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SafeSCP-2944 An Anomalous HaircutRate: 63

Item #: SCP-2944

Object Class: Safe

Secure Containment Procedures: An envelope containing Procedure Gamma-2944 is to be kept in Site-19's Filing Department, in a locked cabinet. Personnel wishing to experiment with SCP-2944 must first receive written permission from a Level Three personnel, or must have Level Three or higher clearance themselves. All testing is to be performed on D-Class personnel.

A written log is to be maintained, and no copies are to be made of the instructions. Any personnel found to have disseminated information to unapproved persons will be subject to reprimand.

Description: SCP-2944 is an anomalous hairstyle, colloquially called the "███████ █████", and an extensively specific set of instructions (Procedure Gamma-2944) must be followed in order to create SCP-2944's anomalous properties. A few have been included in this report:

  • From the ridge of the skull to the hairline before the subject's left ear, at a distance of at least ██ cm from the front hairline, cut a rough rectangle (█ cm wide, and from hairline to ridge) of hair approximately █ cm long.
  • Completely shave a █ cm wide line vertically down the subject's left eyebrow, or if a Widow's Peak is present, their right. Do not shave with an upwards motion. Positioning is unimportant as long as there is still hair present to either side of the cut.
  • On the subject's right-hand side, cut an isosceles triangle █.█ cm x █.█ cm x █.█ cm with the non-base angle originating from the highest point of the ear and the base oriented so that it is nearest as possible to the nape of the neck.

Once the conditions given in Procedure Gamma-2944 are met, the wearer will gain conscious control over each hair follicle on their body. The abilities are proportional to how well the instructions were followed; a subject will have greater awareness and control over their abilities the lower the error in the procedure. Hairs being controlled by the subject show signs of increased flexibility and sensory input. Several test-subjects were capable of discerning the shape of objects simply by brushing them through fine body hair, without contacting the skin. In addition to being capable of undulating motions, the hair is also less receptive to static buildup. Users can no longer control follicles once they fall or are plucked out.

Observed behaviors also include several unconscious actions; for example, if threatened, a subject's hair may become rigid and stand on end all over the body. Additionally, should a subject have need of an item and reach for it, hair up the arm and on the hand will subtly point towards the desired object. If a subject is cold, longer strands will weave together in simple patterns to preserve warmth.

Longer strands are also capable of wrapping themselves around parts of the body, or performing multiple directional changes, though the complexity able to be achieved depends on the level of focus from the subject. Several D-class proved capable of such actions as pushing a button, flipping a light switch, and even holding lightweight objects with a lock of hair. A marked increase in arrector pili muscle mass is noted after a brief duration1, but does not account for the increased range of movement, or a subject's ability to bend hairs.

The effects of SCP-2944 can last up to one week, depending on individual hair-growth rate, and the subject's abilities wane as hair grows back. Should Procedure Gamma-2944 be used consistently, however, the subject may experience their abilities as long as is permitted2. Should a subject possess SCP-2944 for a period of more than twelve consecutive days, signs of various forms of hypertrichosis begin to appear. These new hair growths also fall under the effects of SCP-2944. This symptom can last up to a year before dissipating when Procedure Gamma-2944 has been halted.

Addendum 1: An on-going experiment by Dr. White has revealed that more anomalous abilities will manifest if SCP-2944 is maintained for long periods of time. As of ██/██/14 ██/██/15 the following symptoms and abilities have been recorded by Dr. White, who has hand-picked D-2944-17 as the test subject. Due to the long term nature and low priority of research on SCP-2944, only one D-Class has been allowed for observation.

The following is an informal test log maintained by SCP-2944 research staff, abridged to show notable dates.

  • D-2944-17, who possessed curly hair previous to the experiment, has begun to develop straight hair. Additionally, the subject was capable of making shorter hairs stand on end, and said hairs displayed remarkable resilience for, as determined by lab results, normal keratinous hair. D-2944-17 was capable of easily shrugging off light blows, thanks to his new layer of padding. Days since initial haircut: 23
  • Today, subject demonstrated the ability to make strands retain their shape, even after plucked, and has proven capable of picking the lock of his handcuffs with a bundle of it. Security measures have been updated accordingly. D-2944-17 was reprimanded, as he failed to cooperate with guards. Days since initial haircut: 31
  • Subject today revealed growth of hair from the palms of his hands and soles of his feet, as well as several other regions. These are not normal in subjects with hypertrichosis. Days since initial haircut: 36
  • Subject performed delicate and precise tasks such as threading a needle and even writing with hairs dipped in ink. A slowly increasing force capable of being exerted by individual follicles has also been recorded. Days since initial haircut: 50
  • D-2944-17 requested that one of his palms be shaved. The responsible assistant researcher declared that D-2944-17's hands were "sticky". A closer inspection showed that the subject had developed a secondary layer of hair, which was wiry, short, and curved, that allowed D-2944-17 to maintain a better grasp. These hairs were capable of changing shape at will, transforming from vertical to hooked. Days since initial haircut: 52
  • During weekly Procedure Gamma-2944, D-2944-17 reported pain with each cut. Experiments following this discovered that the subject is capable of feeling pressure, pain, heat, cold, and texture with their hair. Days since initial haircut: 74
  • Today, subject performed a pull-up, utilizing only the 30 cm bangs required by Procedure Gamma-2944. Also, the subject was able to propel himself forward on the floor while unclothed. As he laid face-down, D-2944-17 used his hair in a millipede-like motion to advance. Days since initial haircut: 89
  • Subject, originally possessing black hair, was found with dark red hair this afternoon. When questioned, D-2944-17 stated that he had figured out a way to manipulate the coloring of his hair. Melanin has been observed flowing abnormally freely when strands were examined through a microscope. Days since initial haircut: 96
  • Subject was found to be capable of clinging to and climbing upon rough surfaces, even sheer walls, thanks to the aforementioned growths. Testing has also determined that D-2944-17's hairs are more deeply rooted in the dermis, making the act of pulling them more difficult and painful. Days since initial haircut: 99
  • There was a containment breach this morning and D-2944-17 took the opportunity to attempt an escape. Agent Bernard was caught off guard and D-2944-17 punched him in the jaw. Agent Bernard suffered multiple pinprick puncture wounds, and it has been determined that erect follicles of hair had pierced his skin. The agent was knocked unconscious, but D-2944-17 was shot by guards stationed nearby. Days since initial haircut: 105

The consequential autopsy revealed several points of interest.

  1. Several hours after expiration, D-2944-17's hair follicles also entered rigor-mortis-like state, suspending his body approximately an inch off of the operating table.
  2. Hair had clumped over the entry and exit wounds, likely to slow bleeding.
  3. While surgeon ████████ shaved the subject's chest for the initial incisions, he unintentionally cut D-2944-17 slightly to the left of the sternum, resulting in local hairs stabbing him in response. The hairs became again flaccid and unresponsive within two minutes.
  4. Subject's inner ear contained additional, longer hair cells of unknown function.
  5. Hairs had grown in several other cavities and canals, such as abnormally long cilia in the smaller intestine. Similar hair-like growths were also noted on the roof of the mouth and down the esophagus.
  6. Near the end of the procedure, D-2944-17 began to shed his hair, until all follicles had been displaced. Shed hair was found to be non-anomalous.

* D-2944-17's corpse has been incinerated as per protocol.

Notes On Discovery: SCP-2944 was discovered in the small village of █████████, Panama, where a local barber was reported as a Person of Interest by a visiting government official. PoI-3564a refused to elaborate, even with specialized Foundation techniques, on the creation or discovery of the anomaly, though he did demonstrate the operation upon request. PoI-3564a was found to be benign, and was mostly cooperative, but was administered Class-E amnestics and relocated as a precaution. Residents of the town reported several rumors about the man, and were also administered amnestics on a case by case basis.

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