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Item #: SCP-3272

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the unpredictable nature of SCP-3272 no adequate containment procedures have yet been devised. Persons known to have communicated in any conventional way with SCP-3272 are to be immediately terminated to prevent the spread of its memetic effect. The only exception to this applies to Foundation members of clearance level 4 and above, as well as all persons deemed to be critical to world government, who are to be administered class-A amnesics.

To prevent the generation of SCP-3272-A a minimum of one infected is to be secured at all times.
Instances of SCP-3272-A are to be quarantined by MTF Eta-10 ("See No Evil") until its inevitable self degeneration. Termination of all infected in an aggravated state is justified.

In the event of an SCP-3272-A instance manifesting within a Foundation site, Emergency Procedure Hyperion is to be executed. All sites known to be frequented by level 4 or above personnel are to be fitted with emergency evacuation tunnels to aid escape for non-infected of high ranking. If a new SCP-3272-A instance is believed to be in a state of random generation these tunnels are to be constantly patrolled by armed agents provided with portable amnestic treatments.


  • All communication methods to the affected site are to be cut immediately. Power to the site is to be disconnected as well. All sites known to be used by level 4 or above personnel are to be fitted with emergency evacuation tunnels to aid escape for all non-infected.
  • The area surrounding the site is to be evacuated with a cover story relating to weapons testing; alternative housing is to be provided by the Foundation. A border is also to be constructed around the site to prevent escape of infected.
  • Long ranged missiles are to be used to terminate all entities vulnerable to kinetic assault. The missile is not to contain any form of AI or guidance systems as these would be affected by SCP-3272.
  • The anomaly is then to be "starved" of sentient life forms until it degenerates.
  • Clean up crew and containment specialists are to arrive at the blast zone to secure all breached SCPs.

Description: SCP-3272 is a memetic anomaly which spreads through the stimulation of basic senses such as sight or smell. Infected feel forced to transmit SCP-3272 by any means, often producing unwarranted vocalizations or physically assaulting others. Affected are somehow attracted to each other, seemingly meeting by accident. It has been recorded that SCP-3272's effects are not immediate and take an approximately 6 hour period until becoming noticeable; this makes testing possible with infected still in the early stages. The bearers of SCP-3272 have been found in custody on charges of antisocial behavior; they have also been found within psychiatric hospitals misdiagnosed with insanity or schizophrenia as a result of the anomaly. If a number of infected make physical contact they will conjoin into a SCP-3272-A instance; this property has accounted for the creation of 100+ SCP-3272-A instances.

SCP-3272-A designates a visual and auditory anomaly existing seemingly for the sole purpose of spreading SCP-3272. SCP-3272-A, according to D-class reports, appears as a massive, roughly spherical object entirely composed of light. Extensive D-class testing has shown them to not produce any radiation or have any mass, this - combined with extensive reading of the documents under Addendum-A - has led to the development of a theory stating they exist purely in the conscious mind. SCP-3272-A's "outbursts" show similar nature to that of the infected although on a much larger scale. Logical communication with the anomaly has proven impossible although it does appear to show some form of semi-sentience; on the arrival of Foundation personal it was found to begin the output of information regarding multiple Keter class entities and remarking on its own proposed designation as an SCP, stating "I'm not one of them, I am art, they are monsters I am beautiful. You are terrible." SCP-3272 infected have been found to be drawn to SCP-3272-A, on contact they are absorbed into the anomaly. If the instance is not provided with sentience for a prolonged period of time it will cease to exist. If no beings with sentience in some form are infected and no "lights" are active a new SCP-3272-A instance will spontaneously generate in a random location; as a result of this a minimum of one infected must be contained constantly.

Addendum A: Several documents regarding SCP-3272 were discovered on ██-██-2017 on a Foundation database created by three unidentified anartists going by the online aliases "JoysHeartbeat", "SynthesisEve" and "A Humble Glass of Water". For some seemingly satirical effect the artists chose to automatically expunge all cursing found in the messages in a style and tone similar to that of the Foundation; all other censoring is done through Foundation protocol.

JoysHeartbeat , Account Activated

SynthesisEve, Account Activated

A Humble Glass of Water, Account Activated

You guys here?



So you guys ready to start this thing? I've made this chat specifically for building the actual piece, so yeah, use it like that plz. You have no idea how hard it is to make something like this.

Okay dude.

Oh wait one more thing. I'll make this so it gets sent to the Foundation so don't like swear or anything I know the Foundation doesn't like that.


I also made it so it expunges curses so yeah. Surprise!

Welp now you've took all the fun out of this :(

I don't really want to be wasting any time but I think a little project recap would be good for when we "hand" this into the Foundation.

So put shortly this is literally just the greatest shitpost in the history of man.

Almost. The project entitled "Light" is the first anart piece designed by a new emerging group. Its purpose as specified by "JoysHeartbeat" is to see how large an effect we can have on the world, more precisely to see how hard we can make something to contain for the organization the SCP Foundation and to see how we can manipulate ideas.

I believe I got it all but I might have missed a couple of things here and there.

Yes yes yes, that was fine. Now…

Essentially you want to be famous, not just that, famous as a God. You want to feel the world mold around your hand. You want to see that you are important, that you aren't just a meaningless tiny little man who will never be remembered just because the world is tuned to squander and dirty the doings of those who care. Basically you want to be more than everyone else.

Heh, you're not wrong. You know what you've never told us what you want to achieve with this

Artistic expression.

You guys done, that was nice. Team bonding! But yeah we should start assigning stuff to do now.


I've got the computer components, I've got the machine wired up right now. I'm done, now you do your parts.

But I didn't tell you what to do.

This isn't my first time making true art, I know what to do.

Okay then. I've got to get the idea of sanity and the idea of light.


To make an impact we don't change the world, we change how people think about the world. If we can change the properties of simple ideas we change what they really are.

Just don't worry about it I have a contact who can hook us up super easily, I'll add him to the chat soon.

So… Why don't you say what you're doing AHGOW.

I'm giving my brain. I will give my life for this project. What a great way to be remembered, as the bestest meme of all time.

Anyway guys I think that's good for tonight lets talk tomorrow again. Bye!


Signing off.

JoysHeartbeat , Account Deactivated

SynthesisEve, Account Deactivated

A Humble Glass of Water, Account Deactivated

JoysHeartbeat , Account Activated

Anyone here.



SynthesisEve, Account Activated

A Humbe Glass of Water, Account Activated

Bloody hell mate I know I'm dying for this cause but there is no need to wake me up at 3 in the morning!

I've been waiting for you all to come online, I've programmed the computer with some presets I think (I'm really not calling you that) our friend would like to use when hooked up to the device.

Oh thx mate. But it is universal law to always address me by my full Christian name.

And what is that.

Read my username

I despise you.


My contact isn't always online I just noticed him and I think we should talk to him about getting the ideas

Let us begin then, I hope he is reliable, I have met many traders who are less than satisfactory.

He's joining now.

Temporary Account Pending…

Temporary Account Accepted

Temporary Account V1XP046Unknown, Connected to Server


So. I'm new to this, how do we go about it. Let me just put it simply I need some ideas, don't over complicate this. We need light and sanity, I don't know how this really works so just explain as you go along.

LOL. By default this whole industry is over complicated. Anyway I know that you want some ideas, most people don't choose ones as general as you; do you know how many people are sane? Well for light that is literally everything you're going to be seeing.

Not exactly. We've made a thing so we can…

NoNoNoNoNo wait I see… a machine. Oh very clever you've thought about this, masterfully programmed if I may say so. Fascinating how you've built this, the friend you put in this, he will be a very powerful disembodied brain indeed (and your name is wonderful). Specifically targeting what you want from an idea with a piece of rudimentary technology I don't even think I could do that for that takes someone really special to make.

I have no idea what you're going on about with the machine but it's nice to know you like my name

How could you not see? If you just bought whole ideas the universe would be lagging behind the huge changes you made, with this machine you choose which parts you want it is absolute genius. How can you not know what it does it must have taken you years with the level of inter-dimensional travel you have. Actually now that I see it none of you are aware of this machines capabilities. None of you have seen it but yet here it is in the memory of the very server we speak in. Explain?

Years? We were told it took a night and that was all. SynthesisEve maybe you should talk to him.

SynthesisEve, oh that name has ties. Oh and the ties to that name have ties to the very walls of the reality to live in. Old friend why hide yourself from me?

Because you are an idiot. Because I want nothing to do with you at all.

Why? Look at what I've become.

You've somehow become less than you were before. Don't even try to come back.

Umm who is this guy, really, SynthesisEve? And on that note who exactly are you?

He is nothing, literally a piece of nothing that has convinced the universe that it exists. I, I am something.

You mock me?

No I simply state the truth.

Can we not just agree to disagree?

No we can agree that you will leave. How are you even here, you don't make any sense?

I'm already everywhere, I'm not nothing. Your machine, your project is truly fascinating, I will return for it.

Oh and you've already got the ideas, I think you deserve them.

Temporary Account V1XP046Unknown Erased

What the [EXPLICITIVE] was all that!!!!!!

If my thinking is correct you've just seen something the universe isn't really built for. This world's going to shit, what am I doing, I've got to go!

SynthesisEve, Account Deactivated

How did he do that?


He swore. You said you put filters to stop us cursing

I did.

JoysHeartbeat , Account Deactivated

A Humble Glass of Water, Account Deactivated

SynthesisEve, Account Activated

Salutations. I know none of you are online and we've only been working on this project for a month, hell we've only been talking for two days, but what you saw last night is much bigger than what this project is meant to be. Continue the piece; I've sent the machine to you JoysHeartBeat so you can carry it on. I've had to remove a lot of the code in place because I can't have that thing get to it, just make something great and forget yesterday. I'm sorry but I have to go.

SynthesisEve, Account Deactivated

JoysHeartbeat , Account Activated

A Humbe Glass of Water, Account Activated



He meant it, he did give me the machine. It was just standing in my garden in the rain, I'm surprised no-one thought it weird.

So, he really wanted this?

It seems that way. What we saw last night must have been important.

It did write in red text

Fair point.


Are we gonna keep this train rolling?

Well we have to now, don't we? He said to do so, we can't just leave it unfinished.

Okay, how are we gonna get the ideas though? The dude we thought could give us 'em turned out to be a "nothing".

About that. I think the ideas are already here, I'll explain later. It's time you come to the machine dude, time we built this. If I do have the ideas we can finish it sooner than I thought.

K then where you at?


JoysHeartbeat , Account Activated

It just crossed my mind that I'm the only one left. I guess I should document what's going to happen now. When I activate the machine these conversations will be uploaded to a random Foundation database and then it'll do whatever Steven wants it to do; oh yeah his name was Steven, I never got to tell him my name.

I know he wanted it more than any of us but when I was taking him apart, putting him into that great pulsating metal beast, I couldn't help but think that I was somehow doing something wrong. Also it worked perfectly, no need for us to get new ideas, that thing did give them to me. Now all there is to do is hope the machine turns on.

Frankly I'm terrified, is this how every new anartist feels? It's powering up now, his mind is being spread across the world - I hope he's happy.

I can't live with myself anymore, how can this even work, what have I done. These people thought I knew what I was doing but I was just lying, this world wasn't ready for what I've done, I wasn't ready for what I've done. What did I see on the second night of this? The person who I've just killed didn't even know my name!

How could I ever live with this on me.

Temporary Account V1XP046Unknown, Connected to Server

Temporary Account V1XP046Unknown, Disconnected from Server

SynthesisEve, Account Activated

Hello, is anybody there?

No I don't suppose there would be. But this is going to be sent to the Foundation so at least someone will hear me.

I couldn't stop him, I thought I would be able to but he's not what he was before. He is everywhere, he has become everything. I guess this won't all make a lot of sense to you so let me explain it as best I can with what time I have left.

That thing we saw a few days ago is not of this world, at least not anymore. To you he is just words on a screen, he can't hurt you, words can't do what he did to me. He was once my friend, a fellow artist. We built the most incredible pieces, in fact you're probably containing a few right now. He was a great person - nothing like what he is today. We searched for artistic expression in the darkest and strangest of places, areas of the world that don't begin to contort to human conception. We went deeper and deeper, too deep. We had an idea, we had an idea for what could have been the greatest artwork of all time. Our magnum opus. The only problem is that it was not ordinary, in some rare occasions lives had to be given to complete certain works, this one didn't require some lives, this one required a whole universe.

We chose the best most beautiful world, whose fields glowed with the light of the most amazing flowers and trees, whose children played the most elegant games and whose music was made to be heard by gods. He walked down onto that world, standing among literal angels as I held open the door, then he set fire to it. He didn't use any weapon or tool which could ever exist, he simply stated that the universe wouldn't be there anymore and then the ether consumed it. When I asked him why he wanted to see the world he was about to kill he responded with a single sentence: "so I can regret it later".

He was never the same after that day. He spent most of his time sitting in front of the piece muttering nonsense, he had really been effected by what he had to do. I sometimes wonder whether it would have been worth it even if it had worked, the amount of lives lost was immense. The piece itself was entitled "Heaven", it was going to be able to change the nature of ideas on a fundamental level. We could change the way people perceived certain situations, death would become joyous, pain would be tolerable, life would be so much better. But he never let me use it, we never changed anything.

He stared into that machine as if he could bring them back, but we both knew they were gone. He continued for days on end, days turned to weeks, weeks turned to months and so on and so on. Then one day the machine and him were gone, missing, all he left was a note saying: "I have gone to make things right". I looked everywhere for him, I fished around in the time streams for any remnant of his existence but I found nothing.

I gave up after a few months, all the evidence told me he had just stopped existing, but I knew that he was still out there. I tried to leave my life behind me, to become a new person without the weight of a universe and one on my shoulders. I worked on projects that were more peaceful with a new perspective. I really did think that I was going to be able to rid myself of my past, but then twenty or so years ago I heard rumors. Words tumbling down the falls of time, talking of a being made of death, talking of a man with a hundred arms, talking of a universe that could speak of the nature of a bloody reality made calm. I knew it was him instantly and I was euphoric and terrified all at the same time; I left what I had made of a new life to go find him and find him I did.

When I saw him it was mortifying, he was less man more a figment of some mad god's wildest and most chaotic dreams. He was above time and space, he could no longer see the point in human goals but yet he tried to. His mind was in turmoil as he strived to be what he once was. Somewhere along his futile journey he had become a monstrosity, ironic really as that was what he was trying to prove he was not. When our eyes linked I ran away to cower in fear. Once more I tried to hide away in a universe that was not my own, occasionally I would get reports of worlds he had consumed and I would ignore them, I knew he would never find me. Of course he did find me, but first he found them, the people who I was going to work with to make the piece "Light". He could sense me as soon as he came into the chat. I left to go speak to him, to make him stop, but he turned me away and put me where I am now - in a prison of nothing. He didn't even care anymore, he doesn't know what he's doing. He will destroy everything that ever was so that he can feel human again. He is just emulating tired out lines that he found out in the ether, you have to see that this isn't even a man, or an entity, it's just an idea that was so warped out of proportion that it doesn't know what it is.

He's hunting for more ways to manipulate the world, somehow he lost "Heaven" so he's getting desperate, that's why he was in that world. He wanted the art piece, damn he's probably already took control of it while I'm writing this. He's going to try and change what he is, make himself "beautiful".

Forgive me.

SynthesisEve, Account Deactivated

Temporary Account V1XP046Unknown, Connected to Server

Temporary Account V1XP046Unknown, Disconnected from Server

Addendum B: Research into the possible danger posed by the phenomenon described in the final document is currently awaiting O5 approval. Foundation operatives discovered the corpse of Jerry Haffleson, identified to be "JoysHeartBeat" by the address expunged in one of his messages, hung at his home in London, the machine seeming to be the source of SCP-3272 was not located. Research into the location of the machine is currently awaiting O5 approval. The possibility this document being a modified conductor of SCP-3272's anomalous properties is currently being investigated.

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