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SCP-3390 after being removed from ███████ river.

Item #: SCP-3390

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3390 is to be kept within a locked garage at Site-19. Due to events marked Incident 3390-2 access is now limited to Level 3 Personnel or above and no other vehicles may be kept within the secured section of the garage containing SCP-3390.

Under no circumstances are any personal with Germanic heritage, within two generations, to enter the garage nor are any personnel entering within a 300 meter range of SCP-3390 to make disparaging remarks about the performance of the French Army.

Description: SCP-3390 is a Char2C Armoured Fighting vehicle, or tank, manufactured 1919, and developed by the French Army in the post World War One period.

SCP-3390 weighs 70 tonnes, is 10.27 meters in length, 4.09 meters high and 3 meters in width. It is painted in a dark green colour typical of French Army Forest Camouflage schemes of the period and contains nothing usual in its design nor appearance that would indicate foreign containment nor additional construction outside of the design of the original intended vehicle outside of the words "A Berlin, ne jamais arrêter" or "To Berlin, never stop" scratched onto the engine block of SCP-3390.

So long as there are no humanoids present within SCP-3390 it remains in its dormant state, any humanoids who enter SCP-3390 immediately indicate a desire to sit in one of the vacant seats.

Testing has shown upon being allowed subjects will strap themselves into the seat and assume the duties of that positions intended role. Subjects will then take on the persona of a Second World War French tanker immediately gaining the knowledge they would require to operate the station as intended and will talk exclusively in fluent French regardless if they could previously speak the language or not.

Subjects have been recorded shouting encouragement to each other regardless if there are other subjects inside SCP-3390 or not.

Affected personnel are unaware of their previous life or the world outside SCP-3390. Subjects show difficulty understanding auditory communication from outside SCP-3390. Testing on the range of this phenomenon is current underway.

Subjects removed from SCP-3390 will act emotionally agitated, assuming submissive positions and refusing to respond to questioning and verbal commands. Two hours of separation from SCP-3390 will reverse this effect. Notably, subjects claim not to have any memory of the time spent inside SCP-3390, though in several cases long term effects have included subject remaining capable of speaking fluent French even if they were unable to before.

When questioned on this knowledge of the language, subjects express confusion and claim that they always have been fluent in French1

When a subject sits in the drivers position SCP-3390 will enter its active state and begin moving.
If left unchecked, it will attempt to move towards a set direction in a straight line, often without regard for obstacles in the way. Calculating its trajectory and taking history into account, speculation is that its destination is Berlin, Germany.

Subjects situated in any of the five gunner positions will open fire at random at anything within range but seem to have a preference for German built cars.

SCP-3390 seems capable of replenishing ammunition through no obvious means. See Experimentation notes [ref-document:00-3xxx-01].

SCP-3390 has demonstrated the capability to drive through solid objects beyond the expected capability for a machine of it's design and period, including concrete buildings and barricades, blocks of iron and solid steel.

SCP-3390 can be immobilised with the use of standard Anti-Tank weaponry and High Powered rifles of the 7.9mm range and upwards as of Incident 3390-3 use of AGM-114 missiles are now approved. SCP-3390 can be damaged through this process but has shown the capability to self-repair. This occurs over a period of several hours depending on the extent of the damage. After incident 3390-3 further testing on SCP-3390's self-regeneration ability are postponed.

Experimentation has shown that certain commands shouted to SCP-3390 in French have been known to return SCP-3390 to its dormant state. Further experimentation on this phenomenon are approved at the discretion of site overseer.

  • Relevant History
    • The Char2C series of tanks were an experimental Super Heavy Tank concept developed by France during the First World War but were not fully developed and constructed until the 1920's. SCP-3390 was one of ten fully completed models.
    • They were used in WWII as propaganda machines and images and pictures of SCP-3390 operating as normally intended are frequent.
    • At some time during the later stages of the 1940's invasion of France by the then Nazi Germany six Char2C's, including SCP-3390, were to be moved by train to the south of France but never made it after the train carrying them was de-railed. The French sabotaged each of the tanks but SCP-3390 then known as Champagne was undamaged and later captured by occupying German Forces.
    • It shows up as a war trophy in Berlin during several propaganda films shot during the period and is again shown in Russian propaganda footage during the Soviet Occupation of Berlin and East Germany in the years following the Second World War.
    • According to official Soviet reports SCP-3390 was moved to a secure facility at some time in 1947 owing to incident ██████████ which is believed to be the first recorded instance of SCP-3390 entering it's active state.
    • Acquisition of SCP-3390 was un-achievable due to the limited resources of the foundation at this time.
    • SCP-3390 was later acquired by the foundation after it escaped containment in 19██ and was captured outside the town of ███████ after having driven through the Dam causing serious flooding of the surrounding area.
    • SCP-3390 was recovered from the bottom of the ███████ river having stopped after the crew expired due to experiencing respiratory impairment from submersion in water.
    • Further Notes
      • Since SCP-3390 was the only vehicle of it's model to survive the Second World War it is currently un-testable if the anomalies displayed by SCP-3390 were intended by design or manifested at a later date.
      • It's similarities to SCP-516 could mean that ███████████ the ████████████████████ and █████████████████████ testing on this hypothesis to be approved.
      • -Dr J.P Wintergreen
  • Incident Reports
    • Incident 3390-1 14th of July 19██
      • The song "La Marseillaise" was heard playing from SCP-3390's containment Garage.
      • The sound was determined to be emitting from SCP-3390 itself.
      • Extensive search found no obvious source or capability for SCP-3390 to be emitting the song.
      • It was patiently allowed to finish.
      • Addendum:
        • SCP-3390 has been observed playing a variety of French Patriotic songs every year on this specific date. Songs include La Marseillaise, L'Internationale, Chant du Départ and Triomphe de la République. No way to make it stop has yet been found. Request has been made to upgrade SCP-3390's containment garage with Soundproofing.
        • It should be noted the 14th of July is Bastille Day, a National holiday in France. Suggesting that SCP-3390 is aware of the passage of time.
    • Incident 3390-2 18th September 19██
      • Prior to incident SCP-3390 had been kept in disused section of the Staff underground carpark at Site 19. Security footage showed Two Guards patrolling the area stopped to observe SCP-3390 and began discussing Second World War History.
      • As the Guards move away to return their their patrol route one of the guards identified as ████ ████████ utters the words "Cheese Eating Surrender Monkies" , a common insult directed at the performance of the French forces during World War Two, at which point SCP-3390 is seen entering it's active state and charges at the two guards.
      • Cause of death was crushing injury to skeletal muscle.
      • SCP-3390 was re-classed as Euclid.
  • SCP-3390 Experimentation logs:
    • Experimentation 01 - 25th November 19██
      • Experiment was carried out to to ascertain of SCP-3390 was aware of it's surroundings. A Control test was performed with a single D-class entering SCP-3390's containment garage and was instructed to walk around SCP-3390 slowly. SCP-3390 remained dormant and did not react.
      • A second experiment with D-class individual (D-9931) was outfitted with a replica uniform of German Wehrmacht solider of the 1940's period was performed.
      • Tape [DATE EXPUNGED]
      • Summery: SCP-3390 was aware of D-9931 and was presumably capable of recognising D-9931's uniform as that of a German Solider. SCP-3390 followed D-9931's movements through the chamber using the commanders sights positioned in the main turret above the gun.
      • D-9931 passed behind SCP-3390 and was lost from the presumed sight of SCP-3390 on which point SCP-3390 became active and started to turn.
      • D-9931 panicked and ran. SCP-3390 reversed into D-9931 crushing his right leg just below the knee.
      • D-9931 was later ████ ████████ by ████
      • Further Notes
        • The experiment was carried out several more times with D-class personnel wearing a variety of period uniforms. French, British, Italian and Russian uniforms presented no reaction.
    • Experimentation 02 - 11th July 20██
      • Experiment was carried out to ascertain if SCP-3390 could "hear" its surroundings.
      • Dr Wintergreen set-up a 22inch LCD Television slightly to the right of SCP-3390 and began to play the film "le miserables" at high volume.
      • Observation was done from remote location.
      • After an hour SCP-3390 was observed rotating it's main turret to face the screen.
      • The film ended, SCP-3390 returned to it's starting position and nothing further was observed.
      • SCP-3390 was later noted to have added the song Red & Black to its song rota during Bastille Day. A Four Minute and twenty two second song sung by Eddie Redmayne & Aaron Tveit in the film. Recording matched exactly that of the film but was played with a grainy quality similar to that of a gramophone.
      • Experiment was considered a success and request to add soundproofing to SCP-3390's containment garage was revisited.
    • Experimentation 03 - 1st December 20██
      • Experiment was carried out to ascertain if SCP-3390 could be made aware of the outcome of the period commonly known as the Second World War in the hopes this would render it's anomalous effects inert.
      • In this experiment 5 D-Class personnel who were French born were selected. Each was given a 1940's French Military uniform, several cans of beer and several French Flags. They were instructed to enter SCP-3390's containment garage and ,as Dr Wintergreen worded it, make merry.
      • Subjects were to drink, sing, dance and consistently proclaim "the war is over, we won". This was done for four hours thirty seven minutes until D-Class subjects finished beer and became inert.
      • No Observable reaction was noted from SCP-3390.
      • A French flag was found protruding from SCP-3390. None of the D-class personnel were observed placing this there. Cleaning crew had difficulty removing it and were instructed to leave it be.
      • Cleaning Crew also noted confetti among the debris when cleaning up. Confetti was not supplied to D-class personnel during this experiment.
    • Further experimentation in regards to experiment 03
      • Ascertain if Anomalous effects of SCP-3390 were still present.
      • D-class Personnel was instructed to enter SCP-3390 and sit in the drivers position.
      • SCP-3390 became active and attempted to leave the garage. Pre-placed explosives were detonated and SCP-3390 was returned to its containment garage.
      • D-class was later ████████████
    • Experimentation 04 - 18th February 20██
      • Experiment was to further determine SCP-3390's full combat capabilities.
      • SCP-3390 was moved from it's containment garage to a disused airstrip 16 miles outside ██████ in ███████.
      • SCP-3390 was placed on an object known as a rolling road, a vehicle sized treadmill usual reserved for testing a vehicles horsepower.
      • Due to the nature and weight of SCP-3390 a Military grade version was acquired through an agreement with ████████████. This was done to allow SCP-3390 to enter it's activation state without being able to move.
      • A request was made to fully man SCP-3390 with D-class personnel but was refused over budget concerns.
      • 5 D-class personnel were instructed to enter and assume the following positions:
      • Main Gunner
      • Loader
      • Commander
      • Rear Gunner
      • Driver.
      • SCP-3390 was fitted with internal cameras and was to be presented with a number of logic puzzles designed to emulate a type of Turing test.
      • These included a German built car parked behind a French built car positioned as such that SCP-3390 would not be able to hit the German Built car without damaging the French built car.
      • A German Built car with a White star painted on the side, a symbol commonly used by the Allied Forces in World War Two
      • A French built car with the Iron Cross painted on the side, a symbol typically used by the German Army since the 19th century.
      • Several cardboard mock-ups of French, British and German Second World War tanks with no markings arranged so that SCP-3390 would have a full profile shot of each mock-up.
      • A second stage was to involve removing SCP-3390 from the rolling road and placed behind a number of obstacles depicting French symbology. This stage was cancelled.
      • Results:
        • Initiation of stage 1 resulted in Incident 3390-3. SCP-3390 was allowed to enter it's activation stage and began moving with the rolling road countering its movements.
        • Internal cameras found the crew seemed more agitated and were not shouting encouragement but would occasion shout about being stuck in mud.
        • SCP-3390 was observed increasing in speed until after twenty three minutes and fourteen seconds SCP-3390 exceeded the maximum RPM (rotations per minute) of the rolling road allowing SCP-3390 to gain traction and move off the treadmill.
        • Emergency containment procedures were active but SCP-3390 failed to move in the predicted direction and was lost from view for ██ hours after driving through ████████.
        • Elements of Task Force Nu-7 were deployed and the nearby town of ██████ was evacuated under the cover of a tornado warning.
        • SCP-3390 was recovered after ██████ ████ a ██████ ████████ █████ use of AGM-114 missiles ████████ ███████ and █████ at the cost of ██ million dollars.
        • Further experimentation on SCP-3390 to be halted until this new phenomenon is fully understood.
        • A later experiment was planned to further determine SCP-3390's self-regeneration capabilities including the direct removal of several key parts before being forced into its active state but due to concerns raised during Experiment 04 this plan was postponed.

Dr Wintergreen has assured the abilities shown by SCP-3390 are outwith the capabilities for the vehicle it represents. However given the ease of containment and the elaborate scenario required to provoke an active state no further containment procedures are necessary.
All planned experiments on SCP-3390's active state are postponed. Experiments on voice commands may proceed at the discretion of site-19's overseer.

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