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Item#: SCP-3313

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3313 is to be kept inside an air tight sealed Container at all times, if not Item SCP-3313 will appear outside it’s containment without struggle. A single level 2 guard is needed to monitor at all times.
New containment orders: SCP-3313 is to have twelve (12) stones .3 x .3 x .3 x inches in diameter placed in its container and replaced every forty-eight (48) hours. If these conditions aren’t met SCP-3313 will exit its container in search for more stones. See Escape attempt 2 for more details.

Description: SCP-3313 appears to be a tall grey granite statue covered in smoothly carved markings similar to Celtic runes. See Marking research report#1 for more details.

It stands around five (5) feet tall exact. Even though SCP-3313 appears to be made of granite like stone this is not the case, SCP-3313’s body is more like a fluid when in motion and appears like stone when still.
Its figure is humanoid with an oval body one and a half (1.5) feet in diameter from all sides. What appear to be its arms and legs are long and cylindrical at exactly three (3) feet with the ends not having any features beside sharp points. Beside this human like body it does not have a head, instead it has five one (1) foot long tendrils extending from its torso. Even though SCP-3313 moves fluidly these tendrils do not move at all and are let to be seen doing so.

SCP-3313 was acquired at ████████████ forest on ██/██/████ when a nearby village called in a siting of the fiery in the forest see Marking research report#1 for more details. It took a week to successfully find SCP-3313 until it was found wandering around humming to itself surrounded by circles of stones with the same markings found on its body (a few were taken back with SCP-3313 for deposit analysis). When taken it did not struggle instead its humming stopped and its body stiffened. It was described by the personal who handled SCP-3313 that it was smooth with a small vibrational feeling.
Item-3013 does not seem to acknowledge any human presence except when interacted with.

Escape attempt report#1: On ██/██/████, Agent Peter and I (Doctor Grey) were on duty at 14:15 when we noticed that the container for SCP-3313 was empty. When exiting the containment room to sound the alarm, we found SCP-3313 humming deeply while wandering the hall. I stopped Agent Peter before he could stop SCP-3313. I followed it to the 2nd floor break room where it stopped in front of a plant pot. When I moved the plant pot, it followed me back to its container.
When left inside its container with the plant pot, it took the stones found inside the plant pot with no particular interest in either Igneous, sedimentary or metamorphic composite found.
Even though SCP-3313 does not have appendages upon its ‘arms’ it held the stones to the points of its arms by what appeared like magnetic coupling. It is Unknown how this is possible and all attempts to recreate this effect artificially have failed. But when SCP-3313 has the stones it places them around in a circle. Later we found they were branded with markings that match its body and the stones found in ████████████ forest.

Marking research report#1: When the markings found on SCP-3313 body were transcribed it was found to be either gibberish or an unknown langrage. Even though most of the markings are in the Celtic alphabet few of the runes observed where also unknown and very odd in correspondence with the Celtic writing.
Further research into the stones and markings of SCP-3313 left behind has proven stranger.
When returning near the site at which SCP-3313 was found a small village resides by the name of ████████████. The residents of which keep the stones as good luck charms and regard SCP-3313 as a fairy who protects them (Residents do not know that SCP-3313 has been taken by the foundation).
According to the residents the markings found on the stones are spells that keep evil spirits away and are also untranslatable accept one marking.
One of the older residents by the name of Eric explained that once they could read the writing but now it is forgotten. But he does know what one of the markings means. The mark in question looks like a capital f but with an extra branch and a smaller line to the left. The marking according to the man means ‘life’ and does not correspond with the other writing being part of the Celtic alphabet.
Continued research will be carried out.

Escape attempt report#2: SCP-3313 escaped again from its containment on ██/██/████. But later was lead back using stones or as Agent Peter calls it ‘stone fishing’. We later tested how long SCP-3313 can be with the stones given.
Observation of SCP-3313 marking the stones given has never been observed. Eye witness and footage from CCTV has proved pointless as SCP-3313 arranges the stones given and then stands between them until all stones appear marked. On closer inspection, the stones are Smoothly carved like its body and the stones found in the forest.
Although the stones in the forest were found to been around for many years dating back to the Celtic era from rumours of fairies living in the forest. Technology capable of carving these stones so smoothly have not yet existed even with the knowledge of SCP-3313’s capability’s. It is still unknown how or why SCP-3313 does this or how long it has been doing this.
Though it hasn’t been observed SCP-3313 takes four hours to mark a single stone and when all stones are marked SCP-3313 will not hesitate to find more. See new containment order for new orders on containment.

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