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Photograph of SCP-3315-1, recovered from exploration log SCP-3315-1-B

Item #: SCP-3315

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3315 is to kept in a standard inanimate object locker when not used during testing. All personnel interested in research with the object must first obtain approval from project head prior to experimentation. All testing is to be recorded and observed from within Site-76's experimentation chambers, which are to be retrofitted with T-3 thermal insulation pods and inspected daily by members of research staff.

Description: SCP-3315 is a 1m black metal ice pick with "p e r s e v e r a n c e"1 engraved onto its handle. The object is abnormally cold, registering in at about 193K (approximately -79.4 °C) and requiring use of protective equipment when handling the device. On the ring of the handle is a single written note, laminated and attached via zip tie. The note reads as follows:

O wonderer, struck forth on heaven's eye

What mysteries do yonder frozen ridges hide?

Don't seal your fate with the pick on high

When you climb to reach perseverance's side

Once a subject firmly grasps and lifts SCP-3315, they will disappear from all visual and global positioning systems, only retaining audio broadcasting for the duration of the event. The subject will then be translocated to an alternate locality defined as SCP-3315-1. If multiple subjects grasp SCP-3315 simultaneously, they will all appear within SCP-3315-1 together.

Once the subject appears within SCP-3315-1, they will be unrecoverable until they expire, whereupon they reemerge alive and unscathed within SCP-3315's original location. During the event, subjects are unable to die of hunger, thirst, or asphyxiation2, nor will they be able to intentionally lose SCP-3315. All other forms of termination seem to work without issue.

SCP-3315-1 appears to be a single mountain range of unknown size, subject to a dense fog that obscures the surrounding area. Topological expeditions of SCP-3315 have yielded inconclusive data, suggesting that SCP-3315-1 is not located on Earth and is randomly generated with each instance of its manifestation. Despite this, certain items and features have been shown to reappear in different manifestations of SCP-3315-1. Research into how SCP-3315 constructs its reality is still under analysis.

Addendum-3315-A: Discovery and Recovery Log

SCP-3315 was brought to Foundation attention on 05/11/02 after the hospitalization of trailer park supervisor Francis ████████, who had claimed to have suffered several delusional/psychotic episodes in which he had found himself with lost time and in an unknown location. ████████ states he had been cleaning out the unit of a tenant who had gone missing a week prior, whereupon he was transported to SCP-3315-1 and perished rapidly due to hypothermia. After reappearing, he had attempted to return to work several times before finally admitting himself to a nearby hospital. A Foundation agent stationed as a nurse reported the claims and an official investigation was deployed.

████████'s tenant records were seized and determined that the lot in question had belonged to a [REDACTED]- it is unknown if this is a real name or not, as no other records of such individual were registered within █████████████ County nor any of the surrounding counties. ████████ was unable to provide any further details about the individual, stating that they were invalid and had rarely interacted with the person in question.

Foundation efforts to properly identify SCP-3315 took place over the next three days, during which its anomalous properties came to light. Anomalous Items Recovery Unit 33B ("Scavengers") was assigned to the location. Records of their debriefing can be found below.

AIRU-33B/SCP-3315 Debrief Log 001

Note: Following is a transcript of AIRU-33B member Agent Mackenzie Driscoll's debrief post-recovery of SCP-3315 to Site-76 Director Mahmoodah Agarwal.


Director Agarwal: Alright, Agent Driscoll, if you would.

Agent Driscoll: Okay- [clears throat] Agent Mackenzie Driscoll, Anomalous Items Recovery Division thirty-three-bee, May fifteenth, two-thousand and-

Director Agarwal: Just- please describe your experience when you were recovering the object. For the record.

Agent Driscoll: Ah, sorry. We don't really get anything this interesting, usually. Anyway, we were deployed to [REDACTED], some trailer park out there in the pine barrens, and Jacobs- Agent Jacobs- was on the job with me at the time. So we drove out there and started poking around the unit. Jacobs was the first to notice something off about the place, I mean it was cold. Like, we stepped into the trailer and it just felt wrong. Not in a bad way, mind you, but it was weird.

Director Agarwal: Care to go into more detail?

Agent Driscoll: Well, I first noticed the smell. It was frigid in there, and it smelled like we were outside. Like, I could taste the snow in the air almost. It was refreshing, but we were not dressed for the cold, and everything in the trailer was damp. Jacobs saw the pick after a minute or so and he reached for it, barely lifted the thing off the ground before he just up and vanished. The next thirty minutes were a bit of a blur. I radioed in that Jacobs had gone missing and I remember that Site Command was in a bit of an argument about whether or not to dispatch a more, uh, trained group before I heard Jacobs yelling from inside the trailer.

Director Agarwal: And what did you do then?

Agent Driscoll: I went back inside, of course. Jacobs was young. Not his first roundup but this was something different. He was shivering and sobbing, and I just held him until the rest of 'em showed up. He was going on about the cold and the endless snow, babbling like a baby but otherwise unharmed. The pick was right there next to him and I knew not to touch the damned thing. A little while later more recovery agents showed up, Abernathy and Pierce, and I warned them not to touch it either. They got some tongs and put the pick in a plastic bag and we brought it onsite.

Director Agarwal: Thank you, Agent Driscoll. That about covers it.

Agent Driscoll: No problem, ma'am.


Addendum-3315-B: Exploration Logs for SCP-3315-1.

Exploration Log 3315-1-A

Time: 11:23 GMT, 09/06/02

Subject: D-85748

Supervisors: Agents Langstaff and Wyatt, switching shifts every 12 hours.

Notes: Subject was equipped with a two-way earpiece and an Osprey-52 Variant extreme environment pack.

<Begin Log>

Subject is instructed to activate earpiece and approach SCP-3315.

Agent Langstaff: Alright, can you read me?

D-85748: Yeah. Loud and clear.

Agent Langstaff: Great, please proceed to pick up the object in front of you.

D-85748: Right.

Subject bends over and grabs SCP-3315, and disappears from testing area.

D-85748: Holy hell.

Agent Langstaff: Please describe your surroundings.

D-85748: Fuck this, I don't like heights.

Agent Langstaff: Please try and be more descriptive of your surroundings.

D-85748: Okay, well, I'm in the middle of nowhere. There's snow and ice and it is windy as agh- shit!

Agent Langstaff: D-85748, are you alright?

D-85748: Yeah- Yeah I almost slipped but I'm alright. It's something beautiful out here. Whew. Its gotta be well under freezing. This suit is one hell of a wonder alright- [muffled noises] okay, which way should I go?

Agent Langstaff: Please check your attached compass.

D-85748: [shuffling] uh, no good. The pin is spinning constantly around. Any ideas?

Agent Langstaff: Do you see any identifying landmarks?

D-85748: Nothing, but I see some higher peaks, in the distance, maybe I should just follow that then? Have a good look around?

Agent Langstaff: Good idea, please proceed.

Sounds of wind and shuffling can be picked up for several minutes.

D-85748: Alright, I think I see some trees in the distance. Nothing much else.

Subject proceeds in this manner for some time, until 14:40, where loud sounds of scraping and movement can be heard.

D-85748: Fuck! Ah- ah- I can't- [muffled] -help me! [sounds of struggle and a sharp whine in the microphone can be heard] - Agh. Okay. Okay.

Agent Langstaff: D-85748, are you alright?

D-85748: Yeah, but I'm stuck. Some snow moved and, I'm caught underneath. Oh god. You have to send someone to help me.

Agent Langstaff: I'm sorry, but that is not possible at this time. Can you dig yourself out?

D-85748: Ah, let me try. Okay - [strains]

More movement and stuggling is heard.

D-85748: No, I can't get out, and I think I'm stuck for serious.

Agent Langstaff: Okay, don't panic. We are going to talk you through this.

Agent Langstaff remains in contact with D-85748 for the remainder of his shift, instructing him on how to conserve his body heat while aiding him in melting snow for drinking. Soon after, Agent Wyatt takes over.

Agent Wyatt: Hey, D-85748. This is Agent Wyatt. So, I don't know if this is good news for you, but you aren't going to die like this, especially not by thirst.

D-85748: [exhales] -Well that isn't helping me right now. I still feel it, the pain. And I'm so goddamn hungry. It's so cold.

Agent Wyatt: Don't worry, we will get through this.

D-85748: [chuckles] Yeah, I will persevere.

Agent Wyatt: Hey- [coughs] yeah, that's it. Have you still got your pick?

D-85748: Huh? Oh- yeah look at that. Its half-buried next to me.

Agent Wyatt: See if you can get yourself out, okay?

D-85748: Urgh, let me try.

Sounds of movement are heard, followed by a large groaning sound, likely more snow displacing.

D-85748: Huh, what- Agh, shit. Fuck!

Noises of movement grow louder until D-85748 is no longer decipherable.

D-85748: [Muffled screaming]

Contact with D-85748 is lost several minutes later. After four hours, Subject reappears in testing area with SCP-3315. Audio recording equipment determined to have failed due to moisture short-circuiting the equipment. D-85748 is inspected and found to be physically healthy and is prepped for further testing.

Exploration Log 3315-1-A

Time: 21:15 GMT, 09/08/02

Subject: D-85748

Supervisors: Agents Langstaff and Wyatt, switching shifts every 12 hours.

Notes: Subject was equipped with a two-way earpiece and an Osprey-52 Variant extreme environment pack, as well as a small digital camera.

<Begin Log>

Subject is again instructed to retrieve SCP-3315, which is accomplished with some effort.

D-85748: Alright, so here I am again. Somewhere else, and- oh, I can see the same ridge. Looks like I'm on the opposite side of where I was before. A bit.

Agent Langstaff: Please continue your ascent up the mountain.

D-85748: Here we go.

Subject is heard climbing for the next sixteen hours.

D-85748: [Huffs] I just made it up the top of one of the bigger ones. Oh, wow, this is just picturesque, let me take a pic.3

After a moment, subject proceeds to traverse the next highest ridge. Subject pauses after the fifth hour.

D-85748: I'm at the next cliff, but this looks pretty sheer. There's a crag here that goes down pretty far -[pause]- I can't see the bottom. Uh, lets try going up.

Audio feedback registers movement as D-85748 scales the side. Several minutes pass before a loud cracking sound is heard.

D-85748: Oh no- oh, oh-

Microphone registers miscellaneous scraping sounds and background noise.

Agent Wyatt: You alright over there?

D-85748: [Panting] -I'm holding onto a ledge. I think it's going to give out -[grunts]- oh-

Another large cracking sound is recorded, followed by some panicked vocalizations from D-85748. Loud scraping and several thuds and groans are picked up over the next several seconds as D-85748 presumably falls off the side of the cliff.

D-85748: Agh, I- I think I broke my fucking leg- w-what? What the fuck? What the fuck is this?

Agent Wyatt: What is happening?

D-85748: [sobbing]

Agent Wyatt: D-85748, please report your status.

D-85748: I- I fell into the crag- It- Its- full of bodies. They're frozen. They-They're cracked like porcelain- fuck- [sobs]

D-85748: Fucking hell, this is- this-

Agent Wyatt: D-85748?

Contact with subject is maintained for the next few hours before expiration, presumably due to shock. D-85748 reappears in testing area unharmed.

Exploration Log 3

Time: 15:48, 9/10/02

Subject: D-85748

Supervisor: Agent Wyatt and Agent Longstaff, who switch shifts every 12 hours.

Equipment: Two-way earpiece, and similar Osprey-52 variant extreme condition suit, and one hiking pole.

<Begin Log>

Subject starts at Site-76, experimentation hangar.

Agent Wyatt: Alright. Can you hear me?

D-85748: I- I can. Let's just get this over with.

Subject obtains SCP-3315 and the test proceeds as prior. Subject continues on for an hour.

D-85748: I can see some footprints here. This path is a bit less treacherous than last. I wish I had seen this before.

D-85748 proceeds unhindered for the next twelve hours.

D-85748: There's something at the top of this peak. It looks like- shit- It looks like a cabin.

Agent Langstaff: Please continue and report anything unusual.

Subject does not respond and climbs for another three hours.

D-85748: Okay, I've made it. Finally. Fuck you, mountains.

Subject is heard breathing deeply.

D-85748: There's a house up here. It looks- well, it's rustic but it will do. No light inside.

D-85748's footsteps are heard to change from snow to something hard.

D-85748: This place is well made. Door's unlocked- hello?

Microphone picks up silence and background noises for several seconds.

D-85748: No one is home. It looks lived in, though. Some candles here- let me light them up.

Silence for fifteen seconds. Subject is heard sighing.

D-85748: And I said, let there be light. [chuckles]

Subject is heard moving, the sounds of wind can be heard blowing outside.

D-85748: And look at this, potatoes, canned goods- someone really wanted to make themselves at home here.

D-85748: This place is actually quite nice. One small prize, but a prize nonetheless.

Agent Langstaff: Don't get too comfortable. Investigate the rest of the house, D-85748.

D-85748: Don't you think I deserve some rest? [sighs] Fine.

More sounds of movement can be heard. The cabin creaks under pressure from the winds.

D-85748: There's a bedroom here. Small bed, probably made for one or two. Little nightstand too, let me check the drawer- oh.

Agent Langstaff: What is it?

D-85748: There's a note. And- And a gun.

Agent Langstaff: A gun? What does the note say?

D-85748: A revolver. It looks old. It's loaded. The note reads- [clears throat] 'O wanderer, found atop these icy peaks, climb the bodies broken over perseverance's knee. May your stay be as well and rested as you so choose to be, for you and only you now are the one who sets you free.'

Silence for five seconds.

Agent Langstaff: D-85748, please exit the house.

Subject does not respond.

Agent Langstaff: D-85748, follow the command or you will face repercussions upon your return.

D-85748: You know what? No. Screw you. Screw you and screw your whole Foundation. I- I climbed this mountain, this place- I conquered it! I fucking broke bones to get to the top of this place. Now that I'm here, I understand. The ridges weren't meant for you. They're meant for me.

Agent Langstaff: I'm sorry, but what do you mean by that?

D-85748: What I mean is that you can go fuck yourselves, I'm staying here.

At this point, subject removes earpiece and ceases contact with Agent Langstaff. SCP-3315 is reported missing and D-85748 is considered MIA.

Following Exploration Log 3315-1-C, SCP-3315 does not reappear in Site-76 for three years, six months and twelve days. D-85748 and SCP-3315 are both recovered, and D-85748 is promptly terminated upon his arrival and subsequent interrogation.

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