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EuclidSCP-3211 Der ZeppelinRate: -12

Item #: SCP-3211

Object Class: Euclid (potentially Neutralized)

Special Containment Procedures: Patients diagnosed with SCP-3211 are to be kept in standard humanoid containment cells, lined with flame retardant and a layer of cooling insulation. A security team is to monitor the containment units 12 hours at a time. Patients are to be kept under a medically induced coma, with a team monitoring VR memory projections at all times.

Personnel assigned to SCP-3211 are to keep a daily progress journal, which is to be submitted to the Site Database. Personnel exhibiting signs of work fatigue are to be removed from SCP-3211 projects immediately.

Description: SCP-3211 is the designation for a group of individuals suffering from severe burns throughout the entirety of the body. Damage ranges from 3rd degree burns, to damage rendering the individuals unrecognizable. SCP-3211 will emit weak waves of heat reaching approximately 60-70 degrees Celsius during times of stress, which includes isolation or hunger.

SCP-3211 all claim to have memories identifying themselves as extradimensional immigrants, often under the premise of having fled some sort of natural disaster.

Interviewed: Patient-11

Interviewer: Dr. ██████████

Foreword: Patient-11 spoke English, with a heavy accent of unknown origin.

<Begin Log>

Dr. ██████████: Good morning, Patient-11. My name is Dr. ██████████, and I'm here to ask you a few questions about the area you were found in.

Patient-11: You're a real doctor?

Dr. ██████████: Of course… Why do you ask?

Patient-11: No… I suppose not… The men who were questioning me claimed to be doctors and men of science. May I ask your name again?

Dr. ██████████: Dr. ██████████.

Patient-11: Right, yes! On to the questions, I suppose?

Dr. ██████████: Right… Do you know who it was keeping you captive?

Patient-11: No names, they said they were scientists, as I mentioned… They…

Dr. ██████████: They… They what?

Patient-11: (Whispering) Before I continue, I must show you something, yes?

Dr. ██████████: Okay?

Patient-11: (Scratches finger) Look closely. (A greyish-blue liquid is found slowly oozing from the site of the scratch)

Dr. ██████████: Please continue.

Patient-11: Before I woke up in their laboratory, I was aboard a large blimp, heading to America. This is how I was then… Not what is normal to you.

Dr. ██████████: To me? You're implying-

Patient-11: (agitated) I'm very well aware of what I'm implying. (hushed) When I woke up in the laboratory, I did the same thing I did just now… it was a deep crimson red. What's the date?

Dr. ██████████: January 12th, 1970.

Patient-11: (mumbled) Twenty-three years…

Dr. ██████████: Where were you coming from?

Patient-11: I think it's fair to assume that you wouldn't know it even if I told you… I came from a separate world… I was to work with others of my kin in the United States of America.

Dr. ██████████: Care to release the details?

Patient-11: 'fraid not.

Dr. ██████████: Do you remember the name of the ship you were on?

Patient-11: I-I think… I can’t seem to remember?

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Dr. ██████████ ends the interview. Patient-11 is scheduled to be placed under a medically-induced coma and monitoring of brain waves begins.

Interviewed: Patient-12

Interviewer: Dr. ██████████

Foreword: Interview performed directly after interviewing Patient-11.

<Begin Log>

Dr. ██████████: Good afternoon, my name is Dr. ██████████.

Patient-12: Uh… Hello.

Dr. ██████████: I am here to ask you a few questions. I'd like to start by asking what you know of the man you were found with?

Patient-12: Yeah… I'm not too sure who he was. I never really knew anyone there, I was just supposed to make sure the plan went well.

Dr. ██████████: Plan?

Patient-12: I work… uh, worked for the people who organized the travel.

Dr. ██████████: Luftschiffbau Zeppelin?

Patient-12: (Laughs) No, I suppose not! We were supposed to make sure as many families were able to escape before things turned to shit back home.

Dr. ██████████: This mention of "home" has been noticed several times, can you please explain?

Patient-12: (Shuffling, mumbling) You can't distinguish them- (energetically) We found out about our "impending doom" about a year before it happened. Some techies in my organization got paranoid, blah blah, we have some nice ships to take us to a safe zone.

Dr. ██████████: How was this technology accomplished?

Patient-12: Fuck if I know… alright? I was a pharmacist! My only job was to organize a few trips and make sure they all adjusted properly!

Dr. ██████████: A few trips? As in there are more than just one?

Patient-12: (Laughs) Some of them still haven't come in yet… Hopefully they won't go down in a blaze like we did.

Dr. ██████████: Which brings me to my next question… Can you recall what happened onboard the ship before it crashed?

Patient-12: It wasn't natural, that's for goddamn sure.

Dr. ██████████: Do you have any suspicions?

Patient-12: Probably had something to do with my dipshit colleague…

Dr. ██████████: How so?

Patient-12: He had the bright idea of notifying some of the governments of our arrival.

Dr. ██████████: Okay, and to wrap this up, Where did you few learn English?

Patient-12: The techies did some research into the cultures here. Since the most powerful country spoke English, we decided it was a good idea to start teaching it.

Dr. ██████████: That'll be all. I appreciate your cooperation.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Interview ended. Patient-12 is scheduled for appropriate containment procedures.

Addendum-1: A news article from 1937 detailing the sighting of a downed airship off the coast of ████████, Delaware.

Downed airship sighted off the coast!

This morning, the residents of ████████ were greeted to an intense bright light outside their windows. Residents rushed outside to view the majestic sight of a large blimp exploding and crashing into the cerulean sea. Local baker Gerald Dierand was among the first to head to the beach to watch it crash. "I woke up early, as I do, to always set out the dough to rise, when I heard a loud crash, and a flash of light. I went outside, to see the ship in flames heading straights towards the waves," He says. "You don't expect these kinda things in small towns, it's a bit of a shock." Several members of the Second Methodist Church spent the day searching for washed up bodies, only to find none."I can only hope that we'll be able to find passengers and give their families closure." Says Louisa Breckenridge, a volunteer for the church. Luckily, the ship was but a test for a new design of airship, according to a government statement. Residents were relieved to find out that, "The ship was one of several tests we have planned to investigate the safety capabilities of our newest airships." says the official. We can all rest easy knowing that no lives were lost.

There is a safe-deposit box at One Boston Place, 1 Boston Pl # 2100, Boston, MA 02108, box 2231. The combination is 3480. Inside should be a key. If nothing is there, leave immediately and head to somewhere outside of US influence.

The key is to a blast-proof safe hidden underneath the desk in the former office of Jeanne Pobraõ. Inside is a collection of documents detailing US involvement in the crashes of over 30 aircraft since 1920.

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