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EuclidSCP-3360 A Strong MagnetRate: -9

Item #: SCP-3360

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3360 is to be kept within the Light Containment Zone of Sector██. SCP-3360 is to be kept within a non-metallic long 100 meter hallway and must not recieve contact from any metals from 50 to 150 meters unless a research experiment is being conducted by an approved researcher. Failure to do so may cause casualties and damage to other SCP chambers and will be dealt with harshly.

Description: SCP-3360 resembles that of a typical horseshoe magnet, weighing no more than 850.368 grams. Notable anomalous characteristics of SCP-3360 is its dark glossy coat and immeasurable magnetic flux that can strongly repel (but not attract) any and all kinds of metals in all shapes and sizes, SCP-3360's magnetic strength is to be recorded after further testing. Overall chemical and physical properties of SCP-3360 is still unknown, further testing is required.

Addendum SCP-3360-A: SCP-3360 was recovered on July ████ at ████,Columbia when mining company █████ had started excavating. Upon unraveling, SCP-3360 repelled all metal objects within a 50 meter distance, forcing miners away from it violently. Mobilr Task Force Unit ███ was sent to retrieve SCP-3360 and was contained successfully. The area is now blocked off and investigations were conducted to see if there were more instances of SCP-3360. Witnesses of the SCP-3360 was given Grade-A amnesiacs and were sent home.

Testing Log: The following is a collection of logs for the tests performed upon SCP-3360.

Subject: D-class test subject #1087
Notes: D-1087 was wearing metallic gloves and was ordered to approach SCP-3360. D-class stopped in the middle of the room, when asked, D-1087 said that he could not take his hands anymore further and mentioned an "invisible wall". D-1087 pushed his way forcibly and resulted in his arms being fractured. D-1087 was later terminated.

Subject: D-class test subject #1689
Notes: D-class is holding SCP-3360 with both of his hands, D-1689 is not equipped with any metallic objects or clothing. Agent ███ fired a single .45 round from his M1911 pistol and stopped in mid flight. The bullet's speed started from 830 ft/s before stopping almost immediately in midair and reflecting back at Agent ███, injuring his left arm. From now on, subjects testing with firearms are required to be equipped with standard safety safeguards.

Subject: D-class test subjects #1689 and #1579
Notes: D-1689 is equipped with a titanium vest while D-1579 is holding SCP-3360 in hand. D-1579 is ordered to throw SCP-3360 at D-1689. D-class executed this perfectly, however, D-1689 was pushed away by immeasurable force and was splattered and pressed amongst the walls. D-1689's vest deformed and spilt apart into multiple pieces which riccocheted away from SCP-3360 and torn apart D-1579 in a hail of shrapnel.

SCP-3360 is open for testing for any researcher with Level 2 clearance or above.

Addendum SCP-3360-B: After further testing of SCP-3360, it is advised to be replicated and synthesized into a more "safer" counterpart which can be used by MTF units.

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