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nn5n: scp-3255 A Light Shining Through The Holes Inside Your Eyelids
EuclidSCP-3255 A Light Shining Through The Holes Inside Your EyelidsRate: 46

Item #: SCP-3255

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A two meter tall perimeter of electrical fencing is to be erected around the Indrid Ardo Mental Wellness Center and will be patrolled by security personnel. Any individuals attempting to gain access to the building are to be apprehended by security, interviewed and administered amnestics as appropriate.

Personnel are not to be exposed to SCP-3255-1. In the event that an individual does become exposed to SCP-3255-1, they are to be removed from its presence immediately and, depending on the length of time they were exposed for, restrained until either symptoms subside or expiration occurs. Any research involving SCP-3255-1 is to be performed via use of an unmanned drone.

All specimens of SCP-3255-2 are to be kept in separate humanoid containment chambers at the nearby Site-11, each kept under guard by two security personnel at all times. SCP-3255-3, also contained at Site-11, is to be kept inside Anomalous Morgue-27. No autopsy of SCP-3255-3 is to be attempted.

Description: SCP-3255 is the collective designation for a number of anomalous items discovered at the Indrid Ardo Mental Wellness Center, located near Sacramento, California. In reality, the Wellness Center was the cover for an installation funded by prominent members of the Fifth Church in order to pursue research supposedly relevant to their faith. The installation was abandoned by the Fifth Church at some point following the successful creation of SCP-3255-1, and was subsequently acquired by the Foundation after discovery by urban explorers.

SCP-3255-1 is a large blue spherical object, superficially resembling a miniaturized star, present within a main chamber inside the Wellness Center. Exposure to the light emitted by SCP-3255-1 is known to cause a number of anomalous physical and mental symptoms, intensifying the longer one is exposed to said light. These symptoms, although varying somewhat from person to person, generally include:

Time of Exposure Known Symptoms
Initial Exposure Minor anxiety. Skin irritation. Difficulty swallowing.
30 Minutes Loss of fingernails. Severe acne. Sudden fondness towards the name 'Tom'.
1 Hour An extreme desire not to look upwards. Finger expansion. Sneezing.
1 Hour, 30 Minutes An obsession with the film Avengers: Age of Ultron. An extreme phobia of felines. Prosopagnosia.
2 Hours Bodily mitosis, invariably resulting in death.

SCP-3255-1's secondary anomalous property is visual in nature, namely that it can be seen clearly even while the viewer has their eyes closed or otherwise prevented from seeing.1 Direct physical contact with SCP-3255-1 is presumed to result in the creation of an SCP-3255-2 or SCP-3255-3 instance, although this has not yet been confirmed through testing.

SCP-3255-2 is the collective designation for five living humans of varying ages and genders. All specimens of SCP-3255-2 have had their heads removed and replaced with a spherical object of the same size resembling a miniature star, which floats several centimeters above their necks. The light emitted by these structures has been determined not to possess the properties demonstrated by SCP-3255-1.

Specimens of SCP-3255-2 require no food, water or sleep, and will often wander aimlessly through their surroundings or lay down on the floor. No attempts at communication with SCP-3255-2 have thus far been successful, suggesting a significant reduction in mental faculties from their original state. Analysis of SCP-3255-2 has revealed the presence of significantly non-Euclidean biology, making full mapping of their bodily systems difficult.

SCP-3255-3 is a male human torso. The arms, legs and heads of SCP-3255-3 have been removed through direct physical contact with SCP-3255-1. All body parts missing from SCP-3255-3 have been replaced by floating structures of the same size resembling miniaturized stars. Analysis of SCP-3255-3 has revealed the presence of non-Euclidean biology significantly more severe than that present within SCP-3255-2, together with possible mind-affecting properties (see Incident 3255-3-1) that makes full inspection difficult.

During initial autopsy of SCP-3255-3, a series of anomalous phenomena ensued, resulting in the loss of Doctor Wesley, who was performing the autopsy, and his assistant Junior Researcher Lenn. Audio transcript of the incident follows.

<Begin Log>

Doctor Wesley: Beginning the autopsy of SCP-3255-3. Please pass me the scalpel, Lenn.


Doctor Wesley: Oh dear.

Junior Researcher Lenn: Is there a problem, doctor?

Doctor Wesley: Look there — right there. Do you see it?

Junior Researcher Lenn: I don't —

Doctor Wesley: Look, there's a gap between his stomach.


Junior Researcher Lenn: Ah, shit.

Doctor Wesley: I have to agree. This is, uh, going to make things somewhat more complicated. Lenn, you're going to have to hold onto my legs here.

Junior Research Lenn: No problem.

(Sounds of movement.)

Doctor Wesley: I just need to, ah, widen the gap here…(grunt) If I put my hands in each other, I should be able to get some purchase — there we go. Do you still have me?

Junior Researcher Lenn: I still have you.

Doctor Wesley: I'm so glad. I will now, ah, make a visual inspection of the subjects interior.

Junior Researcher Lenn: Good luck.

Doctor Wesley: (muffled) Thank you. I love you.

Junior Researcher Lenn: Okay.

(Sounds of movement, followed by Junior Researcher Lenn screaming.)

Junior Researcher Lenn: Doctor? Doctor, my hands slipped through you! Are you there? Can you hear me?

(Heavily muffled speech, presumed to originate from Doctor Wesley.)

Junior Researcher Lenn: Um, uh, uh — hold on, I'll retrieve you!

(Sounds of movement.)

Junior Researcher Lenn: (muffled) Hello? Doctor, are you still there? David?

(Sounds of movement, followed by heavily muffled speech presumed to originate from Junior Researcher Lenn.)

<End Log>

At this point, security personnel present attempted to intervene, claiming that they had only realized something was wrong seconds prior. By this time, however, both Doctor Wesley and Junior Researcher Lenn had completely climbed into and were lost in SCP-3255-3's non-Euclidean biology. All attempts to retrieve them have been unsuccessful. However, sound equipment has picked up sounds of movement and panicked breathing originating from deep within SCP-3255-3's body.

The following is a timeline of events that occurred at the Indrid Ardo Mental Wellness Center, leading to the creation of SCP-3255-1, SCP-3255-2 and SCP-3255-3, as reconstructed using recovered security footage and personal logs. Said logs were written by the director of the facility, Doctor Fabian Kellier, a pseudo-scientist presumed to have been given the post due to family ties with prominent members of the Fifth Church. Five other researchers were present in the Wellness Center for the majority of events.

Upon initial arrival at the Wellness Center on 02/14/2017, Doctor Kellier made the following log:

Have arrived at the facility. Conditions are good — with the exception of rats. Will need to do something regarding infestation. Staff seem friendly and easy to work with. Am eager to get to work myself.

Following this log, initial research began. This research seemed to have been focused on comparison of star charts with famous works of art such as the Mona Lisa and Starry Night. Purpose of this is currently unknown. When not conducting this research, personnel engaged in conversation and recreational activities.

On 02/27/2017, Kellier made the following log:

Dennis forced us to watch a film last night. The second Avengers, so not even a good one. Was fun nonetheless. Research sometimes makes it hard to keep up socially, so was grateful for the opportunity to get to know my staff. But have no desire to watch the film again — bad!

Research continued until 02/31/2017, when Kellier wrote:

Research is not going well. This idea came to me in a dream and I was quite sure it would bear fruit. Perhaps was mistaken. Staff are uneasy. Do not blame them — perhaps we are getting nowhere here. Is my fault.

Almost immediately after this log, he wrote:

Had an idea! Something very special I think. Stars die in threes, but are born in fives. Everything in this world has a signal, a line they walk on shaped like themselves. Have read this. If you can make a signal, you make a thing. Require resources for this. Will inform brother.

Some stars are dead, but we can still see them. Some stars have been born here, we're just not allowed to see them yet.

Over the course of the next six months, three thousand, one hundred and twenty-five individuals visited the Wellness Center in small groups at a time. Footage analysis shows these to be a mixture of members of the Fifth Church and local vagrants. In each instance, the visitors would be shown to the main chamber of the Wellness Center and an event similar to the following would take place:

Security footage recovered from the Indrid Ardo Mental Wellness Center, depicting part of the creation process of SCP-3255-1.

<Begin Footage>

(Four individuals walk into the main chamber of the Wellness Center. Three have been identified as minor members of the Fifth Church, while the fourth appears to be a local vagrant. A sphere composed of black smoke is present in the center of the room. All individuals begin to walk towards the center, the vagrant looking around in concern.)

Vagrant: What is this place?

Fifthist 1: Just be patient, man. You gotta give it a minute. You'll have your money when it's done.

(Vagrant nods, but appears reluctant. A moment later, the heads of all individuals present jerk up and black smoke begins to emerge from their mouths, joining with the already-existing sphere. This continues for three minutes before emergence ceases. All individuals lower their heads and exit the room.)

<End Footage>

On 09/03/2017, after the observed contributions of three thousand, one hundred and twenty-five individuals to the developing sphere, the following event took place:

<Begin Footage>

(Twenty-two minor members of the Fifth Church are standing before the developing sphere. Their heads are pointed upwards and black smoke is emerging from their mouths, joining with the sphere. This continues for seven minutes before emergence ceases. Immediately following this, the sphere ignites in a flash of blue light. When this light clears, the sphere has become SCP-3255-1.)


(All individuals present begin cheering.)

<End Footage>

Following this event, Kellier made the following log:

It's done. Big Blue is born. 3125 is a good number. A plethora of fives bring us closer to conclusion. Can hear him singing from here — is a very strong signal. Expected it to be pink, truth be told, but blue is fine frequency too.

Am glad task is complete. Was exhausting work, and tensions are developing between my staff. Eager to get some relaxing in! Waiting for orders from up above. Feels like the Fifth World here already!

Communication logs recovered from the Wellness Center suggest no orders from prominent Fifthists were received. The reason for this is unknown.

By 09/13/2017, events in the Wellness Center had returned to their initial state. 'Research' regarding star charts and works of art was ongoing, and staff mainly avoided SCP-3255-1.

On 09/26/2017, Kellier reported discomfort among his staff as a result of SCP-3255-1's presence:

Minor issues. Big Blue making people sick when they go near him. Do not see how Fifth World plays into this. Illness is a constraint, not a freedom. Am I misunderstanding this?

Staff seem nervous. I am nervous too. Why have we not been contacted? Is there something more important? Blue won't stop singing.

On 09/29/2017, the following event took place:

Footage takes place in main chamber of the Wellness Center.

<Begin Footage>

(Five individuals enter the room. Image analysis confirms them to be the research staff assigned to Doctor Kellier. All have relaxed and composed postures.)

Researcher 1: You ready?

Researcher 3: As we'll ever be. I love you.

(They move towards SCP-3255-1, standing next to it. They then insert their heads into SCP-3255-1. The muffled sounds of moaning can be heard. This continues for three minutes.)

(All individuals move away from SCP-3255-1. Their heads have been replaced with structures resembling miniaturized stars. Creation of all specimens of SCP-3255-2 confirmed.)

<End Footage>

Immediately following this event, Kellier wrote:

Things not good right now. Bad, in fact. Staff have put themselves in Big Blue. Was expected eventually, but not yet. It is quiet here now. They sit around and wander and bump into walls. They don't speak. The parts of them that spoke are speaking inside Big Blue now. Regrettable. Regrettable.

According to security footage, the following weeks mostly consisted of Kellier wandering around the facility, attempting to continue initial research with star charts, and watching movies on television. His behaviour during this period suggests a deteriorating mental state as a result of a combination of isolation and exposure to SCP-3255-1.

On 12/22/2017, Kellier made the following log entries in rapid succession:

Something ho

Something wonderful is happening to me.

I miss the Avengers. I miss talking. I miss the sun. I miss the moon. I miss fives. I miss my fingernails. I miss Clara. I miss Parth. I miss Alan. I miss Makoto. I miss Dennis. Where are you all right now. You're having fun in there without me aren't you


saw a rat today chewing through a wire. saw its eyes. no smoke in there — must have gone into the star. how many rats went in there andw e [sic] didnt notice? it isnt 3125. there arent any fives in there. there arent any fives. what did we make

There's nothing on TV

I love you.

Kellier then made his way towards SCP-3255-1, captured in the following footage:

<Begin Footage>

(Kellier enters the main chamber and looks at SCP-3255-1.)

Kellier: Hi.


Kellier: It's really lonely out here. Can I come in?


Kellier: Okay. I love you.

(Kellier does a running jump into SCP-3255-1 and disappears from view. Several seconds later, SCP-3255-3 is ejected from SCP-3255-1.)

<End Footage>

No activity after this point was recorded until the urban exploration that caused the Foundation to become aware of SCP-3255.

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