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Item #: SCP-3235

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Samples of SCP-3235 are to be stored in refrigerated BSL-3 storage at Biological Containment Site-██.

Removal of samples for study requires the approval of at least 2 Level-4 personnel. Testing of SCP-3235 on D-Class personnel requires the approval of at least 3 Level-4 personnel. Direct interaction with material originating from SCP-3235 requires the use of a Level-A hazmat suit.

Any subject infected by SCP-3235 is to be considered lost. The resulting cadaver is to be incinerated, and the area they had inhabited is to be decontaminated.

Description: SCP-3235 is a contagious virus that infects humans. The infection spreads through skin contact with infected subjects, or through airborne particles from coughs and sneezes of SCP-3235-1. Virions consist of a lipid envelope, containing the genetic material of Migs Babache, with a capsid diameter of 300 nm. No form of treatment or antiviral agent has been developed to reverse the infection. Initial symptoms include blisters on the skin, sore throat, and fever. As such, SCP-3235 can be mistaken for a non-anomalous viral infection during early stages. The circumstances and conditions that resulted in the creation of SCP-3235 are currently unknown.

Within 72 hours of infection, tumorous growths will form on infected subjects1, including inside bodily cavities. Tissues comprising these growths are genetically identical to that of Migs Babache, a civilian of the city of [REDACTED]. Subjects may expire at this stage due to asphyxiation resulting from growths in the trachea. The growths develop further by absorbing nutrients from the host, through a network of blood vessels that connects to the host's circulatory system. Over time, these growths will develop functional structures, similar to those found in a human head, such as the skull, teeth, brain, eyes, and tongue. Internal structures such as the esophagus and trachea will develop within the host subject, and connect to the relevant organs for sustenance and support.

If the subject survives past the first week of infection, each growth will develop a physical appearance identical to that of the head of Migs Babache. The growth is henceforth referred to as an instance of SCP-3235-1. At this stage, all structures expected of a human head are present within SCP-3235-1, albeit with varying levels of development. These heads are sapient2 and are able to communicate verbally, although a significant amount of psychological distress is exhibited. Muffled vocalizations or screams are occasionally audible from within infected subjects. Each instance possesses the memories of Migs Babache prior to his disappearance. As such, each instance claims to be the "real" Migs Babache, and may argue with other instances over this statement. As many as 50 instances have been recorded on a single subject. SCP-3235-1 will continue to develop on infected subjects until they are completely covered or expire.

SCP-3235 came to the attention of the Foundation after the roommates of Migs Babache reported that they had witnessed his disappearance3 in their apartment, on ██/██/2001. Agents quarantined the apartment room of the person, but failed to detect any anomalies. All three persons were later admitted to ██████ Hospital, after contracting an unidentified viral infection. They were transported to Site-██, after the anomalous properties of the infection were confirmed by embedded Foundation personnel. Appropriate amnestic treatment was administered to the medical staff and other witnesses. No additional infections were contracted, as the original persons were effectively quarantined by medical personnel.

Interviewed: SCP-3235-1-17

Interviewer: Dr. ██████

Foreword: The infected subject is ████ █████, one of the roommates of Migs Babache. The subject was sedated during the interview, and all instances of SCP-3235-1, except for the one interviewed, were surgically removed and incinerated. SCP-3235-1-17 was selected due to its high level of development, and capability for coherent speech. The instance was growing on the shoulder of the subject, and required a significant amount of reassurance before it would comply with researchers.

<Begin Log]>

(faint moaning and gurgling is constantly audible from the wounds of ████ █████; several new tumors were beginning to grow on the subject over the course of the interview)

Dr. ██████: Hello. Can you understand me?

SCP-3235-1-17: What? I, uh… (object is unresponsive for 28 seconds while it assesses its situation) What happened to all the other…

Dr. ██████: They weren't doing well and didn't make it. Can you understand me?

SCP-3235-1-17: Okay, yes, I can. I guess I shouldn't really be surprised. They weren't real…

Dr. ██████: Please state your name.

SCP-3235-1-17: Migs Babache. Are you a doctor? Please help me. I don't know what the hell is happening to me.

Dr. ██████: Yes, I am a doctor. We are doing everything we can, but you have to tell me everything you know, so we can better understand your condition.

SCP-3235-1-17: A-alright, but please do everything you can to fix this. You have to help me.

Dr. ██████: Please calm down, we're working on it. Can you describe what you are experiencing? How much control do you have?

SCP-3235-1-17: I can't move anything except for my mouth, eyes… that's about it, I think. I can't feel anything except my face.

Dr. ██████: Noted. Do you-

(muffled screaming is audible as an tumor with an underdeveloped mouth begins to grow from one of the wounds on ████ █████)

SCP-3235-1-17: What the hell is that?

Dr. ██████: Please ignore it. Just focus on telling us what you know so we can help you.

SCP-3235-1-17: (crying) Okay, okay, I'm trying to calm down. Alright. (object takes three deep breaths)

Dr. ██████: Do you know how you came to be in your current situation? What can you tell me about the events leading up to it?

SCP-3235-1-17: I don't know what the fuck happened to me! The last thing I remember is that I was just sitting around, trying to play some video games. It was the weekend, and I had no assignments to work on, so I was taking it easy. The next thing I remember was that everything went dark, and I couldn't breathe. I don't know what the hell was happening; there was no warning. I couldn't move, I couldn't see, I couldn't breathe, but I wasn't dying. I don't know how long that lasted, but it was a nightmare.

God! I couldn't talk either, until some time later. I was just screaming. Screaming for help, because I couldn't feel or see anything. But I couldn't talk either, because my mouth wasn't working properly. But I did hear other people screaming. Lots of people, including my roommate. I thought I was still in our apartment, or something, but I couldn't understand why there were so many people screaming. I realized they were screaming in my voice later on, and then… they started talking…

Dr. ██████: Do you recall the next time you regained your vision?

SCP-3235-1-17: Yeah, it wasn't too long back. Just yesterday, I think. I was in the hospital. Oh, God, that's when the nightmare started. I wish it was a nightmare. There were these… other… Heads… Just heads. They looked like me. And we were all growing out of ████. Ugh… God, why is this happening to me?

Dr. ██████: Calm down. You have to tell us everything if we are to help you.

SCP-3235-1-17: Alright… Ugh… alright.

Dr. ██████: Please calm down. You have to help us, so we can help you.

SCP-3235-1-17: Alright, alright. (object takes a deep breath) The things that looked like me were all saying that they were the real me. But that can't be possible, right? Because I'm me. I mean, who or what else would I be? I remember everything. My parents, my family, my childhood. You know? And the fact that I'm still here must mean something, right?

I mean, why would I still be here when those other things didn't make it? I have to be the real me. But they were all saying that they were me. And my roommate was freaking out badly. The doctors that showed up were all horrified, and didn't know what to do. God, this is a real nightmare. I just wish I could wake up from it. You are going to cure me, right? I mean-

Dr. ██████: We have a team working on it, rest assured. Do you remember anything else? Anything out of the ordinary?

SCP-3235-1-17: Anything else out of the ordinary? No. I really can't. I didn't do anything out of the ordinary. I ate at the same places, played the same games, me and my roommates even argued about the same god damned thing we always argued about. In fact we argued just before this happened. Please, just do everything you can to cure me, doctor. I really don't know how this happened. If nothing else works, you can do a head transplant, or something, right? I mean, I once saw this show about future technologies where [SUPERFLUOUS DIALOGUE EXPUNGED].

<End Log>

Closing Statement: The interview was terminated as no further information could be obtained from the object

The infected subject expired two days after the interview, and the cadaver was subsequently incinerated. Interviews with the other 2 roommates determined that all instances of SCP-3235-1 share the memories of Migs Babache, prior to his disappearance.

Addendum: The following document consists of excerpts from text messages sent from ██████ ████ to ████ █████; both persons are roommates of Migs Babache. The content of the messages pertain to Migs Babache, and are edited for brevity.

So Migs is pissed off at me today. Apparently, his girlfriend wanted to meet him, but he lied to her and said he wasn't feeling well and had to stay in. Of course, he didn't tell us this, and we went out with the others, not knowing about it. I took some photos to post online, and he happened to be in one of them. His girlfriend found out he wasn't sick and got pissed off when she saw the post. When she found him, she found he was cheating on her with someone else, which is why he lied to her. So now he's pissed at me. Firstly, he could have warned me that he was lying to his girlfriend, so I wouldn't have posted those pictures. Second, he shouldn't have lied to her in the first place.

No, I can't get any sleep, so I might as well get dressed and join you. Migs has been arguing with his girlfriend outside since 10 PM.

Word of warning, the console's corrupted and Migs is blaming us for it, so he'll probably blame you too when you get back. Must have gotten a virus or something. I think we all know who's to blame, though. It's bad enough that Migs cheats in real life, but he also cheats in video games. Every time. And he denies it, even though we have proof. And he wonders why we don't invite him for games. Also, can you believe he's been dating █████ for 5 years now? And he's been cheating on her on and off the whole time.

Migs is a toxic person. That's all I can say. He's the embodiment of the definition of 'toxic person'. I've known him for 10 years, and he's always been the way he is. He doesn't pull his weight, and lets other people handle all the work, and he thinks it's perfectly acceptable. We've tried telling him, and all he does is deny it. He cheats, he lies, and he treats everyone like dirt. I hope his parents are happy with the way they raised him. If he doesn't change, all he's doing is being a disease to society.

Investigations of the residence of person of interest, █████ ███, revealed no further anomalies.

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