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Item #: SCP-3301

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3301 is to remain in bio containment prior to incident 3301-A. All personnel entering SCP-3301's containment are required to wear proper safety equipment. Personnel exiting SCP-3301 are to be sent for decontamination immediately.

SCP-3301 is required to be cleaned weekly to prevent any excess fluid production. Any unknown fluid secretion originating from SCP-3301 are to be reported to research staff immediately. Biological matter which is contaminated by fluid of SCP-3301 is to be incinerated.

Description: SCP-3301 is a small twin bed approximately thirty nine (39) inches wide by eighty (80) inches long. SCP-3301's frame is made out of cheap PVC vinyl and appears in extremely poor condition. SCP-3301 appears to lack all bed accessories, including blankets, pillows, or sheets. SCP-3301 appears to be covered in a thick brown fluid which secretes at regular intervals throughout a daily cycle. Subjects who lie or sit on SCP-3301 report the smell of the fluid to be similar to dirt or salt. Accordingly, subjects who remain on SCP-3301 for an extended period report feeling a dirty or gritty substance originating from the mattress.


SCP-3301 upon recovery.

When any organic matter remains on SCP-3301 for extended intervals, fluid production will begin to increase rapidly, expelling 15 milliliters of dark brown fluid every 10 to 15 seconds. The fluid SCP-3301 secretes is highly adherent to any surface, making it extremely difficult for live subjects to escape rapid fluid secretion.1 If organic matter is successfully removed from SCP-3301, rapid fluid production will cease and SCP-3301 will return to a dormant state. If organic matter is to remain on SCP-3301, rapid fluid secretion will continue until the biological materials affected are completely immersed.

After immersion, the fluid secreted by SCP-3301 will begin to undergo rapid molecular changes, breaking down any biological matter it has encased. Subjects affected report this process to be extremely painful and slow. The fluid becomes highly corrosive, chewing through any organic material including bone. After all organic matter is broken down, SCP-3301 will cease rapid fluid production and proceed to consume broken down materials. It is unknown if this consumption is SCP-3301 feeding, or simply a reaction of extended exposure to organic matter.

Analysis of the fluid secreted by SCP-3301 show the composition of the fluid is similar to mucus of SCP-106. It is unknown if SCP-3301 and SCP-106 have any similar origins. Testing must be approved by O5 council.

Addendum 3301-A: During sample testing on 6/5/2008, SCP-3301 had unexpectedly grown extremely hostile, begging rapid fluid production at an alarming rate. Three (3) research staff had been present in containment at the time, and were sent in to containment to gather fluid samples for testing. SCP-3301 began to expel an unknown fluid light blue in coloration and extremely viscous. The unknown fluid was highly toxic, and made breathing exponentially difficult for researchers present in containment at the time. Researchers in the vicinity were removed from containment and immediately sent to be decontaminated. SCP-3301 has not behaved like this since.

Note from Dr. ████: From now on, don't send any important fucking people into the containment without wearing proper safety equipment. We have no idea what this thing is capable of.

Test 3301-1
Subject: D-4127 (now deceased)
Background: Female, 34
Subject D-4127 was instructed to lie down on SCP-3301. D-4127 was uncooperative, complaining of the fluid present on the mattress. D-4127 was told once more to lie down by researchers, and was cooperative after a few minutes of hesitation. D-4127 complained of feeling uncomfortable and dirty, and asked to leave. D-4127 was denied request for exit, and was instructed to remain on SCP-3301.
After approximately 310 seconds, SCP-3301 began rapid fluid production. D-4127 was examined struggling for several minutes until covered by the fluid. D-4127 was observed screaming expletives directed towards staff members until ceasing. SCP-3301 then began to consume the broken down remains of D-4127, and became docile. Test was concluded.

Test 3301-4
Subject: D-3408
Background: Male, 61
Additional Personnel: Two (2) researchers equipped with proper safety equipment.
D-3408 was instructed to sit on SCP-3301 for five (5) minutes. D-3408 was cooperative, and sat down on SCP-3301. After the 5 minute mark, SCP-3301 began rapid fluid production. D-3408 struggled and demanded to be let out. D-3408 was denied permission to leave, and was instructed to remain on SCP-3301 until instructed otherwise. After several attempts of escaping SCP-3301's fluid, the two researchers present in containment were instructed to release D-3408 from fluid production. D-3408 was released successfully, and SCP-3301 became docile. D-3408 and the two researchers were removed for sterilization.

Test 3301-9
Subject: A small live dog
Researchers placed the dog on SCP-3301 and exited the containment room. The dog had only remained on SCP-3301 for approximately 80 seconds before SCP-3301 had grown hostile. The dog was immediately covered in viscous fluid from SCP-3301 and consumed.
Researcher note: I guess the size of the organic matter is relevant to when SCP-3301 is more active. I wish we would have known this before we wasted eight perfectly good test subjects.

Test 3301-23
Subject(s): Two live mice
Notes: One mouse was detained with Velcro.
The two mice were placed on SCP-3301. Immediately, SCP-3301 began fluid production, encasing both mice in fluid. Test only lasted 15 seconds before being concluded.
Researcher note: I guess this thing isn't sentient. Just goes for whatever is already on it.

Test 33301-30
Subject: An old ████ brand sneaker.
The sneaker was placed onto SCP-3301 by research staff. Two (2) hours passed before the test was concluded.
Researcher note: Whose stupid idea was it to put a shoe on this thing? A shoe isn't organic.

Test 3301-33
Subject: A deceased rabbit
Note: The rabbit had only been deceased for approximately 32 hours.
Research staff placed the deceased mammal onto SCP-3301. After 20 seconds, SCP-3301 began fluid production. The rabbit was immediately consumed.

Test 3301-34
Subject: A deceased rabbit
Note: The rabbit was in advanced stages of decomposition and all of its skin was almost completely decomposed.
The rabbit was placed on SCP-3301. After 60 minutes of no activity, SCP-3301 finally began rapid fluid secretion. The rabbit was immediately consumed by SCP-3301 and the test was concluded.
Researcher note: We have no idea why SCP-3301 was inactive for so long. The rabbit was only missing some of its skin and organs, but it was entirely organic, so it should have reacted similarly to previous tests. Plans for further testing on this reaction need to be created.

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