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EuclidSCP-3229 Gorewood TreeRate: -12

Item #: SCP-3229

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3229 is to be contained in a large underground garden area. The room is to be lit with lights no bigger than 20 watts. Steel walls .5m thick and bulkhead doors are necessary since ████████ incident to prevent possible outbreak of SCP-3229-02.

Description: SCP-3229 is an entity closely resembling a standard Oak tree. The bark resembles that of a mass of stacked internal organs with some ocular obtrusions spotting the trunk. The root system is extensive with some roots extending to over 4m. Branches ranging from 1-3m hang off the entity bearing fruit that had been deemed as SCP-3229-01.
Personnel inside containment have commented about a feeling of unease and that they noticed the “eyes” staring at them during their time inside the chamber. The security cameras cannot prove these remarks but, the frequency of these comments has led researchers to believe it to be true. Signs of paranoia are visible with anyone leaving containment chamber after being exposed for time periods longer than 10 minutes. Symptoms will get progressively worse the longer the exposure.
SCP-3229-01 is an edible-looking substance produced by SCP-3229 through an unknown process. The fruit resembles an ██████ eggplant with similar composition. Further examination revealed spongy insides filled with a blood like substance matching no known biological specimen. When SCP-3229-01 is eaten, the subject will enter an irreversible coma and perish approx. 30 minutes later. 2-6 hours after death, the subject becomes SCP-3229-02 and will wander the containment chamber often times banging on containment walls.
SCP-3229-02, nicknamed “Husks”, keep the resemblance of the subject who had eaten SCP-3229-01 but the eyes are sunken, any hair is lost, and bones are visible through dryed-out, grey skin. “Husks” appear to be unaggressive but are easily provoked and will attack personnel inside containment chamber when angered. “Husks” are exceptionally faster than the average human but also more frail. Groups of SCP-3229-02 have been witnessed attacking all at once and using primitive tools.
Upon execution by any means, SCP-3229-02 will begin growing another instance of SCP-3229. If body is not moved with great haste, the instance of SCP-3229 will begin growth very rapidly, no matter if on soil or solid ground. The ████████ incident has shown that the root system of SCP-3229 does not stop until [DATA EXPUNGED].

Recovery Information: The first discovery of SCP-3229 was on 7/22/19██ near the town of [REDACTED]. The discovery caused panic in the nearby town and the foundation was called in. Town residents had been given low acting amnesics and the entity was removed. Removal had been proven difficult due to [DATA EXPUNGED]. Since first discovery, 6 new instances of SCP-3229 have appeared in containment. The total amount of SCP-3229-02 in containment is 19 as of 2/12/20██.

Note: During a containment breach, SCP-████ had entered containment of SCP-3229 for a period of 15 minutes. When the breach was settled, researchers concluded that SCP-3229 and SCP-3229-01 are exceptionally flame retardant. Possible applications are being discussed and determining if SCP-3229 will be given [REDACTED].

Addendum 3229-A: Attempts at cooking SCP-3229-01 have taken place after suggestion by the D-class personnel testing effects of SCP-3229-01.

  • Roasting SCP-3229-01 whole had caused it to [REDACTED]. If SCP-3229-01 is cut before roasting, nothing abnormal will happen. When eaten has shown the effects of a high acting psychedelic or high acting narcotic drug. Effects last from 2-3 hours.
  • Pan cooked SCP-3229-01 when eaten has shown to have effects almost identical to when roasted.
  • Attempting to place SCP-3229-01 in a pot to boil made it ██████, killing the chef and [DATA EXPUNGED].
  • Microwaving SCP-3229-01 caused it to explode. Appliance shrapnel injured 4 personnel in proximity.

Further testing has been denied to everyone without level 4 clearance or higher due to injuries/casualties.

Addendum 3229-B: Further testing of SCP-3229-01 effects on human subjects has been prohibited since ████████ incident. Use of animals has been allowed as long as the subject is supervised at all times (see document). Testing with animal subjects has started on 4/19/201█.

Addendum 3229-C: Request for a pill of SCP-500 by Dr. ███████ for testing has been denied. Dr. ███████ was questioned thereafter about [REDACTED].

Addendum 3229-D: Authorization to see the effects of SCP-3229-01 on SCP-███ has been denied. Authorization of sending an instance of SCP-3229-02 into SCP-███ containment has also been denied due to possible contamination.

Addendum 3229-E: Testing suggested by Dr. ██████ to see if SCP-3229 is in any way similar to SCP-███ has been done. So far, tests have revealed that there is no connections between the two. Lead researchers agree with Dr. ██████ that there must be some relation and, will be continuing investigations.

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