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A flower produced by SCP-3291

Item #: SCP-3291

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Specimens of SCP-3291 are to be secured in a botanical containment facility at Site-872. They are to be contained within a monitored greenhouse environment large enough to house a non-anomalous version of SCP-3291. In the event that a contained specimen enters its active phase, all produced instances of SCP-3291-1 are to be collected and incinerated, and the acting site director is to be notified immediately.

Seeds obtained from SCP-3291 are to be kept in a secure locker requiring security level 3 to access or otherwise incinerated.

Upon discovery of a location that has experienced a complete 3291-AX scenario, a 1km security perimeter is to be established centered on the location, and Procedure 615-Memnon is to be executed at the site.

Procedure 615-Memnon Protocol:
Once a 1km perimeter has been established around the control area, all vegetation within the control area is to be incinerated if present. Soil in the control area is then to be tilled no less than twice to ensure full coverage. Control area is then to be sprayed with Class A herbicides no less than twice to ensure full coverage.

Control area is to be inspected weekly for signs of vegetation for the next 6 months. If any is found, it is to be incinerated immediately and the location in which it is discovered must undergo an additional iteration of the steps previously outlined.

If no vegetation is discovered in the control area after 6 months, the control area will be considered neutralized and no further action is necessary.

Upon the discovery of a currently active 3291-AX scenario, MTF-086 ("Wedding Crashers") is to be dispatched to secure a 1km perimeter around the location and initiate Operation 3291-AXN-Petrov. Victims of a 3291-AX scenario are considered acceptable casualties to prevent 3291-AX Phase 6 from occurring.

Field Operations Guide 3291-AXN-Petrov

Moble Task Force: MTF-086
Callsign: "Wedding Crashers"

Squadron 1: "Singer"
Directive: Squadron consists of one sniper unit deployed at a distance of no less than 0.8 kilometers from the control area.
Objective: Termination of SCP-3291-2 before the beginning of 3291-AX Phase 3.

Squadron 2: "Uncle Joe"
Directive: Squadron consists of one assault unit, one medical unit and one containment unit on standby at a distance no less than 0.8 kilometers from the control area.
Objective: Secure, neutralize and contain control area after confirmation that SCP-3291-2 has been terminated.

Squadron 3: "Mary"
Directive: Squadron consists of two artillery units on standby at a distance of no less than 0.9 kilometers from the control area.
Objective: In the event that Singer squadron fails to terminate SCP-3291-2 before 3291-AX Phase 3 occurs, Mary squadron is to bombard the control area until all activity has ceased.

Description: SCP-3291 is an anomalous strain of Citrus sinensis.1 Specimens of SCP-3291 do not bear fruit while in its dormant phase, however they do bear flowers. If a flower from SCP-3291 is used in the construction of a wedding bouquet, the wedding event it is used in will trigger a 3291-AX scenario.

Description: A 3291-AX scenario begins as a standard wedding, in which a flower from SCP-3291 is used in the construction of the wedding bouquet, and consists of 6 phases. A 3291-AX scenario can be prematurely neutralized before the final phase by terminating the bride, designated SCP-3291-2. Once the final phase has begun, the 3291-AX scenario cannot be neutralized until it has completed.

Phase 1
The wedding bouquet containing an SCP-3291 flower will cause all additional flowers in the bouquet to become a deep shade of red, or become pure white.2 All other colors are eliminated from the bouquet. SCP-3291-2's hair also starts to take on a reddish hue. All subjects present at the event are unaware of any odd behavior by this point.

Phase 2
The individual presiding over the ceremony will not read the traditional wedding speech or vows, but will instead recite verses Solomon 8:6 through 8:7. The verses will be spoken in Hebrew, even if the individual has no prior knowledge of the language.

Phase 3
The bridesmaids will approach SPC-3291-2 and begin tearing at her dress and clothing until she is completely nude. While this is occurring, gathered spectators will begin constructing makeshift crucifixes out of any available materials, equaling the number of bridesmaids present. Spectators will then proceed to strip and crucify all bridesmaids in a circular pattern around the bride and groom. Their wrists will be slit during this process.

Phase 4
All spectators will kneel before SCP-3291-2 and the groom, with their heads lowered and hands clasped together. A weapon matching the description of a Vered Jericho sword of unknown composition will manifest and the presiding individual will present it to the groom, who will then use it to slit the throat of the individual. The groom will then disembowel all spectators, beginning with SCP-3291-2's family and then his own.

Phase 5
The groom will present his left hand to SCP-3291-2, who will then consume his left ring finger, after which the groom will slit his left wrist and then stab himself in the heart.

An unknown figure, designated SCP-3291-3, will rise out of the collected pool of blood, as if ascending a flight of stairs. SCP-3291-3 appears to be a male humanoid, with a bulky physique that stands approximately 1.8 meters at full height. Ethnicity cannot be determined, as all known records of this entity show him coated head to toe in blood.

SCP-3291-3 will then approach SCP-3291-2 and proceed to engage in sexual acts. Once finished, SCP-3291-2 will spontaneously combust, causing a fire that will quickly spread and consume anything in the immediate area. No known method has been found to extinguish the flames generated by this event. The fire will last for approximately 2 hours before it burns itself out, leaving behind nothing but a layer of fine ash. If left undisturbed for approximately 1 month after this event, a new grove of SCP-3291 will begin to grow at the location.

To date, there are no known survivors of a 3291-AX scenario, and all attempts to capture, contain, or terminate SCP-3291-3 have failed.

If a 3291-AX scenario is triggered, the SCP-3291 instance that provided the flower used will begin to produce oranges for the next 48 hours. This is considered SCP-3291's active phase. Fruit produced during this time period are classified SCP-3291-1. Consumption of any food or beverage made from SCP-3291-1 by a female human will cause the subject to develop a strong desire for marriage, and devote all of her time and resources into finding someone to marry. If the subject succeeds in engaging in a wedding ceremony, she will insist that flowers from the SCP-3291 instance which provided the orange they consumed be used in the construction of the wedding bouquet. Men are unaffected.

Subjects under the effects of SCP-3291-1 seem to innately know the location of SCP-3291 during this period and will actively seek it out, even if they have no prior knowledge of its location.

Addendum 3291-01:

Case #: 3291-16
Subject: SCP-3291-3
Author: Dr. Leonard Duvant

Research indicates that SCP-3291-3 is possibly a manifestation of an entity controlled by King Solomon, or perhaps is a manifestation of King Solomon himself.
It's been noted that during a 3291-AX event, the individual presiding over the wedding will always recite Solomon 8:6 through 8:7. A translation of the verses reads:
8:6 "Place me like a seal over your heart, like a seal on your arm; for love is as strong as death, its jealousy unyielding as the grave. It burns like blazing fire, like a mighty flame."
8:7 "Many waters cannot quench love; rivers cannot sweep it away. If one were to give all the wealth of one's house for love, it would be utterly scorned."
The verses seem to have some correlation to the events that occur during a 3291-AX scenario.
Also correlated is a Sethian tractate entitled "Apocalypse of Adam", which dates to around the 1st or 2nd century, refers to a legend in which Solomon sends out an army of demons to seek a virgin who had fled from him.
Comparing this to the way SCP-3291-3 seems to operate, as well as its apparent motive, we can extrapolate that the purpose of the ritual is to 'capture' whoever this virgin is. According to reports however, SCP-3291-2 being virginal does not seem to be a requirement for a 3291-AX scenario to occur. It's possible that SCP-3291-3's purpose is to test if SCP-3291-2 is a virgin, though records indicate that all 3291-AX scenarios end in the same fashion, regardless of the virginal state of SCP-3291-2.
Attempts to capture or neutralize SCP-3291-3 have all failed. It appears to be impervious to damage indicated by reports of MTF teams firing on it with various forms of weaponry to no effect. A memetic field appears to be generated during a 3291-AX scenario, centered on SCP-3291-2, which compels all sapient creatures within its range of influence to participate in the scenario, regardless of relation to SCP-3291-2. Termination of SCP-3291-2 appears to end this effect except during 3291-AX Phase 6. Thermal image recording of a 3291-AX scenario by recon teams indicates that the temperature of the area surrounding SCP-3291-3 gradually increases, becoming lethal in a matter of minutes. SCP-3291-2 seems to be immune to this rise in temperature, the reasons for which are still unknown.3 This prevents engagement of SCP-3291-3 directly, making capture and containment incredibly difficult, if not impossible.
Whether SCP-3244-3 is destroyed when a 3291-AX event concludes is currently unknown. More research into the motives and nature of SCP-3291-3 is recommended.

Note: The termination of SCP-3291-2 during 3291-AX Phase 6 does not prevent SCP-3291-3 from manifesting, nor does it appear to prevent SCP-3291-3 from performing sexual acts on the corpse of SCP-3291-2. As such, we have advised teams to avoid termination of SCP-3291-2 after 3291-AX Phase 6 has begun.

Addendum 3291-02:

Experiment #: 3291-12
Researcher: Dr. Leonard Duvant
Subjects: D-8649, ████████

Description: ████████, a 24-year-old woman (Hereby referred to as subject) under the effects of SCP-3291-1 was located in the city of ████████, Brazil. D-8649 was sent undercover as a potential spouse for the subject. D-8649 was injected with a pathogen that would shut down all bodily functions if not treated once every 48 hours, to ensure cooperation with the project. D-8649 was instructed to court, and then agree to marry, the subject. Subject insisted on the use of flowers from SCP-3291, but was denied the request by D-8649. Despite complaints by the subject, a wedding event was scheduled and carried out.
No 3291-AX scenario occurred, and subject lost interest in SCP-3291 almost immediately following the ceremony. Interestingly, the subject lost all interest in D-8649 as well shortly after, requesting a divorce 3 days after the wedding. The marriage was annulled, and class C amnestics were administered to the subject. D-8649 was recalled to the Foundation and underwent treatment to remove the administered pathogen and was reassigned to another project.

Conclusion: The effects of SCP-3291-1 seem to expire if a wedding event occurs that does not involve a flower from SCP-3291. Subjects exposed to SCP-3291-1 that participate in a wedding ceremony that does not trigger a 3291-AX scenario are to be considered neutralized and no longer require the attention of the Foundation.
It should also be noted that any area experiencing unusually high divorce and marriage rates may indicate SCP-3291 activity.

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