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Object Number: SCP-3204

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3204 should be stored in a sealed eyeglass case. Its anomalous effects don't present themselves unless it is worn. The eyeglass case should be kept in a secure, locked safe in the High Priority Item Storage area and guarded by two guards. While Safe, only Level 3 personnel and above are allowed to view the object, under written approval by Dr. Carter. Personnel who have worn SCP-3204 are denied further access to the containment area.

Description: SCP-3204 is a pair of heavily used, damaged reading glasses of indeterminate age. They are of minimal strength at +0.5 magnifying power. The black colored frames are comprised of a cheap plastic alloy, the lenses are scratched, and there is a patch of white duct tape in the center keeping the frames held together. An X-ray of the object shows a complete severation underneath the tape.

SCP-3204 was recovered in a combined book store/coffee shop called ████ ████ ████ ████ in the town of Mashpee Neck, Massachussetts. It was found resting on a round wooden table, located against the back wall behind the coffee bar. The table was hidden from the front entrance and surrounded by bookshelves. A dented metal folding chair is the only seating next to it. The owner of the shop, Marcus O’Brien, reports that this pair of reading glasses has remained on that table for the past three years since he first acquired the store from the previous owner, ███████ ████████. Patrons sitting at the table are seemingly compelled to put on the glasses for the remainder of their stay. When they leave, they leave SCP-3204 behind on the table where they found it. The owner believed patrons enjoyed wearing the glasses, so he left them there.

The Foundation became aware of SCP-3204 and ████ ████ ████ ████, when reports of new savant-like abilities in the population surfaced. Each incidence of activation was traced to those who were patrons of the shop. It was discovered that SCP-3204 was worn by each of the affected patrons.

The following is a list of notable experiments involving SCP-3204:

Subject Duration Worn Reason & Result
25 year old Caucasian waitress, actress Two minutes Wore them to study her script. She found no discernible difference and removed them. Has found it easier to memorize lines for her auditions and can now count change better.
53 year old Caucasian executive secretary 30 minutes Used the glasses to read The Music of Venice. Afterwards, she could suddenly could play the piano at the master level after never having taken a lesson. The book, author and publisher can not be verified by the Foundation and the coffee shop owner has no record of the book ever being in his inventory. Further investigation has not recovered the book.
42 year old African-American male, postal worker 45 minutes Wore them at lunch while reading the boxing scores. After, he could suddenly compute mathematical equations and has dedicated his free time to solving the Hilbert's problems1.
14 year old Asian male, unemployed and living with his grandmother. 15 minutes Wore them to create a to-do list of homework assignments, by date. He can suddenly tell the day of the week for any date over the past five hundred years.
60 year old Caucasian male, lifelong alcoholic and native of Mashpee Neck 2 hours and five minutes Listened to patrons come and go. Could suddenly understand five languages.
38 year old Latino male, air conditioning expert Wore the glasses for the duration of a single match of Solitaire. He can now count cards, four decks deep and has made much money in gambling venues.

Addendum 1: Upon further examination, every patron affected who frequented the shop has no memory of ever being in it. Only video coverage from the overhead cameras has confirmed their visitation. When shown the footage, extreme anxiety has set in. When certain individuals were asked to put the glasses back on, the affected individual lost their abilities. This invariably resulted in extreme anxiety and stress until an amnesiac is given.

Interview Log:

Interviewer: Dr. Carter
Interviewee: 60 year old alcoholic, Roger Rickles, was brought in for an interview.

Rickles: You got some beer? (in English)
Dr. Carter responding in Spanish: “Yes, we have some, do you have a particular kind you would like?”

Rickles: “Any kind is fine.” (in Spanish)
Dr. Carter responds in Italian: “I don’t have beer, would wine be sufficient?”

Rickles: “That is fine, too.” (in Italian)
Dr. Carter in French: “But first we’d like to ask you a few questions.”

Rickles: “All I want is something to drink! How hard is it that to understand? Hey, you got any food?” (in French)
Dr. Carter responds in German. “We do. What would you like to eat?”

Rickles: “How about a hamburger with extra pickles?” (in German)

Final Notes: Subject does not seem to realize he was responding in different languages. Subject was given a hot dog, a beer and released back to the streets of Mashpee Neck, where he currently lives as a vagrant. When asked about the bookstore/coffee shop, ████ ████ ████ ████, he appeared not to know anything about it and denied he was ever there. Even showing the videotape did not convince him.

Interview Log 2

Interviewer: Dr. Carter
Interviewee: 25 Year old Waitress, Candy Waters (stage name). Real Name: ████ ████ ███████

Dr. Carter: (shows Candy a jar of mixed coins comprised of quarters, dimes, nickles and pennies) “Can you guess the amount of change in the jar?”
Candy (tilts her head, considering): There’s $18.56. (she is correct.)

A Level 2 Personnel playing the role of a male actor strolls in and sits next to Candy. Dr. Carter hands them both a script from a play.

Dr. Carter: “Would you please study this script2 for ten minutes and then read your lines?” Candy and the Level 2 Personnel comply and after ten minutes, they begin.

Entire scene acted out to perfection.

Dr. Carter: “Candy, would you please put these glasses back on?”

Dr. Carter then hands Candy and the Level 2 Personnel another script: “Now, please remove your glasses and memorize this much smaller section. I’ll give you ten minutes.”

Candy and the Level 2 Personnel comply.

After the allotted amount of time, Candy and the male actor begin to act out the new scene. Candy becomes confused often. She fumbles through the scene. She can’t remember all her lines. She’s embarrassed and claims she has a headache. Dr. Carter puts another jar of coins on the counter and asks her how much is in there.

Candy stares, squints and finally guesses. “Um, all dimes, right? Looks like one dollar. She is incorrect, there are only five dimes in the jar. It is very clear to see them.

Subject is given an amnesiac, released and returned to her job as a waitress.

Final Notes: Upon further observation, two weeks later subject is fired for consistently giving patrons the wrong change. She is presently on unemployment after also losing a spot in a local community theater play she was in for excessive missing of her lines.

Further Testing: Using Class D Personnel

A Class D, convicted of murder, wore SCP-3204 for thirty minutes while reading a file of recent autopsy reports of murder suspects. Subject acquired a photographic memory and could recite each gory autopsy in detail. Glasses put back on and subject’s abilities ceased. Subject became anxious, upset and proceeded to try to kill himself. Was remanded to psychiatric counseling and put on continual 24 hour suicide watch.

A Class D, convicted of rape, wore SCP-3204 for twenty five minutes while reading a comic book. Could suddenly draw, though his drawings were always of big bosomed women in degrading situations. When glasses were put back on, abilities ceased. Subject became fearful of women to the point of hiding in the corner of his cell whenever a female was present. Eventually became so frightened when Dr. Kathryn Carter came to check on him, he had a heart attack and expired.

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