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SCP-3310 in Crater Lake, Crater Lake National Park.

Item #: SCP-3310

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: As a result of the failure to contain SCP-3310, containment procedures rely upon the prevention of its weather manipulation effects that have manifest upon the removal of SCP-3310 from Crater Lake or the restriction of its movement around the lake. Implanted agents within the United States National Parks Service are to discourage any physical interference with SCP-3310. In addition, if SCP-3310 ever stops movement as a result of entrapment within a natural feature of Crater Lake and causes an activation event, these implanted agents are to release it immediately.

In 1902, the American Secure Containment Initiative, in a joint operation with the Unusual Incidents Unit,1 lobbied to create Crater Lake National Park in the area around Crater Lake to prevent disturbance of the object.

On August 19th 2017, Foundation personnel are to monitor SCP-3310 for the entirety of the day, on the basis of a routine service by the National Parks Service. They are to prevent it's movement from being restricted.

Suppression of information regarding the anomalous nature of SCP-3310 has been deemed impractical, as the amnestic treatment required to full erase knowledge of the object's existence is prohibitively expensive; as well as potentially dangerous. Removal of the object from Crater Lake is not possible due to the common knowledge of the SCP-3310, as well as the anomalous effects associated with it's removal.

Description: SCP-3310 is a 9 meter tall tree stump located in Crater Lake US National Park. SCP-3310 is approximately sixty centimeters in diameter, and an average of 1.2 meters of the top protrudes from the water. SCP-3310 anomalously floats upright, despite its natural buoyancy not suitable to produce such an effect under most conditions.

In addition, SCP-3310 does not appear to decompose or degrade, despite a period of exposure that has lasted for an estimated ███ years. Finally, SCP-3310 supports the presence of a mundane, unidentified species moss belonging to the fontinalis genus, despite such species not being able to survive in such an environment. Due to the inability to remove SCP-3310 from Crater Lake to document its properties, little research has been conducted into the nature of these properties.

The primary property of SCP-3310 manifests when its movement2 around Crater Lake is impeded by any means. For documented activation events of SCP-3310, see Addendum-A. When SCP-3310 activates, the weather patterns around Crater Lake immediately change over the course of the next █ to ██ minutes. Identified changes include the manifestation of storm clouds, increased wind speeds and out of season weather patterns. If SCP-3310 is returned to the lake and allowed to continue its movements, these changes end and weather patterns reverted to pre-activation conditions. The intensity of these events varies widely with each event.

Currently, SCP-3310 and its anomalous properties are public knowledge, as a result of knowledge of the anomaly becoming public knowledge before the use of amnestics became available. SCP-3310 is a minor tourist attraction within Crater Lake, and pointed out on several tours. SCP-3310 is commonly referred to as “The Old Man of the Lake”, and has been featured in a wide variety of media.

Discovery: SCP-3310 was discovered in 1894 by the American Secure Containment Initiative and identified the anomalous property of remaining afloat and upright. The ASCI attempted to remove SCP-3310 from Crater Lake in order to document the objects properties. This action led to Incident-3310-1. (See Addendum-A) Two years later, during a survey of the region, civilian geologist Joseph Diller identified SCP-3310 and mentioned it to several members of his surveying party as well as the scientific community. In 1902, mention of SCP-3310 was included when Diller published his report on Crater Lake. In response, the American Secure Containment Initiative contacted the Unusual Incidents Unit and the two organizations joined the lobbying campaign to create a national park around Crater Lake.

Addendum-A: Recorded Activation Events

Date of Incident Cause Event Description Recontainment
1894-6-9 Initial removal from lake by American Secure Containment Initiative, to document the properties of object. Storm clouds manifested above Crater Lake and began to spread outward from the lake at an exponential rate. During the period of the activation event, 2 meters of rainfall were recorded. When SCP-3310 was returned to Crater Lake, storm clouds had spread to approximately twelve kilometers around Crater Lake and was increasing exponentially. After noting the almost immediate change in weather patterns, the ASCI requested approval to return SCP-3310 to Crater Lake. Approval was not granted until five hours after the removal of SCP-3310 from Crater Lake.
1900-5-4 Removal from lake by ASCI as proof to the UIU of anomalous properties, to plan a containment strategy. Wind speeds around Crater Lake began to increase at an exponential rate. One hour after from being removed from the lake, wind speeds were approximately 40 kilometers per hour and was projected to reach 120 within the next hour. After one hour, ASCI personnel returned SCP-3310 to Crater Lake.
1917-8-19 Removal from lake by newly formed SCP Foundation to confirm anomalous properties. Storm clouds immediately manifested above Crate Lake and began to spread outwards at an exponential rate. After one hour, these clouds had spread to a radius of approximately five kilometers around Crater Lake. After one hour of removal, ███ lightning strikes had been recorded, with the number per minute appearing to increase exponentially. After one hour, Foundation personnel returned SCP-3310 to Crater Lake.
1948-12-3 Removal from lake by SCP Foundation in order to test anomalous properties, following the discovery of a note believed to have been written by PoI-00043. (See Addendum-B) Fog manifested on Wizard Island3 and began to spread outward across the lake. After one hour, fog spread to a radius of ten kilometers around Crater Lake. Fog dissipated completely within five minutes of SCP-3310 being returned to Crater Lake. After one hour, Foundation personnel returned SCP-3310 to Crater Lake.
1988-█-██ Civilian researchers tied SCP-3310 to the eastern shore of Wizard Island, in order to safely perform a submarine expedition into Crater Lake.4 Storm clouds manifested when SCP-3310 was moored at Wizard Island. They demanifested when SCP-3310 was untied.5 Civilian researchers assented to superstition and elected to untie SCP-3310, rather than continue with the submarine expedition as planned. Foundation security around SCP-3310 increased.
1994-6-9 SCP-3310 drifted into a natural outcropping and became stuck. Storm clouds manifested above Crater Lake, and began to spread outward from the lake at an exponential rate. One meter of rainfall was recorded in the half-hour long period before agents freed SCP-3310. Embedded Foundation agents quickly ascertained SCP-3310 as the cause of the manifestation, and set out onto the lake to find the object. They were able to remove SCP-3310 from the outcropping within ██ minutes. SCP-3310 upgraded to Euclid class.
2000-5-4 SCP-3310 became entangled in a net that was present in Crater Lake. Wind speeds around Crater Lake began to increase at an exponential rate. Winds reached 30 kilometers per hour within five minutes of the Activation Event. Foundation Researchers had been following SCP-3310 and cut it from the net within █ minutes, in prediction of an event.

Addendum-B: Notes from Pangloss

The following note was discovered inscribed upon a boulder on Wizard Island, with an accompany sketch of SCP-3310. The boulder was discovered in 1948 and confiscated by Foundation agents. The boulder was believed to have been present on Wizard Island for at least ███ years without having been previously discovered. More information can be found concerning Pangloss under PoI File #00043.

Some tombstones mark where the dead have been interred. Others keep the dead interred. Llao's is both.
- Pangloss

Addendum-C: Mythological Symbolism of Crater Lake

After the fourth activation event, research was conducted into the identity of the Llao figure referred to by PoI-00043. Llao was determined to be a god in the mythology of the Klamath Native American Tribe, native to the region surrounding Crater Lake. Llao is closely associated with Crater Lake. Two contradictory myths explaining this connection were indicated by a search of Foundation religious databases, which have been included below.

Long ago, there were two gods. The first of these gods was known as Skell, and he ruled over the sky. The second of these gods was known as Llao, and he ruled over the underworld. Skell and Llao were the fiercest of adversaries, and waged constant war against each other.

One day, Llao visited the lands of our tribe. He saw a young maiden by the name of Loha and fell in love with her. However, she rejected him for his dark and wretched nature, and cast him away from herself. In his anger, Llao called down fire from the sky to strike down our people.

The wisest chiefs of our tribe begged to Skell for help against Llao, and their prayers were heard. Skell descended from the sky to fight against Llao, and began to fight against his fellow god. The battle between the two waged for many days before two medicine men tried to stop the battle.

They cast themselves into a pit into the underworld, sacrificing themselves to the spirits. Skell was empowered by this, and was able to subdue Llao. He took his enemy and threw him into the same pit as well, before calling upon the forces of heaven to rain upon the pit.

The pit was filled with water, forming a deep lake. Llao was trapped within the pit, due to the great amount of water summoned by Skell. This lake is what we know call Crater Lake.

Skell and Llao were the mightiest of gods, warring against each other. Skell ruled over the sky, and had dominion over the spirits of animals. Llao ruled over the underworld, and had dominion over the spirits of monsters.

One day, Llao and Skell fought each other. Llao, being the stronger and more aggressive of the two, overpowered Skell and killed him. He tore out the heart of Skell, and returned to Mount Mazama, where he ruled.

Llao invited all the spirits to come to Mount Mazama, to celebrate his victory. Even the spirits of animals, who had served Skell, came. Llao hosted many games and celebrations in his triumph over his enemy.

One of the games involved spirits playing with the heart of Skell. During the game, the spirits of animals were able to steal the heart from the spirits of monsters. Taking the heart with them, the spirits of animals fled from the celebrations.

The monsters attempted to catch the animals and take back heart. However, the animals were swifter and nimbler, and escaped with the heart. With the heart reclaimed, they were able to return Skell to life.

Skell, returned to life, challenged Llao again. This time, he did not lose and managed to kill Llao. He tore Llao into pieces, and cast them into Crater Lake, where the monsters would consume them, believing they of Skell. However, when Skell threw the head of Llao into the lake, the monsters recognized it. Llao's head became Wizard Island. After this, Skell threw the heart of Llao into the lake, so that none would ever be able to find it.

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