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Item #: SCP-3260

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3260-1 is contained within Doctor V█████’s personal library in his house 75 kilometres west from the city of Joutel in Quebec, Canada. No personnel are allowed to enter the library unless for research purposes. Research is prohibited from personnel under the clearance level 4 in fear of a K-Class information and/or containment breach. No less than three (3) guards are to be stationed near Dr. V█████’s house at all times. No transportation of SCP-3260-1 is allowed under any circumstances. Dr. V█████ or any other instances of SCP-3260-2 are not allowed to enter the house unless for testing purposes, in which case they must be accompanied by (a minimum of):

- one (1) level 4 or higher researcher
- no less than five (5) Mobile Task Force Psi-7 (See No Evil) units
- one (1) fluent speaker of the Ojibwe language

Under no circumstances is a light more powerful than 3.4 lux1 to be present in Dr. V█████’s house under normal conditions and SCP-3260-1 is not to be opened unless for research purposes. No individual items of stationery are allowed inside Dr. V█████’s house. In the event that an item suitable for writing is found within the premises, all personnel are to be evacuated immediately and given class-C amnesiacs. No books or items that can be interpreted as such are to be brought within the red zone of SCP-3260-1.

SCP-3260-2 instances are to be contained for psychological evaluation and testing purposes. SCP-3260-3 instances are to be kept in 5 x 5 x 5 cubic containment cells with shockproof steel walls. They are to be provided food in liquid form every 5 hours when awake. SCP-3260-2 instances are not allowed to be given any items suitable for writing or any items suitable as a writing material2 and any personnel caught giving items that meet these qualities to them will be detained and classified as SCP-3260-2 instances until further notice. As Dr. V█████ is an important asset to the foundation and researching the SCP-3260 phenomenon, his fingers have been amputated to prevent behavior atypical for SCP-3260-2 instances.3

Description: SCP-3260 is the designation given to certain anomalous events originating from former Foundation Dr. V█████’s house in western Quebec, Canada. The origin of these events has been identified as a ritualistic looking wooden box made to look like a book with inscriptions4 on it that has been designated SCP-3260-1. Attempts to translate the inscription or find any meaning in them have so far been unsuccessful due to it’s cognitohazardous effects.

While the material SCP-3260-1 is made out of has been confirmed to be wood, additional research revealed that [DATA EXPUNGED]. This material has been deemed safe and does not pose any anomalous effects. When not in a direct line of sight, SCP-3260-1 will switch places with any books or items of similar appearance within a 10 km radius. Inside SCP-3260-1 are:

- A perfect set of human teeth
- two (2) instances of canine teeth, identified as belonging to a species of vulpes vulpes (AKA red fox)
- one (1) claw from a member of the aforementioned species
- an unknown amount of an unknown liquid, with black coloring and the chemical composition similar to blood, oil and [REDACTED]. Attempts to measure the amounts of liquid within SCP-3260-1 have thus far been unsuccessful, as the liquid seems to regenerate the same amount as is removed immediately after.

The inscription on SCP-3260-1 causes anyone who reads it to turn into an instance of SCP-3260-2.5 Instances of SCP-3260-2 try to rewrite the inscription on SCP-3260-1, but are somehow physically incapable of doing it correctly. As such, in all but one of the instances of SCP-3260-2, the subjects fallen victim to this effect have dedicated their whole being to rewriting the inscription, only eating and drinking to stay alive so they can complete their writing task. Currently The Foundation has contained nine (9) instances of SCP-3260-2.

An instance of SCP-3260-3 is summoned when a person who hasn’t read the inscriptions correctly6 on SCP-3260-1 opens it. All of the items within SCP-3260-1 can be removed from it without summoning an instance of SCP-3260-3. Instances of SCP-3260-3 widely differ in appearances, but have certain features that have been found in all manifestations:

- a very tall humanoid, anywhere between 2 to 3.5 metres (6’ 6’ to 11’ 6’ ft)
- long, stretched limbs, feet and fingers
- appears to be in advanced stages of decomposition
- appears to be in a state of severe malnutrition (whether this relates to the previous note is unclear)
- head of a canine animal with an elongated snout
- doesn’t leave a shadow

No photographic evidence or corpse resembling a creature matching these characteristics has ever been found, even when multiple people have seen them submit to ballistics. No personnel handling SCP-3260 have ever seen how instances of SCP-3260-3 are created, as they just seem to appear out of nowhere without any implication that an instance has been summoned. All containment attempts of SCP-3260-3 instances have failed, as all instances disappear at will whenever not in a direct line of sight and have also been reported to destroy shockproof steel walls with ease.

Instances of SCP-3260-3 will try to kill any people it sees until it has killed the person who opened SCP-3260-1 incorrectly. In addition, even though unusually resilient, instances of SCP-3260-3 will succumb to enough physical trauma and at least appear dead. Due to the lack of knowledge about SCP-3260-3's, it is advised to leave the red zone of SCP-3260-1 immediately after the instance has been subdued.

Origin: On ██/██/200█, Doctor A████████ V█████ was reported missing by his family. The police investigated his house, but found no conclusive evidence aside from a broken wall. Only after The Foundation went to his house to collect any records involved with SCPs, was Dr. V█████ found in a near catatonic state in his library. It is suspected that the police didn’t find him, due to the door to the library being covered with rubble and there being no signs of a library on the premises. After Dr. V█████ was taken back to Site-██, it was quickly noted that he was under somekind of influence by an outside force. His house was then searched for anomalous objects and after the team sent to investigate his house didn't report back, MTF Psi-7 (See No Evil) was mobilized and SCP-3260-1 was secured. After multiple attempts to transport SCP-3260-1 to Site-██ were unsuccessful and resulted in multiple containment breaches, it was unanimously decided by the O5 command, that SCP-3260-1 should be contained on-site.

Addendum 3260-01: After recovering from his trauma, Dr. V█████ started to portray the characteristics of a SCP-3260-2 instances, though not to the extent as other instances. Unlike other instances, Dr. V█████ was able to speak of other subjects than the rewriting process and was quickly interviewed for additional information regarding SCP-3260. Dr. V█████'s knowledge regarding SCP-3260 gave additional insight in containment and the effects of SCP-3260, but Dr. V█████ had lost most of the more extensive information due to SCP-3260-1's cognitohazardous effects and the trauma of meeting an instance of SCP-3260-3. How he survived this encounter and the location of his notes with all of Dr. V█████'s information regarding SCP-3260 remains unknown.

Addendum 3260-02: After multiple individuals were able to perform the ritual required to open SCP-3260-1 correctly without any assistance from personnel7, a translation was asked of the inscription from the individuals who had read it.8 Translating the text proved to be impossible, as all attempts were halted by either untranslatable words or lack of understanding of the language. When people who were able to read the text without turning into instances of SCP-3260-2 were told to write the text, the results varied too much enough for any conclusive evidence. Further research into the possibility that SCP-3260-1 has cognitohazardous abilities able to prevent it’s rewriting or translation deemed unnecessary by O5 command.

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