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KeterSCP-3348 The Angel of GodRate: -7

Item #: SCP-3348

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: There is currently no containment that has been devised for SCP-3348. Thus far, all containment designs proposed for SCP-3348 have been ineffectual. Any personnel with suggestions on how to contain SCP-3348 should report to Dr. Alexanders.

Description: SCP-3348 is a hyper-dimensional entity, capable of interacting with our physical world only through possessing living organisms. SCP-3348 is extremely powerful and claims to be an angel and a messenger of God, who possesses humans to warn humanity of dangers to come. SCP-3348 gives the impression of being non-hostile, however, few unconfirmed reports from unknown sources seem to show otherwise.

So far, only seven individuals have been confirmed to have been possessed by SCP-3348. All of the confirmed possessed individuals have been from the European region; while, SCP-3348, itself, claims to be from a higher plane of existence, more commonly known as 'heaven'.

SCP-3348 has displayed its immense power when a containment breach of SCP-████ and SCP-████ occurred. SCP-3348, whilst it possessed Abella Leroy, a French lady working as a waitress, arrived inside the foundation and easily overpowered both SCP-████ and SCP-████, both of which are class keter. SCP-3348 then immediately left the scene.

The earliest known confirmed happening of SCP-3348 occured in 19██, when the entity possessed the British lawyer, John Smith, and made him shout "Sator, rotas, opera, God!" repeatedly for twenty minutes, for apparently no reason. His neighbor, an eye-witness to this event, described the situation as "frightening and weird… but somehow humorous", and claimed that the subject had a completely stone-cold expression on his face.

Any person possessed by SCP-3348 will not remember the event of himself/herself being possessed.

Document 3348-03:
The following is an interview conducted between Dr. ██████████ and John Smith.

Interviewed: John Smith

Interviewer: Dr. ██████████

<Begin Log>

Dr. ██████████: Please state your name.

John Smith: My name's John Smith.

Dr. ██████████: Please narrate your incident.

John Smith: My incident? Well yes, of course, if there only was an 'incident'.

Dr. ██████████: Pardon?

John Smith: I reckon you heard of my 'incident' from my neighbor, Bob, and let me tell you, that man is bonkers!

Dr. ██████████: Why do you say so?

John Smith: He maybe told you about me shouting some gibberish for 'bout twenty minutes, eh? Well, he's definitely lying!

Dr. ██████████: Sir, I can assure you that he was not lying… you were indeed shouting for twenty minutes.

John Smith: Then why have I no memory of this 'incident'?

Dr. ██████████: As of now, I do not know what caused your loss in memory.

John Smith: Blimey! Is this some sort of practical joke? Are you trying to mock me?!

Dr. ██████████: Sir, please calm down, this is not any sort of joke. We are very serious about this.

John Smith: Yeah, right! I'm on my bike, give me a ring if you find out more about this 'incident'… on second thought, don't!

<End Log>

The only proper conversation between SCP-3348 and a foundation personnel occurred when Agent ██████ was possessed by SCP-3348 in █/█20██. Immediately after possessing Agent ██████, SCP-3348 requested to speak with Dr. ██████████.

Document 3348-15:
The following is an interview conducted between Dr. ██████████ and SCP-3348.

Interviewed: SCP-3348

Interviewer: Dr. ██████████

<Begin Log>

Dr. ██████████: State your name.

SCP-3348: Well… I am SCP-3348, am I not?

Dr. ██████████: But do you have a real name not assigned to you by the foundation?

SCP-3348: I am known by many names… Zapar, Voiciferoy, Khrieto, Nightalia, and… John Smith, just to name a few.

Dr. ██████████: I understand you possessed this body because you wanted to speak with me?

SCP-3348: Yes, I have come here to warn you.

Dr. ██████████: Warn me about what?

SCP-3348: On the █th of April, ████, the great evil shall be born.

Dr. ██████████: The great evil?

SCP-3348: You must start to take measures to prevent this evil, else be prepared to witness the end of your world.

Dr. ██████████: What is the great evil?

SCP-3348: I have to go now, goodbye and good luck.

Dr. ██████████: Wait! What do you mean by the great evil?!

<End Log>

At this point, SCP-3348 left the body of Agent ████.

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