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SafeSCP-3333 TowerRate: 722

Mount Fremont fire lookout. Entrance to SCP-3333 is not visible.

Item #: SCP-3333

Object Class: Safe Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The trapdoor leading to SCP-3333 is to remain shut and locked at all times. At least one operative is to remain posted under SCP-3333 at all times to prevent entry or exit. The door to SCP-3333 is to be examined for signs of damage daily.

MTF Lambda-1 ("Haths/Hath Nots") has been created and deployed to assist in the containment of SCP-3333.

Containment procedures revised 2039/04/02.

Description: SCP-3333 is a spatial anomaly located within Mount Fremont fire lookout, located in Mount Rainier National Park, Washington State, United States of America.

SCP-3333 is accessible via a ladder and trapdoor on the ceiling of the Mount Fremont lookout. Climbing the ladder leads to an identical copy of the Mount Fremont fire lookout. This identical copy has an identical ladder and trapdoor pair, which leads to further copies of the Mount Fremont lookout.

The topology surrounding SCP-3333 is identical to that surrounding the Mount Fremont lookout. However, no plant, animal, or human life has been observed.

Successive SCP-3333 iterations are higher relative to the original lookout. The stairs leading up to these SCP-3333 iterations are extended by a proportional amount to allow access to the ground.

SCP-3333 was first discovered after restoration of the Mount Fremont lookout following volcanic activity near Mount Rainier. SCP-3333's origins are not known: no members of the parks service involved in the restoration of the lookout were responsible for construction of the entrance to SCP-3333.

At the time of discovery, the trapdoor to SCP-3333 was padlocked. In order to access SCP-3333, the trapdoor was forced open. No key has been found.

Mission Parameters: Initial reconnaissance of SCP-3333.

Personnel: D-4f68a

Additional Information: D-4f68a was equipped with standard-issue audiovisual exploration recorders. The exploration was supervised by Doctor Williams and a support team located in a temporary observation outpost inside the Mount Fremont fire lookout.


Doctor Williams: Test, test. Is this thing on?

D-4f68a: Yes? Hello? [Brief pause] Doctor?

Williams: Excellent. Please proceed into SCP-3333.

There is a brief moment of audio feedback due to the proximity between Dr. Williams and D-4f68a. D-4f68a climbs up the ladder into SCP-3333.

Williams: Please report what you see.

D-4f68a: It's—well—I just came from here, but—but wait, it's empty, and how did it—

Williams: Excellent. Thank you. [Brief pause] Please stop talking.


Williams: Thank you. Please continue climbing.

D-4f68a ascends SCP-3333 for approximately an hour.

Williams: Alright, I want to test something. D-4f68a, if you don't mind, could you try opening the door and going outside?

D-4f68a: Ok, Doctor.

D-4f68a opens the door. Strong wind immediately blasts into the room, throwing D-4f68a back against the far wall and moving the furniture. D-4f68a struggles to get across the room, and eventually manages to close the door.

D-4f68a: [Out of breath] What was that?

Williams: [Coughs] It is probably best if you stay inside for now.

D-4f68a: I—I see.

D-4f68a continues to ascend SCP-3333. Wind is audible. There is no change in the interior of SCP-3333. D-4f68a continues for approximately three hours. D-4f68a takes a simple multiplication-based cognition test every ten iterations of SCP-3333. No change from baseline detected.

Several hours later, D-4f68a rests and eats some rations. During this time, analysis of video footage shows D-4f68a has climbed through 184 instances of SCP-3333.

Williams: Now seems as good a time as any. I'd like you to take that test again, D-4f68a.

D-4f68a: Alright, Doctor.

D-4f68a self-administers the cognition test. No change from baseline detected. D-4f68a has climbed through 184 iterations of SCP-3333, corresponding to approximately 673 meters of vertical gain. While some subtle elevation difference is observable, it is far less than expected.

D-4f68a: Doctor?

Williams: Yes?

D-4f68a: …what is this for?

Williams: The test? [Pause] Well, I guess it can't hurt. It's to test—it's to test how thin the air is.

D-4f68a: How?

Williams: As the air gets thinner, your—[sigh]—well, your brain slows down, basically.

D-4f68a: [Panicked] Am I going to die?

Williams: No, no. The test results are the same as they were down here. You're not going up as much as you should.

D-4f68a: Oh. Thanks, Doctor.

Williams: No problem. [Pause, cough] Please continue climbing, D-4f68a.

D-4f68a continues climbing for four more hours. The sun sets, and D-4f68a makes camp and sleeps.

The following morning, D-4f68a continues ascending SCP-3333.

D-4f68a: Doctor! Do—do you see that?

Williams: What?

D-4f68a: Over there—on that peak—are there people up there?

On a ridge southwest of SCP-3333, two small figures can be seen. They are standing motionless. These figures can only be seen from D-4f68a's perspective; they are not visible from base camp.

D-4f68a: Are there any binoculars in here? I need to see—

Williams: Give us a good look with the camera too—we need to zoom in—

D-4f68a: I found it!

D-4f68a looks through the binoculars at the figures. Base camp attempts to zoom in on the figures with D-4f68a's camera; however, the resolution is too low, and nothing can be made out.

D-4f68a: I can't see them—they're just out of focus—oh god!

The figures turn around and go behind the ridge.

D-4f68a: They saw the reflection of the binoculars.

Williams: Are you sure?

D-4f68a: They—they looked right at me. [Pause] I think one of them pointed.

Williams: I see.

D-4f68a is instructed to continue climbing SCP-3333. Deliberations are held at base camp about the figures. No consensus is reached.

D-4f68a continues climbing to the 345th iteration of SCP-3333. No other figures are spotted. D-4f68a camps until morning.

The next day, D-4f68a forgets to turn his camera and microphone on until reminded. Shortly afterwards, D-4f68a expresses feelings of anxiety and unease.

D-4f68a: You've gotta let me come down, Doc. Somethin's not right here.

Williams: Something concrete?

D-4f68a: I don't know! But—but something's not right. All this writing on the walls, and—

Williams: There is no writing on the walls.

D-4f68a: Well, I see somethin' Doc. I don't know what it says, but it's there, there for sure.

Williams: I see. You've made it this far. Please keep going.

D-4f68a continues ascending SCP-3333, occasionally requesting to be allowed to return to base. All requests are denied. Video footage is analyzed for writing or memetic agents; none are found.

On the 527th level, the topology of SCP-3333 drastically changes. Multiple copies of the Mount Fremont fire lookout are connected to each other in a grid pattern, accessible through the lookout doorway. There is no natural light, and no sign of sky or ground. It is completely dark. No lookout has a trapdoor or ladder.

D-4f68a: This—this isn't right, Doc! You've gotta let me down! I can't see!

Williams: Calm down, please. You have an emergency head lamp and flashlight in your backpack. Please use them.

D-4f68a attempts to switch on the lights. They do not turn on. D-4f68a is instructed to check the battery compartments; they are empty. D-4f68a is instructed to use the backup batteries in the backpack. D-4f68a is unable to locate them.

D-4f68a: There's nothing in here! Nothing's right! Let me down, please!

Williams: No! Please proceed!

D-4f68a: Wait—I think—I see somethin'! I see somethin', Doc!

Williams: What? What is it?

Nothing is visible on D-4f68a's camera.

D-4f68a: I—I don't know! It's not right!

D-4f68a begins to panic.

D-4f68a: Let me come down, Doc! I've got to get out of here!

Williams: You will be summarily shot if you come back down! What is it you see?

D-4f68a's camera and microphone cut out simultaneously.

Williams: What? D-4f68a? D-4f68a! What just happened? Did he turn his recorders off? What happened?

Analysis of D-4f68a's video footage is unable to reveal cause of communication blackout. Equipment error is ruled unlikely. Due to the circumstances surrounding D-4f68a's disappearance, and the possibility of an unknown anomalous object in the upper portion of SCP-3333, another expedition is proposed and approved.


Mission Parameters: Determine the reason behind the disappearance of D-4f68a, locate any anomalous objects located by D-4f68a, and identify any anomalous entities present within SCP-3333.

Personnel: MTF Mod-0 ("Characteristic Eigenspaces")

Additional Information: All members of MTF Mod-0 were equipped with standard-issue survival gear and recording equipment. No special items were deemed necessary. All batteries and backups were triple-checked. Doctor Williams supervised from base camp.


Mod-1: Mod-1, check.

Mod-2: Mod-2, check.

Mod-3: Mod-3, check.

Mod-4: Mod-4, check.

Mod-5: Mod-5, check.

Mod-1: Ok, everyone. Standard-issue tower approach. Two ahead, one in the middle, two behind. Let's go.

All team members begin to ascend SCP-3333. No figures are visible on nearby ridges. The sky is overcast, and the wind is audible. As the MTF climbs, the wind dies down, bit by bit.

After several hours of climbing, Mod-4 and Mod-2 encounter the room where D-4f68a attempted to exit SCP-3333. The furniture is still in a state of disarray, and nothing appears to have been moved.

Mod-1: Here seems as good a place as any.

The members of Mod-0 gather and attempt to mount an expedition outside of SCP-3333. Mod-2 is attached to a rope and exits SCP-3333. There is no strong wind, and Mod-2 is easily able to leave.

Mod-2: There's nothing here. Doctor?

Williams: That's strange. I suppose it died down. Keep exploring, I suppose.

Mod-1: Roger.

The members of the MTF exit SCP-3333 and begin to explore. The topology around SCP-3333 is identical to that surrounding the Mount Fremont lookout. No plant or animal life is visible. No humanoids can be seen. The members of the MTF explore for several hours, then reconvene at SCP-3333.

Mod-3: There's nothing here.

Mod-4: No plant life, though. That's strange.

Williams: If this pattern holds across the world here, that could account for the stronger wind patterns. Not sure where the oxygen would come from, though. Anyways, keep ascending. We can sort this out later.

Mod-1: Roger.

The MTF ascends for several more hours and camps for the night. Their pace is slower than that of D-4f68a; they ascend SCP-3333 for several more days with no notable encounters. No auditory or visual hallucinations are noted. On the fourth day, they arrive at the apex of SCP-3333.

Mod-1: Flashlights out, everyone.

Members of the MTF equip their lanterns and flashlights. All are fully equipped with batteries, and backup batteries are double-checked. Apart from that made by the MTF, there is no sound and no light.

Mod-1: Alright. Two one two again. Arbitrary direction…oh, let's go that way.

Mod-1 points at a random direction, and the MTF proceeds in that direction. Reflector markers are left for navigation.

The SCP-3333 iterations are connected horizontally, through their external walkway. There is no stairway down, and the railings have been removed such that the walkways can be pressed up and joined with each other. There is no sign of seam between the walkways, and no trace of manmade workmanship.

Mod-2 pulls up a board at random from the walkway. There is nothing but blackness below. Mod-2 drops a glowstick into the hole; no bottom is visible. Mod-3 fires a signal flare into the air; no ceiling is visible. No sound or light appears.

Williams: Do you notice anything strange?

Mod-4: Such as?

Williams: Any of the hallucinations reported by D-4f68a; anything that could indicate what he was talking about near the end.

Mod-1: No. No sign of the body or equipment either. Do you want us to prioritize that?

Williams: I think it would be somewhat helpful if you could. There doesn't appear to be a pattern or purpose to these rooms, anyways.

Mod-1: Roger.

The MTF splits up and begins a radial search pattern from the origin. This continues for approximately an hour.

Mod-3: I found something!

Mod-4: What?

Mod-2: What is it?

Mod-1: Coming.

Members of the MTF gather. En route, Mod-5's flashlight cuts out.

Williams: What is it?

Mod-3: It's his backpack. Completely empty. It hasn't been torn or anything, though.

Mod-4: No sign of a struggle.

Mod-2: Was it propped up against the table when you got here?

Mod-3: Yes. I haven't touched it.

Mod-1: Good; let's not. [Pause] Where's Graham? [Pause] Graham? Everyone, check in!

Mod-2: Mod-2.

Mod-3: Mod-3.

Mod-4: Mod-4.

Mod-1: We're missing Graham. Do you have a feed on his camera, Doctor?

Williams: N-no. His flashlight's out. I can't see anything.

Mod-1: Roger. Two by two. I'll go with Horace. Radial pattern out from here.

Mod-2: Right.

Mod-3: Okay.

Mod-4: Yes.

Mod-1 and Mod-3 pair up. Mod-2 and Mod-4 pair up. They begin a radial search pattern. There is still no sound. Doctor Williams plays back Mod-5's camera footage prior to loss of communication; there is no sign of distress. The camera is transmitting, but is completely black.

Mod-2 and Mod-4 fall over. There are two loud sounds, presumably their bodies hitting the floor. A faint dripping sound can be heard. Microphones and cameras on both cut out near-simultaneously. Mod-5's camera and microphone shut off.

Williams: Hello? Hello! We've lost feed on Mod-2 and Mod-4!

There is another thud. Mod-3's microphone and camera cut out.

Williams: Hello? Mod-1?

Mod-1: What—what just happened—

Williams: I don't—where's Mod-3?

Mod-1: I turned away for a second, and now there's—he's—

Mod-1's headlamp rapidly scans the surrounding area. No sign of the rest of Mod-0 can be found.

Mod-1: [Into the darkness] Hello? [Pause] [Whispering] I—I think there's something in here—with me—

Williams: What? What is it? Do you see words?

Mod-1: No, I don't see anything—

All four cameras and microphones reactivate. This is not simultaneous; it is consistent with the equipment manually being activated.

Mod-5: Hello? Hello?

Williams: The equipment's on—what the hell happened?

Mod-3: I dunno, Doc. There was something on the ground, and I tripped, and—

Mod-1: Where are all of you? Check in!

Mod-2: Mod-3.

Mod-3: Mod-5.

Mod-4: Mod-2.

Mod-5: Mod-4.

Mod-1: Th—

Mod-1's microphone and camera suddenly cut out.

Mod-2: Mod-1? Hello?

Mod-1's camera and microphone reactivate.

Mod-1: I—I saw it too—

Mod-3: Yes—

Williams: What? Saw what?

Mod-4: I don't know—it's spectral, like floaters—

Mod-5: Something here isn't right.

Mod-2: No. We need—

Mod-4: It isn't safe here—

Williams: What are you talking about?

Nothing besides the Mount Fremont fire lookout is visible on any camera.

Williams: Is there anything with you?

Mod-1: N-no—it's not that, Doc—

Mod-4: There! Do you see it, Doc?

Nothing is visible.

Williams: No! What is it?

Mod-3: W-we're not safe here.

Mod-2: Something's not right.

Mod-1: [Breathing rapidly] It's—it's there!

Williams: What is it?

Mod-1: It's—it looks like a—


Nothing is visible through any MTF feeds.

Mod-1: It's like—uh—

Mod-3: It looks like a castle—or no! A mountain!

Mod-4: A mountain! A ghostly mountain! But—but it isn't—

Mod-5: It's—a flaming mountain, conjured of smoke and air. A tower of smoke and ash—

Mod-3: I see it!

Mod-1: I see it too!

Mod-5: We need to go! Retreat, everyone!

All: Roger.

MTF Mod-0 retreats from the apex of SCP-3333, and proceeds rapidly down SCP-3333. Several days later, they arrive at base camp and are debriefed. They express confusion over the events within SCP-3333, and show a definite unwillingness to reenter. Given the circumstances, and the possibility of a memetic agent, a special counter-memetics operative is brought in for further exploration over the objections of MTF Mod-0.


Mission Parameters: Explore the apex of SCP-3333, and locate and neutralize any memetic anomalies or agents inside.

Personnel: Counter-Memetic Specialist 0 ("Nullwalker")

Additional Information: Specialist 0 is a deaf-blind-mute, and communicates solely through a modified signaling system embedded into their hand. Standard-issue rations are provided. No other equipment is necessary. Doctor Williams and MTF Mod-0 supervise the operation.



Williams: Let us know if you need anything.

0: YES

Specialist 0 begins to ascend SCP-3333.

Mod-5: [To Williams] I don't like this—

Williams: If it was frightening enough to make your crack team turn tail and flee, it is certainly worth calling in Annette.

Mod-5 does not respond. Specialist 0 continues to ascend.


Williams: No, that was us.

0: OK.

A few hours pass.


Williams: They were encountered earlier. If you keep going up—


Williams: What do you mean?


Specialist 0 continues climbing for several more hours. At this point, Specialist 0 has been climbing for over 12 hours.

Williams: Don't you need to rest?


Specialist 0 consumes several grams of amphetamine and continues to ascend.


Williams: No, I can't—

There is a flicker of motion on the edge of the camera. Something looking through the windows ducks down as soon as the camera is turned in its direction. The wind is strong; there is no chance of going outside.

Williams: There's—


Specialist 0 begins to rapidly climb upwards. Flickers of motion are occasionally visible outside SCP-3333. Small rustling sounds can occasionally be heard over the wind.

Mod-5: Retreat, specialist!

0: NO

Specialist 0 continues rapidly climbing. After approximately an hour, they arrive at the apex of SCP-3333.


Specialist 0 starts walking. They do not turn their flashlight on. Nothing is visible on the camera; only Specialist 0's footsteps are audible on the microphone. A loud slam is audible in the distance.

0: HERE.



Specialist 0 begins walking faster, then stops suddenly. Several small rustlings can be heard; they quickly cease.

0: BODY.

There is a sound of shifting clothing as Specialist 0 bends down. The rustlings can be heard again, louder and closer.

Mod-5: Get out of there, Specialist!

Williams: Annette!

Several squishing sounds can be heard.


The rustlings grow in size, getting closer and closer. They surround Specialist 0 and overlap, turning into one continuous drone.

Mod-5: Get out, Specialist! Leave it! Go!


There is a thud.


Williams: Annette? ANNETTE?


Williams: ANNETTE!


Williams: Annette…

Specialist 0's flashlight turns on. Specialist 0 is laying on the ground. The light illuminates a pile of muscles, organs, and bones in advanced decomposition. A metal dog tag is visible clutched in Specialist 0's hand. It reads "MTF Mod-5: Graham Purcell."



Addendum I:
Following the events of Exploration III, the entities inside SCP-3333 (hereafter designated SCP-3333-1) killed or impersonated all members present at Temporary Observation Post 3333. No distress signal was sent, and Exploration III was not forwarded before its conclusion. SCP-3333-1 entities maintained the facade of observation and exploration of SCP-3333, and continually requested manpower and equipment for a period of over one month. The ruse was only discovered when a supply assistant managed to send an emergency message before being killed or impersonated. Recontainment teams arriving at SCP-3333 found it completely abandoned. Over 50 personnel were lost.

Given the large number of SCP-3333-1 entities assumed to have been released, including those who did not impersonate a member of the Foundation, the single-purpose task force Lambda-1 ("Haths/Hath Nots") has been created for the purpose of researching, hunting, and neutralizing SCP-3333-1 instances.

Addendum II:

On 2039/04/02, a coded message was received from Doctor Williams cellular phone. It did not appear to have been sent from inside SCP-3333; however, the exact location has not been identified.

The message contained the following log of Doctor Williams, almost certainly as she was fleeing from MTF Mod-0. For completion, this message is included. Reader discretion is advised.

Doctor Aardman

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