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Item #: SCP-3326

Object Class: Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3326 is to be contained in a standard humanoid containment cell and provided with the appropriate medication, as outlined in Document 3326-D. Instances of SCP-3326-1, if captured, are to be contained in identical cells, but are not allowed any form of contact with either SCP-3326 or other instances of SCP-3326-1

Following incident 3326-13-Gamma, SCP-3326's current position is watched by Foundation Agents. No attempts to return SCP-3326 to containment are to be undertaken, but constant surveillance must be upheld. If SCP-3326 manifests its secondary anomalous properties, MTF Gamma-5 ("Red Herrings") is to evacuate civilians and deploy Grade-A amnestics. SCP-3326 must still remain undisturbed in this event.

Instances of SCP-3326-1 are to be likewise surveyed, but are not to be approached.

Description: SCP-3326 (formerly currently known as Nigel Snookes) is a male human of Caucasian descent, estimated to be between ██ and 4█ years old, with a height of 190 cm, weight of 83 kg and possessing red hair and brown eyes.

SCP-3326's primary anomalous property manifests in its ability to seemingly exist in multiple places at the same time. These additional manifestations are known as SCP-3326-1. Due to the extreme range of this property (instances of SCP-3326-1 usually manifest in different countries) Foundation testing has been unable to confirm if this is a case of multiple instances of SCP-3326 existing separately, if SCP-3326 is able to project itself in a way that defies common laws of dimensional space, or if instances of SCP-3326-1 are phantasms. It is known that SCP-3326-1 shares the base personality and memory of its host, and SCP-3326 is able to recollect information experienced by instances of SCP-3326-1

SCP-3326's secondary anomalous property activates when an instance of SCP-3326-1 is threatened, or questioned about SCP-3326. When this occurs, SCP-3326 will release a pattern of [DATA EXPUNGED] waves that alter the chemical structure of nearby human brains. The resulting chemical changes cause humans below the age of 29 within a radius of 5 meters to display signs of various autism-spectrum-disorders, commonly Asperger syndrome. These changes last only as long as SCP-3326 maintains this anomalous properties, which usually lasts between 1 and █ hours. During this time, SCP-3326 engages in activities of a divergent or abnormal nature, the significance or reason behind which is unknown. Recorded examples include out of tune singing, excessive laughter, overuse of wordplay or puns, refusal to follow social etiquette, and hyperactivity. Humans affected by SCP-3326 often feel compelled to join of follow SCP-3326's lead for the duration, although compliance may not be immediate. Notably, affected humans who displayed signs of autism-spectrum-disorders before contact with SCP-3326 have a ██% chance to remain unaffected.

Addendum 3326-13-Gamma: SCP-3326 escaped Foundation custody on ██/██/19██ and attempted to rejoin society. Instances of SCP-3326-1 continued to appear around the world, but with a lot less frequency. SCP-3326 began to weaponize its secondary property whenever Foundation Agents attempted to apprehend it, resulting in an internal security breach when Agent ██████ was convinced by SCP-3326 to rescind the containment order. Although control over SCP-3326's records has been reacquired, and Agent ██████ transferred to another site, it has become apparent to the Foundation that SCP-3326 is willing to coexist with the Foundation, accepting the necessary surveillance of itself while being allowed to live among the public. SCP-3326 is currently a history and sociology teacher at G████████ College in New Zealand. Agent Ted B██████ is in charge of monitoring this location.

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