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EuclidSCP-3266 Time Loop in the Ardennes ForestRate: 10

Item #: SCP-3266

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3266 is to be contained within Provisional Site-109. Due to the nature of SCP-3266, it is impossible to relocate it to avoid accidental civilian exposure. Civilians aware of SCP-3266 are to be escorted off the premises and administered Class-B amnestics. A cover story regarding the cleanup of the area for a housing development will be the only public acknowledgement of SCP-3266 by Foundation personnel. In the event of an on-site disappearance, the next of kin to the individual affected by SCP-3266 are to be monitored for reports of SCP-3266-1; Class-A amnestics are to be administered to individuals exposed to SCP-3266-1.

Description: SCP-3266 is a time distortion anomaly affecting individuals who enter a 30m radius of the aircraft control tower in the [REDACTED] Naval Air Station in [REDACTED]. Individuals who enter the effective range of SCP-3266 will spontaneously disappear to an unspecified location in the Ardennes Forest during the Battle of the Bulge in 1943, then reappear approximately 3-7 days after their disappearance at the base of the aircraft control tower, dead, typically from blood loss caused by an unknown force. This occurs in approximately 97% of disappearances. 3% of disappearances result in the disappeared individual reappearing at the base of the aircraft control tower, unharmed and alive. This unspecified location is believed to be a rift in time in which those affected by SCP-3266's time distortion anomaly are stuck in an armed engagement between an ONI research team designated "Deep Six" and [REDACTED]. Individuals affected by the time distortion anomaly are only anchored to the rift for as long as the engagement lasts. Based on reports from Security Officer ███████ and MTF O-10 "Bags of Mystery", it is assumed that the engagement is a time loop that plays the exact situation over a total time of 3 hours.


SCP-3266-1 is a male humanoid appearing to be in his late 30’s wearing a U.S. Military Class-A uniform that dates back to World War II. SCP-3266-1’s one purpose appears to be to inform the next of kin of victims of SCP-3266 stating that they were “killed in action.” Any attempts to intercept or communicate with SCP-3266-1 before and/or after its message delivery to the victim’s next of kin has proven unsuccessful. Any attempt to track SCP-3266-1 using a GPS device stuck onto its back during the delivery of its message has resulted in a loss of signal. The only visible identification on SCP-3266-1’s uniform is a set of captain’s bars on either shoulder; however, no name or division patch is visible anywhere on the uniform.

SCP-3266-2 are members of a World War II Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) Research team defending a camp in the Ardennes Forest during The Battle of the Bulge. Instances of SCP-3266-2 exhibit no anomalous properties and their interaction with those who entered SCP-3266's active zone is limited. No name patches are visible on their uniforms.

SCP-3266-3 are World War II era German Army soldiers attacking the camp that SCP-3266-2 instances are defending. The only anomalous properties that SCP-3266-3 instances exhibit are an unexplained ability to control instances of SCP-3266-4. There are no obvious means to this control over instances of SCP-3266-4. Instances of SCP-3266-3 are not able to be identified by a visible name or division patch.

SCP-3266-4 are entities believed to be concentration camp prisoners that are the results of an experiment to create an expendable attack force that are under the control of SCP-3266-3. They appear to be human: however, they are extremely malnourished, but show no signs of physical fatigue in their actions. There is a swastika sewn onto the backs of instances of SCP-3266-4, and their eyes are bloodshot to the point of almost appearing entirely red. Numbers are tattooed onto the arms of instances of SCP-3266-4 in a style akin to that of concentration camp prisoners during World War II. All SCP-3266-4 instances are extremely hostile and will immediately kill their victims upon catching them.

Discovery Log: SCP-3266’s anomalous properties were first brought to Foundation attention on ██, █, 1998 after the bodies of three teenagers were found by local authorities following a manifestation of SCP-3266-1. The families of the missing teenagers were informed by the manifestation of SCP-3266-1 that their sons were “killed in action”. A cover story regarding the deaths of the teenagers dying from a fall from the top of the tower was deployed and any individuals who were exposed to SCP-3266-1 were administered Class-B Amnestics. Foundation personnel within the local department notified field agents of the reports and Agents ████ and ██████ were dispatched to locate any signs of a humanoid matching the description of SCP-3266-1. Both Agents were unable to locate an individual matching the description of SCP-3266-1. Upon travelling to SCP-3266, radio contact was lost with both Agents. Approximately 76 hours after Foundation personnel lost contact with both Agents, SCP-3266-1 manifested itself outside the homes of the Agents and informed their spouses that Agents ████ and ██████ were “killed in action.”

Interviewed: Security Officer ███████

Interviewer: Dr. Morris

Foreword: Security Officer ███████ disappeared whilst unknowingly in SCP-3266’s area of effect prior to the discovery of the thirty-meter (30m) radius around SCP-3266’s originally perceived effective zone; however, he manifested outside the area of effect alive and unharmed approximately 4 days after his disappearance.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Morris: Good evening, ████, good to have you back.

Security Officer ███████: It’s a relief to be back sir. I don’t know how the hell I was able to get out of there.

Dr. Morris: Could you begin by telling me what happened after you disappeared within the
radius of SCP-3266?

Security Officer ███████: Uh, yeah, I was patrolling at the bottom of the aircraft control tower and all of a sudden there was a flash of light, and then I was sitting in what looked like a tent. Some guy in an old army uniform opened up the tent and threw me a rifle and screamed at me that they were breaching the wall. I ran outside the tent to ask him where I was but I was greeted by soldiers shoving past me to get to one of the walls.

Dr. Morris: What was happening?

Security Officer ███████: Well I stepped outside into a snowy forest in what looked to be a U.S. Army camp that was heavily fortified with lots of boxes and sandbags acting as makeshift walls and people were all rushing towards the walls with their weapons up.

Dr. Morris: Were there any anomalous properties regarding the campsite or forest?

Security Officer ███████: Initially, no, all the people and the surrounding area appeared like I’d expect them to. The rifle I had gotten earlier looked just like my grandfather’s old M1 Garand, and if I remember anything about his war stories I could’ve sworn I was in the Ardennes Forest.

Dr. Morris: You mean to tell me that you were taken back in time when you disappeared in SCP-3266?

Security Officer ███████: Well that’s what I got to thinking, but then I looked over the wall…

Dr. Morris: What did you see?

Security Officer ███████: These horrible twisted creatures were running towards the wall, they were wearing nothing and had a swastika stitched into their backs, and their limbs moved in such a unnatural way that they couldn’t have been human.

Dr. Morris: Could you describe what exactly they looked like?

Security Officer ███████: Along with the sewn on swastikas, they had numbers tattooed on their arms and were extremely thin, and their eyes were bloodshot to hell. Those things just threw themselves onto the wall attempting to knock it down, and then a small squad of Nazi infantry ran up and started firing at us from behind those creatures.

Dr. Morris: Do believe that the creatures you described were utilized by the Nazi infantry?

Security Officer ███████: I think so, yeah. We eventually repelled their attack and before I knew it I was back here just outside the aircraft control tower again. The rifle I had was just gone, and I was told when I got back that four days had passed despite it only feeling like a couple of hours.

Dr. Morris: Alright, I believe that is enough for now. Thank you for your time ████.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Security Officer ███████ has been transferred to Site-██ for psychological analysis. Dr. Morris recommends monitoring SCP-3266 for any expansion of its area of effect. The entities Security Officer ███████ fought alongside will hereby be designated SCP-3266-2, the enemy soldiers will be designated SCP-3266-3, the hostile creatures encountered will be designated SCP-3266-4. Mobile Task Force Omicron-10 “Bags of Mystery” will be sent into SCP-3266 to record data on the nature of SCP-3266 and the entities that Security Officer ███████ encountered.

Date: ██/██/1999

Exploration Team: Mobile Task Force Omicron-10 “Bags of Mystery”

Subject: SCP-3266

Team Lead: O-10-Cap

Team Members: O-10-1/O-10-2/O-10-3

<Begin Log>

Site Command: Visual and audio feed coming online now.

Visual and audio feed for all members of MTF O-10 come online simultaneously.

O-10-Cap: All team members check in.

O-10-1: Check.

O-10-2: Check.

O-10-3: Check.

Site Command: It’s possible we will lose communication once you enter SCP-3266, we ask that you keep audio and video enabled for the duration of the exploration. Please take note of any vocal anomalies you may hear upon your exit of SCP-3266. Good luck team.

O-10-Cap: Copy that command, we will now enter SCP-3266’s area of effect.

MTF O-10 enters SCP-3266’s area of effect and disappears approximately 2 and a half minutes after their initial entrance into the zone. The following part of the transcript takes place from within SCP-3266.

O-10-Cap: We have entered into SCP-3266, do you read me command?

Static is heard from the radio.

O-10-Cap: Alright, looks like we are going to be on our own for this one.

MTF O-10 moves out of the tent and step into an in progress firefight in a camp believed to be the same camp described by Security Officer ███████. An instance of SCP-3266-2 then approaches MTF O-10 and orders that they help defend the wall.

O-10-1: Could you tell us what-

SCP-3266-2: I said get to the wall or we are all cooked!

MTF O-10 moves to the eastern wall of the camp. Visual feed picks up creatures matching the description given by Security Officer ███████ and instances of SCP-3266-3 and -4 mobilizing towards the wall.

O-10-Cap: O-10-2 and O-10-3, move to the left side of the wall and provide cover. O-10-1 rally on me and hold the right side!

O-10-1: How many of those things are there?!

O-10-Cap: Never mind that now, just make your ammo count and keep those things back!

Weapon fire from both sides is exchanged for approximately 20 minutes. Irrelevant logs during this time period have been redacted.

SCP-3266-2: Grenade!

A grenade then detonates just in front of the eastern camp wall apparently inflicting casualties on multiple instances of SCP-3266-2. All instances of SCP-3266-2 and MTF 0-10 fall back to a makeshift palisade towards the center of the camp.

O-10-3: O-10-2 isn’t going to make it, he has hostiles closing in on him quick.

O-10-Cap: Provide suppressive fire for O-10-2 now!

All team members begin firing on the entities closing in on 0-10-2 but are unable to repel their numbers effectively. O-10-2 is knocked to the ground by an instance of SCP-3266-4 and is killed.

O-10-Cap: O-10-2 is down, do not let this palisade fall!

O-10-1: We need to repel the assault as fast as possible. Command said once it is over we will be transported back to Provisional Site-109.

O-10-3: Let's hope we even can, these things are stopping at nothing to get at us.

Fighting continues for another two hours before hostile entities begin to retreat into the forest. MTF O-10-Cap, O-10-1, and O-10-3 then manifest 30 meters outside SCP-3266 and re-establish communication with Site Command.

O-10-Cap: Command, do you read me?

Site Command: We read you, what’s your status?

O-10-Cap: Did you pick up on any of that command?

Site Command: Audio technicians are reporting they have it, return to base for debriefing.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Following the exploration of SCP-3266 by MTF-O-10, the O5 Council has prohibited further expeditions and ordered that future containment efforts be focused on ensuring that SCP-3266-1,-2, and -3

Addendum 3266: Further research into the history of SCP-3266 revealed that it was a launching point for a previously classified special research division within the United States Navy classified only as "Deep Six". Foundation Agents embedded within the Office of Naval Intelligence were able to extract files regarding missions carried out by "Deep Six" from the site in which SCP-3266 is constructed. One file received by the Foundation detailed a mission into the Ardennes Forest by "Deep Six". The full report was transcribed into the Foundation database and can be found below.

Certain pieces of the document have yet to be declassified by the Foundation, and will be declassified at the discretion of Dr. Morris.

Mission Report:██/██/1943
ONI Research Team: "Deep Six"
Task: Discover activities of ██████ ████████ █ in the Ardennes Forest.

Initial Mission Communique: Deep Six successfully airdropped approximately 40 km behind enemy lines. Initial radio communications note a lack of German troops in the area in which ██████ ████████ █ is assumed to be operating. Agent ███████ of MI6 is receiving communications from Deep Six with an experimental long range radio designed by the U.S. Navy.

██/██/1943(0500 hours): Deep Six reports they have set up camp and will begin scouting the area for signs of ██████ ████████ █.

██/██/1943 (0800 hours): Deep Six reports evidence of the ██████ ████████ █ in the area. Deep Six is ordered to pursue.

██/██/1943 (1200 hours): Reports of attacks by wildlife are recieved. One squad member has been wounded and is being transported back to camp.

██/██/1943 (1230 hours): A correction from Deep Six describes the attack to be by a supposed concentration camp prisoner with Nazi insignia sewn into his skin.

██/██/1943 (1300 hours): Deep Six reports that they have lost track of ██████ ████████ █ and are ordered to return to camp and rest.

██/██/1943 (1600 hours): Deep Six reports hostile contact attacking the camp. Defenses are set up using materials airdropped by the team.

██/██/1943 (1645 hours): Deep Six reports they will begin constructing additional defenses to deal with any further attacks. Hostiles that attacked the base earlier are confirmed to be members of ██████ ████████ █ using the prisoners as weapons. No injuries were reported.

██/██/1943 (1715 hours):This is the last report received from Deep Six. No further contact attempts have been met with any sort of response. Deep Six is assumed to be K.I.A. The last report is as follows "(Heavy static) More hostiles… (Heavy static) Time dilation experiment is- (Heavy static).

Post Mission Analysis: Intelligence reports suggest that ██████ ████████ █ was developing a weapon capable of time dilation that the ██████ ████ ███████ had ordered to turn the tide of the war. Deep Six likely encountered this weapon and were victims of its effects; however, ██████ ████████ █ is also believed to have been victims of the effects of their own weapons.

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