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nn5n: scp-3214 A harmful closet
EuclidSCP-3214 A harmful closetRate: -15

item #: scp-3214
Object class: Euclid

Special containment procedures:
Scp-3214 is to be contained in a standard 10mx10m containment chamber comprised of concrete. only d-class personnel can enter the containment chamber scp-3214 for testing.

Scp-3214 is a closet contained on site [\classified/]. from the outside Scp-3214 has nothing in it but when any living entity is inside Scp-3214, they will seemingly vanish and return shortly after vanishing.

Test subjects describe the contents of scp-3214 as seemingly empty, apart from a hallway that is said to be inside Scp-3214. Test subjects that continued to walk further inside Scp-3214 describe a door at the end of the hallway. When asked what the door was made out of each test subject had a different answer. One said that the door inside Scp-3214 was made from bone and other human remains. While others said it was made from multiple arachnids.

It is believed that the door inside Scp-3214 is made out of what scares whoevers inside the most. So for people who have arachnophobia they saw a door made of arachnids, and for those scared of death or dead bodies saw a door made of bone and other human remains.

Test subjects that went through the door inside Scp-3214 describe a room once the test subject has step out of the door and into the room the door will close creating a loud slam. This will startle the subject even if loud noises don't usually effect them.

After a test subject has been inside the room of Scp-3214 they describe children running around them in circles the test subject will find this calming and will begin to drift to sleep. A camera attached to test subject [data expunged] reaveled that the children inside Scp-3214 will Consume the test subject once asleep.

The children inside Scp-3214 are called Scp-3214-A, and will appear as an old childhood friend or family member that has passed away. It is believed that this could be the reason why someone inside Scp-3214 would star to feel relaxed and calm around scp-3214-A.

A test subject brought back after making contact with scp-3214 was reaveled to have been covered in an unidentifiable substance. This substance is believed to be some sort of calming agent but further testing is needed to confirm this.

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