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EuclidSCP-3227 The Future GateRate: -15

Item #: SCP-3227

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3227 is to be contained within a large containment cell, approximately 15m x 12m x 8m, with SCP-3227 located within the center region. The walls are to be constructed of reinforced, lead-lined steel. The containment chamber is to house sixteen (16) Electromagnets, which are to be on at all times, to counteract SCP-3227’s unique affects. At least four (4) heavily armed security staff are to be positioned outside the cell at all times, in case of attempted breach. These personnel are granted special allocation of explosives, including four (4) phosphorous based incendiary grenades, and two (2) heavy flame units.

In event of a breach, or should any individuals pass through SCP-3227, security personnel are to engage any individuals that pass through SCP-3227, with incendiary grenades and flame units, before attempting to use standard issue firearms, due to the intense electromagnetic field used to contain SCP-3227, and SCP-3227-4’s extreme aversion to fire.

Description: SCP-3227 is a large gate-like structure, constructed in an Ancient Greek style, suggesting construction during the 10th Century BC. The structure is comprised of marble, with veins of silver and gold seemingly formed into the pillars. Other trace elements and materials are however, not found, suggesting construction by advanced technological means.

SCP-3227 can generate a spatial dematerialization field within its ‘doorway’, through which matter can pass and return undamaged. Individuals can pass through this field, and return unharmed, and psychological testing suggests SCP-3227 has no psychological effects of subjects passing through multiple times.

SCP-3227 seems to generate a gateway to another planet or dimension, though the latter seems more likely. SCP-3227 exists within itself, allowing passage back through, thus no cable is required for testing, as with SCP-093.
Dr. █████████ has noted, physics seems somewhat distorted from known bounds within SCP-3227. The seasonal change encountered inside SCP-3227 is seemingly non-existent, and seems locked into a temperate regional spring.
The inhabitance within SCP-3227 seems to comprise of humanoids, and animals, mirroring those of Earth, with notable exceptions. The Animals noted by research teams included a large variety of mammalian and avian species, including, but not limited to, Cows, sheep, ducks, chickens, swallows, doves, goats, squirrels, dogs, cats and finches.

Humanoids encountered by research staff resemble humans in most cases, labelled SCP-3227-1. These individuals seem to associate research staff with their deities, suggesting [DATA EXPUNGED]. Attempts to directly communicate with humanoids within SCP-3227 was met with limited success, as language is a barrier. After several failed communication attempts, research staff maintain a safe distance of 30 meters from any and all individuals of SCP-3227-1.

Other humanoid creatures have been observed, classified SCP-3227-2, SCP-3227-3 and SCP-3227-4. These three groups have been noted to cooperate, and show extreme hostility toward research staff and SCP-3227-1. It is unclear if hostility toward research staff is based on the similar appearance to SCP-3227-1, or simply open hostility to outside species.

SCP-3227-2 are small reptilian humanoids, standing approximately 1.1 meters tall, and weighing roughly 70 kilograms. These creatures have enlarged arm based on their body size, with multiple, dense muscle tissue layers. The mouth of SCP-3227-2 harbors Thirteen hundred (1300) needle-like teeth, set into the jaw and roof of their mouth. SCP-3227-2 have been sited clinging to objects by their feet alone, and launching themselves with their enormous arms. SCP-3227-2 wear almost no clothing, and usually don only a sheet of fabric around their necks, varying in color. These creatures are extremely common, and travel in groups, designated packs, of between six (6) to fourteen (14) members.

SCP-3227-3 are amphibious humanoids, standing approximately 1.8 meters tall and weighing approximately 140 kilograms. Research staff describe SCP-3227-3’s appearance as “a lanky humanoid toad”. SCP-3227-3 withstand any and all acidic materials, as their skin secretes a neutralizing agent of unknown composition. SCP-3227-3 can launch their stomach out of their body, similarly to a toad. Doing so produces a large volume of hydrofluoric acid, in quantities generally exceeding four (4) liters at a time. After this has occurred, an SCP-3227-3 will slowly withdraw its stomach back inside its body wherein a period of at least two (2) hours must pass before the individual can attempt the attack again, producing a similar volume of acid. Other traits of SCP-3227-3 are unremarkable. SCP-3227-3 travel in pairs, usually accompanied by a pack of SCP-3227-2.

SCP-3227-4 is the only humanoid within SCP-3227, other than SCP-3227-1, that seems to harbor sentient-level intelligence. SCP-3227-4 are rare, and when sighted, are always accompanied by two large packs of SCP-3227-2 and the adjoined pairs of SCP-3227-3.

SCP-3227-4 stand roughly 3.6 Meters in height, and weigh 130 kilograms. SCP-3227-4 are large humanoid mammals, closely resembling a hairless, yellow-skinned human, with four arms. SCP-3227-4 faces resemble that of a human, however lack a nose and ears. The hands of SCP-3227-4 also have seven fingers, comprising of five central digits and a thumb of either side of the hand, resulting in symmetry.

SCP-3227-4 are considered extremely dangerous, as any human within Ten (10) meters of a subject experience acute pain in their temples, and after a period of Twelve (12) seconds, the subject will begin to bleed profusely from their ears, eyes, nose and mouth, until death occurs roughly thirty (30) seconds later. It is clear that this is an intentional attack, and does not occur unwillingly, as humans within this range who remain undetected do not suffer these effects. It is therefore postulated that SCP-3227-4 manifest telepathic or psionic capabilities.

SCP-3227-2 and SCP-3227-3 are reported to feed on live humans and SCP-3227-1. The creatures disembowel the subject and devour its digestive organs as the subject screams for mercy or help. This is sometimes done during a combat situation, as SCP-3227-2 will simply disengage to feed, even whilst still under fire. If multiple victims are reported to scream and cry for help at once, SCP-3227-2 are reported to begin mating in celebration of their hunt. This is said to be terrifying to withhold as they mount their victims and dispense the eggs and sperm directly into a victim’s open cavity.

Dr. █████████ Requests use of SCP-182 to attempt communication with SCP-3227-1. It is also theorized that SCP-182 could be used to interview a captured SCP-3227-4.
Request Denied.

After an extensive geo-scan was recorded, the topography of the landscape within SCP-3227 mirrors that surrounding SCP-2000. This discovery lead to further research.
Seasonal state within SCP-3227 suggests a change in rotational orbit of [REDACTED] orbits. SCP-3227-1 subjects all [DATA EXPUNGED] suggesting use of SCP-2000 occurred during their timeline, resulting in SCP-3227-1. This explains the association of Research staff with some form of Deity (likely the Foundation).
Request made by Dr. ████ to further investigate the origins of SCP-3227-2, SCP-3227-3 and SCP-3227-4. Dr. ███ Agrees, and believes SCP-3227-4 may hold answers to why SCP-2000 was used in the timeline accesses by SCP-3227.
Request Granted.

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