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EuclidSCP-3238 Green GasRate: 13

Item #: SCP-3238

Object Class: Euclid (pending reclassification to Keter)

Special Containment Procedures: All known samples of SCP-3238-1 are currently located in Special Deep Storage Unit-18, located at Site-16. Personnel requesting access to SDSU-18 must obtain authorization from the Site Commander.

SDSU-18 (a specialized sealed and electromagnetically shielded containment unit) is separated into two portions - the Personnel Control Station (PCS) and the Robotic Handling Sector (RHS). The RHS is to be kept at negative pressure, and is to be supplemented via two secondary power sources in the event of primary power failure. Absolutely no personnel are permitted access to the RHS without permission from the Site Commander and the Maintenance Officer.

Any transfer of SCP-3238-1 from its storage unit to its attached laboratory must be done throughout automated and teleoperated means - no personnel are permitted to directly handle the glass tubes containing SCP-3238-1. Any equipment malfunctions that within SDSU-18's RHS must also be repaired via automated or teleoperated means.

No instances of SCP-3238-1 are to leave the RHS at any time. All parts and equipment entering and leaving the RHS are to be heat-sterilized at a temperature of no less than 500C for a period of no less than 10 minutes.

Personnel entering and leaving SDSU-18 are required to undergo multiple scans and a minimum of five electromagnetic pulse exposures, in order to detect and deactivate any potential contamination from SCP-3238-1.

In the event of an emergency within SDSU-18, the airlock doors leading into SDSU-18 will immediately close and remain sealed, while internal flame accelerator devices will automatically sterilize the PCS and RHS units. In this event, an automated message will be sent to the Site Commander and to Site-01, and further response shall be dictated by Overseer-level command.

Any incidents involving SCP-3238 outside of containment are to be handled by MTF Beta-7 ("Maz Hatters"), and samples to be sent via shielded biocontainment box to Site-16 for analysis and storage. Sterilization of the area may be accomplished throughout usage of sustained flame to achieve a minimum of 500C for a period of 5 minutes. SCP-3238-1 is never to be transported via aerial or naval means.

Any outbreaks caused (or suspected to be caused) by SCP-3238-1 must be immediately contained, and all infected destroyed and sterilized utilizing the temperature guidelines established above. RAISA cover stories (codename "Barn Fire", "Gas Line Leak", "Terrorist Attack") have been prepared in the event of any outbreak related to SCP-3238-1.

Current containment efforts are directed to searching for SCP-3238-2 in the field, and securing it.

Description: SCP-3238 may refer to one of the following:

  • SCP-3238-1 is the designation given to a collection of nanites that appear to have been created as a selective-use biological weapon. Although an individual instance of SCP-3238 is impossible to detect with the naked eye, a low-lying cloud of nanites may appear as a green fog or haze when the nanites are not active. "Colonies" of SCP-3238 have been described as slimy and sticky upon touch.
  • SCP-3238-2 is the theorized signal and equipment that control and direct all instances of SCP-3238-1. As of this writing, no control signal or controlling equipment that have been linked to SCP-3238 has been found.

Method of Action: SCP-3238 works upon contact with suitable target material - upon contact and positive identification, SCP-3238 works as a molecular disassembly machine, gradually reorganizing molecular structures into unusable combinations that destroy cells. SCP-3238 will then utilize proper compounds obtained through molecular reorganization to attempt to construct more of itself.

When SCP-3238 makes contact with a person (and that humans or primates have been established as selected targets for breakdown), the following signs and symptoms can be observed1:

Time (in hours) Signs or Symptoms
00:00 (Time of initial infection) No noticeable symptoms
00:05 There may be dull pain in the initial area of contact, along with bruising
00:10 Small droplets of blood are now visible within 2cm of the contact site, and the pain is gradually evolving from a dull ache to a progressively painful feeling of stabbing along the exposed limb
00:20 There is now significant bleeding from the point of contact, and the pain has been described as excruciating and electric. Subject is now in psychological and physiological distress as the pain spreads throughout the body, and more bruising begins to make itself evident
00:40: Subject's limbs begin to fall off and rapidly break down, while widespread infection begins to take hold. Subject begins to become delirious - the cause of this (if it is caused by pain, panic, or molecular breakdown of the neurological system) is unknown
00:55 Subjects usually expire due to hypovolemic shock, spontaneous cardiopulmonary failure, or neurological breakdown
01:25 Remains of subject are reduced to a liquid slurry

Current containment focus is to prevent SCP-3238 from making contact with any body of water that may result in explosive growth and rapid deconstruction (a "Grey Goo" situation) and may result in an XK-class scenario.

Recovery Details: SCP-3238-1 was recovered during a combined Foundation/Coalition raid on a suspected Chaos Insurgency camp in [REDACTED], Algeria, in 2015. At this point in time, the Chaos Insurgency cell located there was in the final phases of "fine-tuning" SCP-3238-1 and having warheads containing SCP-3238-1 attached to SCUD-D missiles, with coordinates aimed at Coalition outposts and civilian centers across Algeria, Spain, Portugal, and Morocco. During the resultant firefight, one of the missile launch pads suffered structural failure, and the warhead itself fell to the ground and opened, exposing its payload. Within the hour, all fighting ceased, and radio contact with the strike team was lost. MTF Beta-7 was mobilized due to the suspected nature of the missile warheads, and retrieved mission-critical data and samples, before the missile launch site was razed via airstrike utilizing Mark-77 bombs.

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