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SCP-3348 at the time of recovery.

Item #: SCP-3348

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3348 is to be kept in a safe secured via a combination lock at least five (5) characters in length, which itself is to be contained within a standard Safe-Class containment chamber.

In order to prevent the contents of SCP-3348 from being spoken outside of testing, the antechamber connecting the containment chamber to the remainder of the facility is to be equipped with a mechanism capable of dispensing Class-A Targeted Amnestics. Whenever personnel without Level 3-3348 clearance or higher exit the chamber, the mechanism is to be activated in order to erase their memories of said contents.

Description: SCP-3348 is a black leather-bound journal. Written in a white field on the front cover is the title The Compiled Vocabulary of the Kaejnethionian Language by Mandred Motzer.

The first several pages of the journal contain hand-written entries listing words in a previously unknown language, presumably Kaejnithionian, along with their translations. These words are characterized by their extreme length; no entry has been observed to be any less than six (6) syllables long. In addition, Foundation linguists are currently unable to find consistent traits between each instance, as if their structures are completely random.

The remaining pages are blank, but an extra piece of loose paper was found in the back of the journal at the time of recovery (See Addendum 3348-02).

SCP-3348's anomalous properties manifest when an individual (henceforth referred to as the Subject) speaks one of the words contained within it. As soon as the word is completely spoken, all instances of the entity or concept it is associated with will become negatively effected in some way within a 30m radius of the Subject. This effect manifests in one of three general ways, depending upon the chosen word's part of speech:

  • Nouns: The affected entities will be altered in such a way that they will no longer be able to perform their intended function and/or attempting to use them will cause harm to the user.
  • Verbs: For 30 seconds after the Subject speaks the word, anyone or anything attempting to perform the respective action will invariably fail, usually hurting themselves or others in the process.
  • Adjectives: Entities exhibiting the respective trait will lose it.

Addendum 3348-01: Test Log
The following is a list of the initial tests conducted with entries found within SCP-3348.

Entry Tested: "te██████viserex"
Part of Speech: Noun
Translation: "knife"
Procedure: A knife and a length of rope are placed on a table. Subject is asked to speak the word, then attempt to cut the rope with the knife.
Results: The edge of the knife briefly heats to ████°C before cooling down, now visibly dull. Subject attempts to make a cut in the rope for approximately 5 minutes before the knife suddenly snaps in half.

Entry Tested: "gulsa██████tid"
Part of Speech: Verb
Translation: "to walk"
Procedure: D-50339 (Subject-B) is asked to attempt to walk from one end of the testing chamber to another after the word is spoken.
Results: Subject-B begins to walk forward. After a couple of steps, his legs buckle and he falls to the ground. Several more attempts are made, each resulting in the same outcome until the end of the 30 second period.

Entry Tested: "ki██████iworyac"
Part of Speech: Verb
Translation: "to fall"
Procedure: After the word is spoken, Subject is asked to lift a bowling ball off of the table and drop it at their feet.
Results: The bowling ball does not fall, suspending itself in the air where it was released. After the 30 second time period, it falls to the ground at terminal velocity. Subject sustains minor injuries.

Entry Tested: "fazava██████wikuc"
Part of Speech: Adjective
Translation: "red"
Procedure: A red apple is placed on a table and observed after the word is spoken.
Results: The skin of the apple turns from red to a visual phenomena that is described by those present as "indescribable" and "incomprehensible." Subject and observing personnel suffer from major headaches for the following ██ hours.

Entry Tested: "at██████ejiraqun"
Part of Speech: Adjective
Translation: "large"
Procedure: A standard ██████████-brand refrigerator is placed next to a sculpture of a fork made to be roughly the same size. Both are observed after the word is spoken.
Results: The sculpture is shrunken to the size of a regular fork, but the refrigerator remains unaffected.
Researcher's Note: This test reveals an interesting property of SCP-3348. Although the fridge and the fork were about the same size, only the fork was considered "large." This seems to suggest some level of sentience, as the perception of the subject seems to make a difference in the outcome. We will test on more perception-based entries to confirm this hypothesis. —Lead Researcher Dr. Hapton

Entry Tested: "ezo██████tyia"
Part of Speech: Noun
Translation: "love"
Procedure: D-03934 and D-14045 (Subjects-B and -C), who are known to be romantically involved with each other, are placed together in the testing chamber and observed after the word is spoken.
Results: Subject-B and Subject-C look at each other with apparent looks of disgust and hatred, moving away from each other and repeatedly requesting they be removed from the testing chamber as soon as possible.

Entry Tested: "chros██████midav"
Part of Speech: Adjective
Translation: "hostile"
Procedure: Subject (Security Officer B███) is to say the word, then interact with D-99328 (Subject-B). Note that Subject-B has on multiple occasions verbally and physically assaulted Subject-A, and has openly expressed his negative regards towards him.
Results: Subject-B enters room in which Subject is waiting, and exhibits a positive reaction to him, greeting him warmly and offering a handshake. Subject is prompted by researchers to refuse and provoke the Subject-B, but Subject-B's disposition sees no apparent change. Since this experiment, Subject-B has been uncharacteristically cooperative with staff.

Entry Tested: "it██████kwapo"
Part of Speech: Verb
Translation: "improve"
Procedure: Researcher Dr. M█████ (Subject-B) and Junior Researcher Dr. Y██ (Subject-C), who has a tomato allergy, are asked to apply generous servings of ketchup to hamburgers placed in front of them simultaneously after the word is spoken.
Results: Subject-B effortlessly performs the task, but Subject-C expresses overwhelming difficulty when attempting to tip the ketchup bottle to the appropriate angle. When Subject-B is prompted to attempt to assist, he reports that he cannot move it until Subject-C removes her hands from the bottle.

Entry Tested: "jugi██████ua"
Part of Speech: Noun
Translation: "property"
Procedure: Three (3) identical staplers (Items-1 through -3) are placed on a table in front of the Subject and observed after the word is spoken; Item-1 was bought by the Subject, Item-2 was bought by an associate and given to the Subject, and Item-3 was brought in specifically for this test.
Results: The spring mechanisms of Items-1 and -2 suddenly snap, but Item-3 remains intact and fully functional.

Notice From Lead Researcher Dr. Hapton: Upon review of the data collected from the above tests, it is of my professional opinion that further testing by team will fail to yield any additional meaningful information. However, if you are a researcher needing to use SCP-3348 for your own experiments, please have your project lead contact me so that arrangements may be made.

Addendum 3348-02: Recovery
SCP-3348 was recovered and contained on ██/██/20██, shortly after several Hume sensors detected a sudden and brief drop 0.5km away from the front entrance of Site-██, where it is currently being held. Upon recovery, a handwritten note was found in the back of the journal on a separate piece of paper. The contents of the note have been recorded below:

To whomever finds this,

I need you to keep my work safe. As I write this, there are several very angry individuals
coming to destroy what I have done. To think, my own colleagues, my former friends
supposedly dedicated to the preservation of truth and knowledge, coming to me and
all of a sudden telling me that recording it is wrong. When I had discovered
the Kaejnithionian language, it was nearly lost to history; I thought I was the first. Turns
out I wasn't, and they tried to bury history on purpose. Some ancient war or something
of the sort, I'm not sure, but they nearly destroyed all records of the Kaejnithionians on
purpose - nearly. They said what I was doing was "forbidden." So here I am now,
writing to you in a dark corner of the Library, hoping that this Way leads
to where I think it does. No safer place in the universe than one of the Jailors' cells,
right? Please, I know that your people as dedicated to the protection of knowledge as
I am - or maybe by now, was.

Hopefully, this arrangement won't be permanent. If I get out of this alive, I'll be coming
for my book - I fully intend to finish what I started.

From one scholar to another,

Given the content of the note, as well as the circumstances of SCP-3348's recovery, it is to be assumed that the individual known as "Mandred Motzer" somehow obtained knowledge of the location (or at least, the approximate location) of Site-██ and has as means to reach it. An investigation to find the possible mode of information leakage is currently underway, and site security has been updated accordingly.

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