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The only SCP-3201 instance

Item #: SCP-3201

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3201 must be contained in a storage locker at Storage-Site 45.

Description: SCP-3201 are five books on top of each other, and are all in the same book series. The books have a carved "structure" on the inside. If the books are stroked by any human, then it will appear in both daydreams and REM1 dreams. SCP-3201 also creates suicidal thoughts and actions, and teleports the subject back to his/her sleeping quarters after witnessing the "humanoids" doing [REDACTED]. SCP-
3201 was recontained by MTF Omicron Rho "The Dream Team".

[Test 1 - Date ██-██-20██

Subject: One D-Class
Procedure: D-Class was told to lightly stroke the books. D-Class reports that nothing has occurred, polygraph test proves that he was not lying. D-Class escorted back to his cell.
Results: D-Class escorted back to his cell, and went to sleep. D-Class wakes up at 0231 hours local time, and starts screaming about "The Books". D-Class attempts suicide, but was not successful.
Analysis: SCP-3201 has a psychological effect on the brain, which creates a scenario for the D-9672, who thought [REDACTED] was happening.

Note from O5-█: Only authorized tests are permitted, and for good reasons only. This SCP could wipe out all of our D-Class if we aren't careful.

Interviewed: D-Class #9672

Interviewer: Dr. Friedhelm M███████

Foreword: Dr. M. attempts to comprehend what D-Class #9672 saw during REM sleep.

<Begin Log, 0900 hours local time, █-██-2017 >

Dr. M.: Good morning, 9672

9672: Please call me Albert.
Dr. M.: Alright Albert, what did you see in your sleep?

9672: I wake up, thinking I'm inside of my cell, when I see some light. I start walking over to the light when all of a sudden, I see the Containment Zone of SCP-3201. I then realized I was in SCP-3201.

Dr. M.: And then?
9672: I attempted suicide. What I saw? No one else should see.
Dr. M.: Can you elaborate?
9672: Uh.. I'll try. They were… they were about two meters tall… and dark blue.. and then they attempted to [REDACTED] me. I was teleported into my cell, and I attempted suicide.
Dr. M.: Anything else?

9672: That's when I attempted suicide, and you idiots didn't let me die.

Dr. M.: Would you like to go back to your cell?
9672: Yes, please do.
<End Log, 0951 hours local time, █-██-2017 >

Closing Statement: Dr. M. received authorized access from O5-█ to use one (1) small drone to attempt to enter SCP-3201.

Exploration Log: 1-A: Dr. M. used a four motor drone to attempt entry of SCP-3201's structure. A small camera was attached to the drone.
[Drone powers up]
Dr.: You seein' this, D-9672?
9672: Yes.
[Drone begins flying into the books' structure]
Dr.: Tell me when you see the "things".
[Drone out of human sight]
[Screeching is heard]
9672: THERE!

[Communications lost]

Addendum: The "humanoids" are known as SCP-3201-1. Any contact with SCP-3201 or SCP-3201-1 must be reported to Dr. ████.1

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