem to bleed out or suffer any form of side effects due to blood loss. When this is completed all focus of SCP-3196-1 will be to infect their target with SCP-3196. The host will still be conscious but will not be able to control its own body.

SCP-3196-1 can easily be restrained by 2 security officers so long that they are not the target and do not touch SCP-3196 coming out of SCP-3196-1’s hands.
When SCP-3196-1 succeeds in infecting their target or should their target die before being infected, SCP-3196-1 will halt all movement and remain stationary until the criteria for a new target have been met.

SCP-3196-1 can be knocked down with conventional means of violence but will not die or become unconscious. Uses of violence that would incapacitate any mammal will not work as SCP-3196-1 will remain capable of all movement.

When instances of SCP-3196-1 are killed they do not cease their objective but do become unable of producing the sounds, implying that all higher brain functions have ceased. Upon attempts to dispose of these instances trough means of incineration or ████████, all of SCP-2161-1’s veins will remain in place and continue to pursue their target. until their objective is completed.
The only known means of disposing of this “vein creature” titled SCP-3196-2 is through use of SCP-242 where it will almost immediately dissipate and disappear. Incineration of SCP-3196-1 before using SCP-242 to dispose of them is not required but is advised since it takes a lot longer for the entire body to dissipate. Mandatory.

Recovery Log:

SCP-3196 was initially discovered when local police forces of the town █████, (████) received a call from ████ █████, who had been locked in his house for 6 hours because someone was trying to get inside through the back door but did not make any efforts to open it other that continuous pushing. Upon arrival the police force attempted to talk to the instance of SCP-3196-1 who did not react. After releasing 16 shots at SCP-3196-1 it became clear that it did not suffer from any of its wounds. Sleeper agent ████ notified Site-██ and the foundation came to contain SCP-3196-1 without incident. Only 1 instance of SCP-3196-1 had been found in a 10km radius around the locations where SCP-3196-1 was found, neither was any source of SCP-3196.


addendum 3196-F: SCP-3196 breached containment when one of the security guards ordered to restrain the current instance of SCP-3196-1 accidentally came into contact with SCP-3196. The second security guard was unable to restrain SCP-3196-1, allowing SCP-3196-1 to infect its target. After successfully infecting its target SCP-3196-1 set its target to the remaining security guard who was just leaving the test chamber. SCP-3196-1 escaped and infected ██ D-class personnel and █ scientists currently on site. SCP-3196-1 breached site ██ perimeter but were stopped by on-site security
Security reports having seen the group of SCP-3196-1 work together to climb the northern wall of Site-██, giving suspicions as to SCP-3196-1 becoming autonomous when in larger numbers.

addendum 3196-G: “Due to the recent containment breach, Multiple level 4 personnel have died. New containment protocols have been issued and must be strictly followed. Security officers are allowed to use lethal means to enforce these protocols.”
-Dr. ████



Interview of infected D-class personnel D-3196F by Dr. ████.
All communication from D-3196F was performed using morse code and the limited sound he could produce.

<Begin Log>

Dr. ████: How do you feel?

D-3196F: Strange, it feels like sleeping paralysis, only i’m the monster this time.

Dr. ████: How would you describe the process of changing?

D-3196F: Extremely painful, like getting a bullet in the shoulder but over my entire body for a long duration of time, whilst also being on fire.

(at this point D-3196G was seated on a chair behind a standard issue 50mm bullet proof window within direct line of sight of D-3196F. D-3196F immediately moved towards the window at a slow pace and teared open his left wrist using his fingernails, then started pushing against the window with his entire body, performing no attempts of breaking the window.)

Dr. ████: Do you feel any different right now?

D-3196F: No, I’m not doing this, my body is moving on its own. Why do i feel so calm?

Dr. ████: Do you feel the intent to kill D-3196G?

D-3196F: Kill me.

(from this point on D-3196F only repeated “kill me”.)
<End Log>

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