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Item #: SCP-3263

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: A containment plan for SCP-3263 is in development. Interaction with individuals manifesting next to ███████████████ Castle via SCP-3263-B is limited to observation. Efforts to secure ███████████████ Castle are underway.

Description: SCP-3263-A are envelopes that will spontaneously manifest in the residences of people between the ages of 13-18 who possess some form of anomalous ability. These individuals have never been registered as anomalous prior to receiving an SCP-3263-A instance, with their abilities only being discovered after investigation. Located inside of these envelopes is a letter addressed to these persons and an instance of SCP-3263-B. A transcription of this letter is provided below:


I'm sure by now you have noticed you are different from your peers. You possess strange and wonderful abilities that regular people can only dream about. You are not alone. There exists a secret world under this one, filled with people like you, along with creatures and locations beyond your wildest fantasies.

I want you to learn and grow your abilities, and experience this fantastic world for yourself. I want you to reach your full potential as a user of magic, and as a person. All you need to do is press the switch in the middle of this talisman, and you will be magically transported to Mr. Headgeworth's School for the Magically Gifted. The school may seem old and decrepit, but I assure you it is only an illusion. I do hope I will be seeing you soon.


Mr. Headgeworth, principal of Mr. Headgeworth's School for the Magically Gifted

SCP-3263-B are small wooden objects appearing as talismans adorned with designs and symbols. Each SCP-3263-B instance possesses a button on the center of the object, and when pressed by a human being, the individual, along with the SCP-3263-B instance, will be instantaneously transported to the outside of the abandoned ███████████████ Castle, near the front entrance. This structure is located in a remote area in ███████████, █████████. In all reported cases, the transported individual will step inside the building upon arrival. No persons have been seen exiting the castle.

As it is unknown when SCP-3263 first manifested, the number of individuals present in ███████████████ Castle is unknown. An attempt to secure the building will be launched after recon and information gathering campaigns centered around the structure and the inhabitants within have finished, as the persons within the building are potentially highly dangerous.

Item #: SCP-3263

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Disappearances of people aged 13-18 worldwide are to be monitored for potential resurgence of activity from POI-5837. SCP-3263-A and recovered SCP-3263-B instances are to be stored in low-level storage lockers. SCP-3263-C is contained in a standard Safe-class cell. Power is to be supplied to SCP-3263-C at all times.

Description: SCP-3263 designates three anomalous devices bearing Prometheus Labs identification marks recovered from ███████████████ Castle in ███████████, █████████. All three devices utilize various anomalies in their construction and operation. Investigation implies that these objects were acquired by POI-5837 from various anomalous groups.

SCP-3263-A is a small machine similar in shape to a standard consumer-grade microwave. SCP-3263 is capable of transporting objects placed inside of its internal cavity to specific coordinates entered onto the machine's interface. This machine is suspected to have been used by POI-5837 to send envelopes to adolescents possessing anomalous abilities. These envelopes would contain a SCP-3263-B instance and a letter addressed to the recipient. No new envelopes matching this description have been discovered since ███████████████ Castle was secured.

SCP-3263-B are small, metallic devices featuring a button on its center. When pressed by a human being, the individual, along with the SCP-3263-B instance, will be instantaneously transported to the outside of ███████████████ Castle, near the front entrance. SCP-3263-B instances are surrounded by chassis of wood adorned with designs and symbols, giving them the appearance of wooden talismans. SCP-3263-B were originally thought to be completely constructed of wood, the devices underneath the wooden frames were not discovered until after ███████████████ Castle was secured.

SCP-3263-C is a large, extremely complex computer wired to 12 human brains, all confirmed to belong to recipients of the envelopes mentioned previously. Each organ is encased in a glass cylinder filled with an unknown transparent green liquid. The organs show no signs of decomposition. Other than this, SCP-3263-C functions as a regular computer running Windows 7. The majority of investigation into SCP-3263 centers around files stored on SCP-3263-C.

SCP-3263-C runs a program called "magicschool.exe" at all times. Attempts to close this program or end its process through the Task Manager window have met with failure. The program features a navigation menu containing 3 items for selection. Clicking on "Observation" will bring the user to a video feed of a classroom. The structure of this classroom matches the structure of a room located in ███████████████ Castle's upper floor, except in significantly better condition.

From Monday to Friday starting at morning, a middle aged man and a group of teenage individuals dressed in long, black robes and carrying various school supplies will enter the room. The teenage persons will sit down at the desks and the man will begin to teach a class. This man possesses several anomalous abilities, and will frequently use them on various objects for demonstration purposes. Lessons seem to focus on the function and applicability of anomalous phenomena. Subject matter taught resembles popular public perceptions of magic, such as those present in the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings franchises, and as such contradicts most of the established concepts in the field of modern anomalous science.

Classes will last for an average of 30 minutes, after which the young adults will exit the classroom, and the teacher will begin making preparations for the next class. A new group of students will enter the classroom, sit down, and another class will begin. This will repeat for a total of 7 times, with a 30 minute break between the 4th and 5th cycles.

3 of the robed individuals match corpses recovered from the initial securing of ███████████████ Castle, and have consistently appeared since the containment of SCP-3263-C. None of the students have shown signs of aging since containment of SCP-3263-C began 7 years prior to the writing of this document.

All of magicschool.exe's other options and features are unable to be accessed. Attempts to gain access to these features by manipulation of magicschool.exe's code have met with failure. As magicschool.exe is potentially anomalous, SCP-3263-C is not to be turned off, and attempts to close this program are to be halted in order to prevent possible neutralization.

Investigation into files stored on SCP-3263-C, along with cooperation from the Global Occult Coalition, indicates that POI-5837 is most likely ███████ ████████, a former GOC agent. ████████ was tasked with the neutralization of persons possessing reality-bending capabilities, specializing in the covert infiltration of various Groups of Interest. ████████ worked for the GOC for 15 years, before defecting during a mission launched on ██/██/2001. POI-5837 is suspected to have gained involvement with the Serpent's Hand and various other GOIs after his separation. Investigation into the current whereabouts of POI-5837 along with more details of his activities after his defection are ongoing.

Recovery: All three SCP-3263 instances were recovered after a raid by a large group of Foundation armed personnel on ███████████████ Castle. Upon entering the building, the group discovered the interior was completely empty save for SCP-3263-A, 36 SCP-3263-B instances, SCP-3263-C along with a monitor, keyboard, and mouse, a non-anomalous solar energy collector used to power the three SCP-3263 instances, and the corpses of 12 individuals matching recipients of the envelopes mentioned previously. Agents also discovered a sticky note attached to SCP-3263-C's screen containing a short handwritten message, transcribed below:

Please, just let them have this.

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