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Item#: SCP-3197

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3197 is to be held in a 30-centimeter by 30-centimeter liquid Storage tank made of solid tungsten or any alloy with a hardness above or equil to 9. The object should also be held in a 2x2x3 meter chamber and held on a pedestal approximately 1-meter tall. The temperature in the chamber should be 10o celsius and never stray more than 3o celsius.No Physical contact is allowed without permission of class 4 or higher personell and is only allowed to be contacted by a Class-D Prisoner

Description: SCP-3197 is a silver liquid measureing 2 liters that appears as metal alloy of some kind. When in a chamber of 10o celsius it will act as a normal liquid except for an unknown reason the object will splash up word exactly 1 meter, land back perfectly with the rest of the object and return to a normal state, this is seen a normal and prolonged ammount of time without this behavior should be reported to the highest acting supervisor within Site-14.

Physical contact is only to be allowed with the procedures stated above. When the chamber is at 10 degrees, test subjects that have touched the object will appear to have a silver coloration on the extremity that contacted it. The coloration only lasts for 5-7 hours and slowly fades after this ammount of time.

When outside of a 3-degree range of 10o celsius the object will slowly shift out of the tank and leave the pedestal, slowly moving around. When a subject is in the chamber along with it, it has showed to wrap around the subject's mouth and nose and proceed to suffocate, this behavior has been repeated and has before caused a sectional breach and lockdown as happened as in the [DATA EXPUNGED] incident. Small ammounts at a time can seep through its airlock leaving its chamber. Due to this, when a breach of the facility has been reached, testing out of 10 degrees is permitted.

Addendum: Due to its breach the Safe class has been entirely removed even in docile state due to the [DATA EXPUNGED] incident .

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